Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something bugging our stomach

It was report in The Star, people with persistent diarrhea, constipation or bloated stomach should go for medical checks as they could be hosting a newly-discovered micro-organism or pathogen called Blastocystis, said world renowned Malaysian scientist Professor Dr G. Suresh Kumar.

He said it could lead to serious illness if not treated correctly. The possibility of it leading to cancer is being researched now but it can still cause other serious gastro-intestinal ailments. The pathogen could be passed to humans through animal faeces and was water-borne.

This news caught my attention since recently I suffered diarrhea after eating cooked food at Cambodia. My stomach purged for 3 days. Where on earth did this 'newly-discovered' creature came from. It just can't appear out of no where like alien and starts to invade us. There are just too many 'creatures' out there lurking somewhere to attack us. Something is not right affecting our mother nature nowadays.

Read the full story here

Memorable last month

December is always a significant month to all of us particularly since it is the very last month of the year. People have the tendency to reflect, review, reassess...however you name it, to see how that particular whole year was spent/invested/used.

For me this month means a lot more if not marks another significant milestone in my personal life as well as my family. I just recently passed my 35th year old mark and celebrated 6th year anniversary with my wonderful wife Soo Pei. So I guest there are more to reflect upon.

Well what can I say about 2008. Unavoidable there were some ups and downs. Overall things can be better (most of the time it is so) but yet not too bad either. One prominent fact is that my family have grown biologically with the addition of our little angle, Reanne. That will be our added priceless treasure we cherish this year from God besides our big little boy Ivan.

Got few new exposure and experience, not forgetting setback too. Yet, thanks to God for His gracious hands upon our life throughout this 2008.

Lord, we thank you for Your unfailing love, provision and protection for our family this entire year be it spiritually, financially and in health. We thank you for the new things You have started in our life and the old things You are pruning away. Lord, please continue to guide and lead us as we lean on You in this new and challenging year ahead of us. We declare for breakthroughs and victories as we move forth. In Jesus' name. Amen

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long way up - snap shots

Port snap shot

Beach snap shots

New Gurney Drive snap shots

Long way up - the chronicle

This year Christmas day was celebrated a bit differently compared to previous year. I decided to bring the whole family including my parents and Silas' family for a long way up to Penang island for a holiday.

We started traveling on Christmas day itself to Malim Nawar, Perak - my mother's home town where my uncles still staying. We put a night at my uncle house before heading straight to Penang the following day. My uncles brought us that Christmas night for seafood feast at Tanjung Tualang which famous for their river big head prawn (Tai Tao Ha). We ate 2kg of big head prawn and 2kg of crab not forgeting also a fresh water fish (Sang Yue) personally caught by my uncle. The food was really good (unfortunately no photos busy eating with both hands and handling the kids).

Traveling from
Malim Nawar (which just 30km to Ipoh) took us about 2 hours to reach Penang island. We headed first to George Town, Tanjung City Marina adjacent to the Penang-Butterworth Ferry Terminal. Stop a while and snap some photos here and there. Afterwhich we move on to Komtar area to search for hawker foods. We end up eating at Jalan Macalister. Foods were just ok but small in portion. Average RM3. Char Kui Tiao was RM4.

Next we drove to search for
Bukit Bendera (after manage to buy a detail map at Komtar). We managed to find it thanks with some helping hand from my dad which act as my navigator. Unfortunately we were just a bit late as the tram ticket was sold out. Disappointed we make a U-turn back to town but end up eating again at Jalan Air Itam hawker area (entrance road to Bukit Bendera). The duck meat soup noddle just caught our attention for a quick bite.

Without wasting time we buckle up and headed to our next
destination at Tanjung Bungah public beach area. How can we not go to the beach when already in the island. We lost our way after trying to a short cut but still able to reach the destination. Spent like an hour there to relax and more photo taking sessions. Ivan just like the beach and the sand.

Our last stop was having our dinner at New Gurney Drive hawker centre. Six of us ordered several kinds of foods like rojak, char kui tiao, prawn mee, fried oyster, popiah, wan tan mee (for Ivan), sotong kang kong and banana abong balik. With our stomach full but not really satisfied with the taste (maybe due to high expectation), we finally decided to head back to Malim Nawar about 8pm. Reaching my uncle's house about 10pm ending our day trip to Penang island.

The next following day (Saturday) we packed up and went home to Kajang stopping along Ulu Yam town for Loh Mee and visiting my grant aunt. Overall we have a enjoyable Christmas family traveling trip on a long way up.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Honestly this year Christmas was less 'festival' and celebrating to me. Things was pretty hectic along the week not to mention need to travel thousand of miles just few day before Christmas. Not forgetting having been rushing the Cambodia project matters to be ready before flying there for meeting. By the time I was back home on 23rd Dec (after 2 hours of flight delay) it was already quite late about 11pm. The next morning back to office for work again.

I was still being bug by diarrhea on that morning in as such have no mood to work. I decided to take MC but until I finished my Cambodia report. Well, I finally went home that Christmas eve at about 4.30pm just one hour before office hour for my so called half day MC.

That evening, Christmas eve celebration was being held at our church and I was on duty for the video crew. Things didn't turn out that well......not to the satisfactory level. First I was late and cause the other crew members to temporary struggle. Second, I was still rusty when handling one of the video camera. I did not really enjoy that night Christmas celebration. Frustrated again, tired, not satisfied and just wanting to go home and crash on the bed!

Many have blessed us and our children with lovely gifts that night. Unfortunately we did not return any.....since we did not managed to purchase any to share with. We feel quite bad about it. On the other hand, most of all I feel I have not really honor the true meaning of Christmas that night....Jesus, the Gift from God. Lord, I am sorry to have distracted on my so called 'duty' and 'responsibility' that I did not honor Your son Jesus for His birth that which gives me hope and joy to celebrate with daily. Blessed belated Christmas!!!

My 2nd trip to Cambodia

As I previously mentioned I was quite frustrated when the work trip to Cambodia was postponed to much later date......just few days too close to Christmas Day itself. We have to fly on Sunday (21st Dec) afternoon since earlier date was fully book and schedule to return on 23rd Dec. We took the one and only usual afternoon AirAsia flight (only one a day).

This time around, the flight was not really occupied (say about 60%) so plenty of vacant sit. Well, being trained by my other 'season traveler' colleague, four of us sit at the emergency door area. To be exact, roll 12 and 14 (they don't have no. 13 if you wonder typo error)........leg room bigger woh. And actually we need it. You see my Senior Group GM is a very tall person. By the way, also being trained by my season traveler colleague, we book with Express Boarding...meaning cut the queue and board first. Sound 'exclusive' hah, but with an additional price lah.

Our first day there was very much relax since it was a Sunday. By the time we reach our hotel it was already time for dinner. Unfortunately it was there my misfortune begins. The dinner that I ate that evening gives me few days of miserable stomach diarrhea....a.ka. Lao Sai (Part II). Somehow the squid that I ate cause indigestion cum diarrhea. It got worst on my 2nd night there. I hardly can managed to finish my dinner. Anyhow thank God, thing still manageable until I came back KL.

As usual, the time schedule we have at Cambodia was quite tight. Meeting and discusion all day. Gladly this round able to have a fast stop by at one interesting place, the local call it Russion Market...something like our Petaling Street/Chow Kit road (see photo below). They got plenty of goods sold there. Well, here are some of the photos I managed to capture for sharing...

Photo at the development site my company involved in.
River sand was being ship to the site area and later pump to fill the site.

Russian Market scenary. Cramp and plenty to see

Local morning market just below the hotel we stay

Workers busy sorting charcoal in the early morning for selling

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wet luggage

I read of this open letter at The Star Online describing a group of traveler experienced wet luggage episode after boarding AirAsia flight at LCCT Sepang when heading to Guilin China. Click here to read the full story.

I personally have been boarding AirAsia flight at LCCT Sepang so I guess I know what actually happened. My last travel got me experience some drizzle when coming down from the plane going to the arrival hall. But the pilot was considerate enough to park the plane closer to the cover walkway.

In my opinion, though the terminal was designed and mainly mean for low cost carrier some form of basic facilities should be built in for the passenger safety, security and protection which should goes with their luggage. Malaysia Airport Berhad (MAB) who operator and run the terminal ought to consider this factor since low cost carrier is such in demand in this region. It definitely a win-win situation both for the operator and the carrier. In return both parties will boost the passengers volume and thus increase income. Hey the world is big enough for all to gain......not only one.

Bird Flu at Cambodia

Today I just discovered news about the detection of avian influenza at Cambodia via The Sun newspaper. Immediately it caught my attention.

Yesterday the Ministry of Health of Cambodia has announced a new confirmed case of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus. The unfortunate victim is a male from Kandal province, the same place where the development project I am involving right now. That is really close. So for precaution sake, better stay off from chicken meat in my meal.

Further reading click here


My next upcoming 2nd trip to Cambodia is set to be this coming Sunday (21st Dec). Yeap....that's what I said SUNDAY! We are to return on 23rd Dec (Wed). I was so frustrated when I heard the news.

We suppose to go there this Thursday (18th Dec) and back the next 2 days on Saturday. This arrangement is not too bad but unfortunately no return flight ticket available on Saturday. All this due to last minutes decision and arrangement (that would be a long story to be mentioned). I have been working non-stop to get documents ready for the supposed Thursday flight. What a let down. But then....thank God I will be around on Christmas Eve with my loved ones.

This year I might have to miss 'Ko Tong' festival and not able to cherish the once a year 'Tong Yuen' which falls on Sunday.


Trip to Genting

If I am not mistaken, both Pei and I have not been up to Genting Highland for about 5 years already. Wow, that long actually.

Well, we went there last Saturday to capture back some of the 'highland' memory together with my parents. Pretty pack that day up in that small little hill. Fondly we like to call it Uncle Lim's place.... since it entirely own by the late Lim Goh Tong and now by his son. We spent most of our time inside the First World theme park. Ivan was sure busy gazing around all the excitements. And Ivan have completed the 'conquering' of all the infamous 3 mountains i.e. first Fraser, Cameran and now Genting. Reanne on the other hand have not visited Fraser Hill yet. That would be another adventure coming soon.... I guess.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Double security

My office today have implemented finger imprint security access system for staffs to check-in and access the office main entrance. Previously was only using access card. But today will be both. Finger print for the main entrance while check-in and access card for internal entry to respective departments.

I guess it was a coincidence that The Star reported a latest Unisys Security Index survey found that 63% of respondents would opt for the fingerprint as their choice of identification, and 34% the use of PIN. All this possible due to the heighten effects from the Mumbai's attack. Just one more step to go is the introduction of CCTV surveillance system. Wow, that would by real deterrence.

I was jokingly told my colleague that the office seemingly looks like a lock-up centre.

Rear seat belt dilemma

As reported in The Star, parents with four children are confused as to how they are to seat all their children into the back of the car without being caught for overloading. “We cannot leave a child behind in the house when going out, neither can we afford to buy another vehicle to adjust to the new requirement on rear seat belts,” lamented trader Nordin Ahmad from Bandar Perdana Jasmin. Nordin, 44, drives an Iswara Aeroback and is worried how he, his wife and four children would fit into their car without running the risk of being stopped by a policeman.

Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh has warned that motorists with more than three rear seat passengers could be fined for overloading.

There you go again. Creating new rules with more new problems unsolved. Worst still hanging like the dilemma faced by Nordin's family. To abide the law yet in the other hand broke another. Is there any better solution and/or suggestion rather than just give 'warning'. People just want to have a clear direction on how to go about their daily life. In there a clear and define written procedure together with guideline for people to follow? Don't say something yesterday and another today or who know what tomorrow. That's why Malaysian law maker is just too shortsighted. who will be in the unnecessary stress? Rakyat la :P

Rolling time

As shared earlier, Ivan favourite pass time when visiting my parents in-law is to 'practice' his drum skills with his Ah Kong. My father in-law have made three pairs of hand made drumsticks at the house. Ivan knows it and he knows where to find it.

This is one of the latest rolling session both of them have together.

Music trial class

Finally today we managed to bring Ivan to attend a music class. But not quite there yet. You see it's only a trial class given by the school for parents and their children to have a feel of it and of course part of the marketing strategies (lets not go unto that).

We have long intended to have Ivan attending some form of music class due to his keen interest into drums. If I am not mistaken Ivan has been 'drumming' before he turn 2 years old by banging things around using modified 'drumsticks' from his toys. My father in-laws even hand made him four pairs of drumsticks to promote his interest. Without fail every time when visiting his Ah Kong, he will look for his drumsticks to play with his grandfather.

To cut the story short, we decided to let him try out Yamaha Music Kids for children which are 3 1/2 years old. The lesson specially designed to make your child's initial encounter with music education fun and enjoyable. The course combines the dynamism of music with physical and mental activities to stimulate their musical senses and prepare them for the varieties of music education ahead. It's a 6 months programme that exposes children to fun with singing, fun with keyboards & listening, rhythm training and music appreciation. And it is a parent participation class as well.

So I was there to accompanied Ivan to attend the 30 minutes trial class along with five other kids and their parents. One thing very prominent is that, I was the only male daddy around. The rest was female mummy parents. How odd. Speak about torn among roses. The teacher straight away goes into a introduction lesson of sing along with actions, playing percussion instruments and story telling. Ivan quite distracted by the organ instrument in front of us (every participant will sit in front of an organ). Most of the time he will watch what the teacher do and say in front of the classroom. Unfortunately his was not active in participating the action instructed. Story telling time also he refused to sit in front of the class with the teacher unless I accompany him. New to the environment I guess.

Somehow he was chatty about his experience after finishing the class while we were heading home. He was also eager to share of his new found experience with mummy and my parents. Upon asking him whether he would like to go again, he would say yes. Ask whether he likes the class and he would say yes again. Well, I think we will give him a go ahead attending the lesson beginning the new class at Jan 2009. We'll see how it goes from there.

The why factor

His eyebrows shrunk as he frown. Even the lip also frown as he ask "Why......"

Of late that's what Ivan has been asking about almost everything that can be think of inside the little kid's brain. "Why that" Why this" "Why cannot" "Why huh?" For example our refusal on his certain request will then be ask why. Or ask us why when given him certain specific instruction to follow. Even more challenging was being asked why on our given answer to his earlier question. Quite a daunting task for a parents.

If we ignore him it will deprive his interaction and learning skills. If we try to answer him most often we afraid don't know how to answer his innocent questions or how best to answer his curiosity. So by God's grace and patience, lets hope mummy and I can prevail this why factor period with lots of answers. Oh Lord, how huh?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tomorrow electric car

Mitsubishi Motors Corp has forged ahead with its i MiEV electric car that is set to enter production next year. The original “i” car’s engine and fuel tank have been replaced by an electric motor drive system and lithium-ion battery pack. The electric car will go on sale in Japan next year with launches planned in the US and Europe markets in 2010.

The i MiEV electric car can be easily recharged via any household power point. Charging time is about seven hours with a household power point but if a special fast charger is used, the batteries can be charged up to 80% in 30 minutes.

Fully charged, the i MiEV can travel up to 160km and has a top speed of 140kph. I MiEV electric car had an operating cost that was one third of the petrol-powered version.

I wonder when can we grap hold of this new technology in Malaysia and once and for all silent the issue of petrol price increase?

Smiley decoded

The smiley face phenomena was reported today in The Star. A lot of people might have witness last evening unique sky. From the naked eyes, two stars and a crescent moon form a smiley look alike at the night sky.

The two stars was actually Venus and Jupiter which aligned in such a way together with the crescent moon to form that signature sign. This phenomena happen every 5 years. So for those who missed it, you got to wait till 2013.

From The Star.

Smiley in the air

This is unbelievable. In fact not what I ever seen before. There was a clear 'smiley' face in the night sky.

I doesn't know about it until mummy came home....late from work and mentioned it. She insisted for me to check it out and capture photo since it was so unique. I guess I know now why after seeing it. The matter of fact is that I received call from my aunt informing me about it. My dad also received call. A lot of people are excited about it. As if the sky is really smiling back at us. Or maybe it was God Himself giving us a bit of cheers. What ever it is, it sure an interesting night. My whole family together with my parents, Silas, Rachel and Sarah did came out to witness it. What a cool night.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Malaysian Savings Sales

The year-end festivities begin in November with the all new Malaysia Savings Sale 2008 or MSS – a much anticipated shopping event in the country. Previously known as the Malaysia Year-End Sale, this year’s shopping extravaganza will commence from 29 November 2008 to 4 January 2009, presenting shopaholics with 37 days of fantabulous retail therapy, great dining experience and fun entertainment.

Throughout the duration, participated malls will be having events and activities spanning from Klang Valley, Kedah, Penang and Johor. Click here to view the details schedules and dates.

Christmas tree...oh christmas tree

If you have not realize by now Christmas Day is just less than a month to go. Right around the corner. Those eager ones must have already set up their family Christmas tress in the living room. Just waiting and counting for the big day to come. And at the same time, gifts will start accumulating around it.

Unfortunately........we have to skip the tree this year, in our house at least. Why? Because of the little kids lo. Imagine this.......two crawling toddles (and can even stand by holding), curious and adventurous. I don't know what would happen to our old faithful Christmas tree then. Definitely would be terrorized by them. Ivan on the other hand have already grown out of it a bit last year. So for safety reason, the Christmas tree will be keep safe and sound from the toddles for now. Maybe next year would be a better time to have it around. Hhhhaaaaaiiiiii......miss the tree.

That look

Did you notice the attentive eyes. The gaze. The look.

That's our little Reanne......trademarks.

Dinner at Seremban

Last Saturday, we went to attend Soo Pei's cousin wedding dinner at Seremban. We went there with my parents in-laws and sister in-laws. Not forgetting also our two little kids. This is our first time we brought the little ones in such event. Reason being is that......getting this little 'people' to settle down for entire dinner (which always start late and end late) is really not an easy tasks. Enjoying the dishes will be out of the picture for sure.

Anyhow, we did enjoy the dinner. Happy for the newly wedded couple. And the kids was quite accommodating. Need I not mention
Ivan did enjoying himself with the food :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey I can ride

Surprise, surprise, our little lady is riding the toddle stride-ride vehicle of cause.

Reanne was comfortably sitting on the ride when mummy place her there. She didn't complaint tough but enjoying herself with the ride pretty well. Then I guess one thing leads to another.......she begins to stroll with the ride. Amazing. Personally Reanne has surprise me. All the while she shown to be soft, gentle, play safe but not the adventurous type. I guess I was wrong about my baby girl. She got some stuffs might have yet to be pulled out from her sleeves.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My back

It's was a funny sight. My luggage was the main attraction the moment I settle it on the floor after reaching home from the airport. I thought I was being missed by the little kids. I guess not. It was my bag!

All three of them (Ivan, Reanne and Sarah) just attracted by the bag and jump on it as though it was a discovery of the century. Ivan was distracted the moment I pulled out my camera. Kids are so interesting.......

On cloud nine

Evening view from AirAsia flight back to Kuala Lumpur. The clouds are just so beautiful.

Most of all going home is 'the most' wonderful on cloud nine.

From a distance

Before I go to Cambodia, I only know the country from a distance.......mainly from TV channel such as National Geographic and travel channels. Unbelievable now I was there. Indirectly participated in the country development at properties sector.

The country just open its door last 3 years after decades of civil wars. The country and its people suffered greatly due to the bloody war. But my presence there, I don't seem to notice it. Not at the people faces. There seems to be a lot of energy to move....forward indefinitely. Unfortunately not all past can be forgotten. Behind the hustle and bustle, the scars of war surfaced from the certain people take have to live with it.........the victim of land mines. But not all without hope. The country young generation like I mentioned with its energy earlier will leap forward.

I only managed to capture few photos here and there to share. I hope I can capture more next round.

From the hotel......
the Mekong river

From the city road...

8% EPF option really means...

I never and didn't thought of it until my colleague sent this info regarding EPF contribution to be automatically reduce from 11% to 8%. The government will enforced it two years from January 2009. Those who choose to maintain the higher 11% are required to fill up form. And I definitely chose 11%. Why spend the future money for present mere little 'extra' spending power.

Lets try to imagine, assume monthly basic salary is RM4,000.00

Scenario A
If your opt for the extra 3% (RM120) to be deposited in your wallet, in a year only a peanut RM1,440. Tell me what can you do with it. Wait till you see what happen in Scenario B.

Scenario B
If your monthly EPF contribution is 11% (RM440), taxable income = RM3,560, income tax payable = RM77.

If your monthly EPF contribution is 8% (RM320), taxable income = RM3,680, income tax payable = RM109.

If you choose to contribute 8%, you will end up paying more income tax to the government, which will make the government richer. Finance Minister said this measure is meant to boost up the slow-down market, but from this example we see that the money does not go into the market. Instead the money goes direct into the government's pocket through the greater amount of income tax that we will have to pay.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My days in foreign land

This evening is my second day at Cambodia. Posting at the hotel internet corner. There got only 3 pc available for hotel guest to use - for free. Most of the time is fully occupied.
Pretty interesting as this is my first time posting at foreign land. Will be more in near future due to the project I'm involved in this foreign land.
My work agenda here is quite successful. Having done a meeting with the Client, Consultants and Contractor proceed with site inspection at the project site. Tomorrow got another meeting with a Contractor and thereafter should be free and easy until departure to airport for our 4.30pm (Cambodia's time).
Free time
So far don't have opportunity to do sight seeing but only got the time for meal after the work initenary. Our hotel is located a tourist centre. So food is not an issue because just walking distance. The meal that we have cost us about USD 12 (RM43.44) for western food choices. Maybe tomorrow when the initenary is less heavy, I could do some exploring at the local area.
After reading mummy post, I feel even homesick. Missing my loves one is not a quite comfortable feeling. After all it's not that bad as my trip only need 3-4 days the max per visit. I just hope Ivan is behaving good enough at home and Reanne......hmmm maybe too little to know the different. Finally not forgetting mummy dear who have to fill in the void I temporary left behind. It has been quite some time I'm away from home for few days. This time round is Reanne's first not seeing daddy for few days. Sop, sop.....Daddy miss you guys over here.
Anyway I'm glab tomorrow able to fly home.

Daddy, we miss you!

Daddy (The Author) is just one day away from home, and now every one of us in the family has started to miss him. Neither was it due to the amount of time, nor was this the first time he travel in his duty, but it was because in our mind we know that he has gone to Cambodia, a place far-far away. It is the distance that counts.

Poor little Ivan, I don’t know how much he can understand when we said Daddy is flying abroad to work. Though he used to observe aeroplane flying across the sky, and usually got very excite, but he has not flown nor seen someone flown before in an aeroplane. When asked, “Where is Daddy?” He would recite, “Daddy flied away.” But last night during our bedtime, Ivan asked again about Daddy. I told him, “Daddy is not coming back to sleep these two days because…”

Then, instantly, he answered, “Oh! Daddy flied away in an aeroplane ah? Daddy go far far away… up there high high… to the space? (I think he confused the aeroplane with the rocket) The sun... the star…” Then he pretended to sob and said “Daddy didn’t bring Ivan…” I wanted to laugh but at the same time touched by his expression. Wanted to sooth him, I assured him, “Its ok, Daddy is working, he cannot bring you there. He is coming back the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh! Yes ah? Daddy’s coming back? Then Ivan happy… Ivan happy…”

With the hope that Daddy is coming back soon, we cheered up again. And finally, we went to sleep peacefully.

One thing worries me is that I still didn’t hear from Chun Kiat since the last time before depart from KLIA. Just pray that the Lord keep him safe and cover him wherever he goes. In Jesus name, amen.

By Soo Pei

Monday, November 17, 2008

My bag is packed

Today is D-day going to Cambodia on my work trip there for 3 days together with my another colleague.

Our flight will be by AirAsia at LCCT @ 3.15pm. The destination will take us about 2 hours flight to reach Phnom Penh. Got a bit of butterfly in my belly since it is my first trip there some more on working trip. I have been busy preparing the necessary working documents the last few days in order to be ready for our meeting there.

I don't think will be able to blog this couple of days until I am back home again. So, catch up later :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Growing together

Reanne just turn 9 months old on 15th November. On the other hand big little brother Ivan is 2 years and 9 months old. And the hmmm.....ok you got the picture!? Lets put it this way, we're all going together as a family :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beware of summons.....

It is reported today at The Star, Police and Road Transport Department (JPJ) will issue “mock summons” from Dec. 16 to motorists without seat belts in the rear seat, ahead of real enforcement from Jan 1. The “mock summon” was a way to raise the people’s awareness on the safety need for three seat belts in the rear.

So beware the police is going to play-play with you all if didn't buckle up. Does it mean we gonna wear 'mock' seat belts?

Flying colours

This morning we brought Ivan to have his check up with Dr. Pria (a pediatriciana) at KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital. The follow up is to see how Ivan is doing after last week pneumonia infection which end up Ivan being hospitalized.

Ivan condition is of flying colours. After one week his condition is perfectly normal. Active as usual and might be a bit too good appetite after the incident. His weight shot back to 15.4 kg. Upon checking with the doctor should Ivan be given an inhaler if the wheezing come back. The doctor said not necessary as Ivan wheezing is only occasional. His previous pneumonia attack was cause by viral infection which later trigger the wheezing condition.

Once again thank God for all His grace upon Ivan's pneumonia recovery. We want to trust God to heal Ivan completely from asthma/wheezing issues.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Popular Sale

POPULAR is having a nationwide sales from 14 November to 14 December 2008, discounts up to 25%* are up for grabs!

Time to make use of the tax deductable book rebate of RM1,000.00.

Itching for holiday

With an advertisement as powerful and tempting as AirAsia's latest free seats (to all destinations!), one will (if not later) immediately thinking of having a holiday even though not in the mind initially. The next is when and where. Going there is not a issue (provided you get the ticket lah).

My last over the sea vacation together with Pei was back in 2004. We were holidaying at Koh Samui, Thailand. Now the itch has resurface again. But than to go on our own without the children seems selfish. Than the money issue is also another headache needed to look into.

Somehow we need some time to breakaway for. Maybe just maybe, now we can fly.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I got a funny yet cute discovery yesterday with our little Reanne.

I don't quite know whether Reanne is fussy about her food or what. But she don't really a big eater. We often have difficulty to feed her with porridge since starting with solid food when she turn 6 months old. Most of the time she only skim through only of half the porridge portion allowed for her.

Yesterday evening I lend a hand to feed Reanne while Pei have her dinner. As usual the little girl make a fuss not taking the food. That time she was sitting inside the baby walker and holding a red colour seal bath toy. Something strike my mind in that instance as I look at the toy. Hey, why not change the colour of the spoon to red also. I was using a white colour spoon at that time.

Amazingly (I can't help myself but to laugh), Reanne responded and resume eating her porridge! EUREKA!!! We just found out the 'secret' to unlock Reanne stubborn feeding problem. It's just too cute. By the way she almost finished the porridge this round. What a discovery. I haven't read of this kind of interesting child development yet.

After that we have an experiment. We bring out all the colourfull toys for her to choose. Quite consistent she prefer red colour objects. Now we found out her favourite colour.

A card you mustn't not own

After the recent episode with Ivan being hospitalized, I realize the insurance medical card is a card family mustn't not own.

Two years ago upon the arrival of Ivan, I decided to purchase an insurance medical card to hedge up my family protection. Both Pei and I already have own life and health insurance policies. So it is wise to also protect our children.

What I can says is that the medical card does really help as we have gone through it already. The amount of hassle have been significantly reduced especially the medical bills. For Ivan case, we only have to fork out a mere 5% of the total medical bills (for registration fees, tax etc) when we check out from the hospital. 95% of it borne by the insurance company. You got to choose to enter a list of private hospital immediately when emergency do crop up just by producing the insurance medical card.
The hospital will do the rest for you.

While I was accompanying Ivan in the hospital ward, a mother whose son was being admitted for prolong fever shared a same room with us said that she should have purchase the medical card earlier but did not. She is actually looking already unfortunately her son falls sick before she can purchase it.

I recommend all family should start to look into this area if you have not. Start with what you can afford. Survey several insurance companies and discuss with the respective agents to tailor suite for your family needs. Begin with some protection rather than no protection.

Squeezing the drop

Crude oil has fallen below USD 60 per barrel as I discovered this morning through radio while on my way to works. What would that translate to in social economy sense or cents?

The last I check since the recent last petrol price reduction to RM2.15 per litre, my Avanza mileage consumption is RM0.18 per kilometer. Before it was close to RM0.22 per kilometer (based on RM2.70 per litre).

Can my wallet retain longer from now on?

Cheaper roti canai. Really?

After reading yesterday news saying that consumers in the Klang Valley have reason to smile as the prices of nasi kandar, teh tarik and roti canai are being reduced immediately. So I decided today for another round of roti canai as breakfast. It is reported Nasi kandar will see a reduction of 20 sen a plate, while roti canai (and other roti items such as roti telur, roti pisang, etc) and teh tarik will see a reduction of 10 sen each.

Guess what? I am not quite smiling after looking at the bill. Roti canai is still RM0.90 a piece in my office area at Seri Kembangan. Curiosity take the better hold of me or I should say dissatisfactions. I opened my mouth and asked the operator "isn't that Government had said roti canai has been reduced?". The operator can only smile at me.

I guess I don't really have a good reason to smile this morning. Maybe the restaurant operator does because he did it to me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got the ticket

Today I just got my confirmed AirAsia ticket to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a 3 days work trip there. I will be going there on next Monday and be back the following Wednesday evening. The trip supposed to be on this Thursday but all tickets were sold out due to last minute booking. I was informed to be on board the Cambodia project team only last week. Hmmm....

I will be working along with my colleague, a Project Manager to manage the construction of bungalows together with others appointed Malaysian consultants. Hence, from now on I will need to travel back and forth minimum once a month until the project completed. Initial stage will need to be there fortnightly. Estimated the duration will be about 2 years the most.

I personally have not been there before, so this will be my first. The furthest I have been was Bangkok, Thailand (it was a factory visitation trip back in 2002). I always have a feeling that I will be traveling there but never come across my mind through work.

Lord, guide me as I have never travel this path before. Let Your protection be upon my life and my colleague as well. I commit therefore this project that You have sent me to for Your blessing. Trusting that You have a purpose for my presence there. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Longest day

It happened unnoticed as we didn't anticipated that the complaint have serious tone behind it.

Early last week, Ivan started to complaint about having cough during bedtime. But we thought he just trying to make it up as an excuse. Then Tuesday the cough became very apparent. During the night time it turn to bad wheezing and subsequently a restless night for Ivan as he tries to get himself to sleep.

Next morning, Pei took leave to bring Ivan to have a check with a clinic doctor hoping to relief the asthma. We try to avoid having Ivan to use the nebulizer. He just don't like that mask thing. Unfortunately the doctor said Ivan condition needs immediate usage of the nebulizer. Ivan condition didn't improve until the evening when we decided to go for a second round of checking with the same clinic. Hence second round of nebulizer. The clinic doctor have advice for emergency admission to hospital for a constant treatment against the bad wheezing if it still persist and written a letter for us to do so. The relief just only managed to last not more than 3 hours when the bad wheezing resumed.

Decision have to be made whether to admit Ivan. But the wheezing is just too much for that little body to take it. That whole day, our poor Ivan just wanted to lay down and sleep. Shunning away his regular milks and porridge. At almost 11pm, we decided to admit him to the nearest medical hospital upon checking with our medical card panel list. My dad drives Pei, myself and Ivan to the hospital whereas Reanne stays home with my mom.

Within an hour after arriving at the hospital attended by the on-call paediatrician doctor, having another round of nebulizer, taking of blood sample and X-ray, finally Ivan was admitted to a ward. The doctor have prescribed nebulizer treatment for every 2 hours. It was the longest night for both Ivan and me as I was there to accompany him throughout that night. Pei gotta be home to attend Reanne.

The next day, Ivan gradually return to his normal self. The wheezing was almost unnoticed already thanks to the overnight continuous nebulizer treatment. Ivan appetite was good starting with the hospital breakfast porridge. In the morning, Ivan was sent to have a physiotherapy to promote the removal of accumulated phlegm at the lungs.

We thought it was pretty much over and Ivan can be discharged soon with his sign of improvement. However, in the afternoon the paediatrician doctor brings us an unhappy news. There were sign of pneumonia at Ivan's right lung shown in the X-ray. Ivan needs to be treated with antibiotics medication to control the infection. So further monitoring is needed with extended hospital stay.

To cut the long story short, Ivan was discharged on Friday evening after staying of almost 2 days at the hospital since from Wednesday midnight. Doctor was able to release Ivan given that his improvement was satisfactory. Now Ivan still under antibiotic medication for one week. Follow up appointment will be conducted this Friday.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank God for His protection and covering on Ivan's life. Thank God for his quick recovery and healing from the pneumonia. Not forgetting also to all those who have spent their time to pray and visited Ivan. Thank you for your care and love shown to our little boy :)

Early birds

Gosh, I have been absence in the bloggersphere almost a week now. Some major issues came out just few days ago that have taken my whole family attention and energy away (to be shared soon).

So just let me start with the phrase of 'the early bird who catches the worm'. Springing forth from my office recent revised five days week, beginning yesterday i.e. Monday we are now branded ourselves as 'early birds'. Yes, we are now officially commencing our office hour from 8.30am to 5.50pm after a few days of internal 'voting' among staffs. Majority have chosen to become 'early bird' so that we can return to our 'nest' early too. I guess like one of our politician have said, "it proof that democracy still being triumph in this country".

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Five days work

Starting this month, my office have revised the working day to 5 days week instead of 5 and half days recent being for more effective and efficient operational reasons. Working hours have been extended with additional 1 hour from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Previously we need to work on Saturday based on alternate basis which mean working on two Saturday only in a month.

But if calculate carefully, staffs actually works extra 12 hours based on the latest working time. Original working hours was 168 hrs per month (20 days @ 8 hrs + 2 Saturdays @ 4 hrs) . Latest working hours is 180 hrs per month (20 days @ 9 hrs). Even that it made no different to me as normally I worked even after 6.00pm. However I do appreciate with a completely free additional time for all my Saturdays. Most of my friends are already 5 days week. I am glad with the changes that made. Just need to use it wisely that's all if not it will be an excuse for me to sleep late ;P

Julie oh Julie

Singapore AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary) has issued a latest statement mentioning melamine has been detected in 17 biscuit product from Malaysian. 12 of the products are Julie's brand and the others are Khong Guan Assorted Biscuits, Khian Guan Biscuit Osborne, Leo Gold Finger Choco, Santa Chocolate Gold Fingers and Swan Chocolate Fingers. Julie's manufacturer Perfect Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd have already issued a press release calling for products recall.

The AVA said that the contamination in the Malaysian biscuits seems to have stemmed from tainted ammonium bicarbonate, which is used as a raising agent in confectionery. Perfect Food is now rushing out new batches made with leavening agents from Germany and Japan, and the new products may be available as soon as in five weeks' time.

For more details information of the affected products list, click here to view AVA statement.

Banned China food products

In today news headline, our Health Ministry has banned food products worth RM3.28mil from China due to the presence of melamine-tainted additive, ammonium bicarbonate, a raising agent.

This will have a grave effects on the upcoming Chinese New Year which is just less then three months away. I just can imagine the various CNY a 'must have' or symbolic festival items could in jeopardy such as the Mandarin oranges, dried meat, melon and sunflower seeds, niangao, etc.

Thanks to melamine, next year CNY will be sure different if not less 'festive'. But I am sure we Chinese will able to find ways to compensate that 'lack' with other means. Important is not the items or foods (though it's synonymous with everything Chinese do), but the kinship and fellowship we cherish with our loves one, friends and relatives.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Fasten up guys

Beginning Saturday, the authorities will be conducting daily enforcement operations to ensure motorists start wearing the seatbelts even before it becomes compulsory from Jan 1.

Road Safety Department also cautioned those with children saying that those under five years were not allowed to wear adult seatbelts and needed to be put on child safety seats. Proton and Perodua would be announcing in early December the schedule for the free retrofitting of cars without rear seatbelts.

Vertical limit

This have been Reanne's eight and a half months adventure as she progresses into vertical challenges. She have started to grab hold of sofa, step, cabinet and even boxes to master her vertical limit. Our little lady here is going to lift up from the ground soon. It's gonna be busy time ahead for mummy, daddy, grandpa and grandma :)

My precious.......biscuit

Picture speaks a thousand words. I belief it is as you can see how happy, joyful and satisfied our baby girl Reanne when she got hold of the Rusk biscuit. Yum.....yum.

I think she might be in the process of teething. Already starting to bit stuffs here and there. Hope this is improve her appetite of eating and explore more foods. Reanne is kind of small eater. By the way, little big brother Ivan helped to eat a small portion of the biscuit when at the end Reanne unable to finished it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Indecent exposure

I got a laugh at this news clip. I find this very useful if it can be enforced here locally. Those so call fashion display is getting pretty much an eye sores. Well at least it is for real at Flint, Michigan USA. Either you want to stay in jail 93 days and/or pay up USD 500.

Malaysia rated "high risk"

I don't know but to incline my thoughts more to the following report done by a non-Malaysian consultant in relation to the financial crisis the world is facing now. We are at "risk" they said. But, but, but..... our Finance Ministry said the otherwise.

Most often then not, third party evaluation on us (whether as individual or corporate) tend to carry more weight than our on assessment. We sometimes thought we know ourselves very well inside out. But others view is important also as check and balance. If both views stand comparable, then no worries should arise. Important is we get the true picture so that we are able to prepare and face the situation. So are we well informed and prepared?

Malaysia is rated as "high risk" while Singapore is well-positioned to weather the economic slowdown because of its political and social stability, says Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy.

Its analysts ranked Singapore as having the least political and social risks next year among 16 territories in Asia-Pacific, according to a summary of its 87-page report released to the media yesterday. Malaysia, Thailand and India were ranked as the most risky because of internal developments.

The report found that while Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia could be hurt the most by the crisis, they were the most stable politically and socially.On a scale of zero for the least risky to 10 for the most, Singapore scored 2.76, followed by Australia (2.9) and Hong Kong (3.23). Most risky are India (6.87), Thailand (6.28) and Malaysia (6.07). They are vulnerable not so much to the financial fallout but due to internal developments, the report added.

Further details from The Straits Times, Singapore.

Poster Kid

Watch out gals, this new kid in the block will mesmerize you. Check it out!

First Bicycle

Thanks to my aunt (Ivan's grand aunt), Ivan got a an early Christmas gift. My aunt gave Ivan the kid bicycle which used to be my cousin's. The bicycle still in good condition and further more tune up by my uncle who own a bicycle shop. Many thanks to my aunt and uncle.

Right now still haven't got the chance to let Ivan try it out preferably at the park. So Ivan just got to be satisfied temporary riding on it inside the house........stationary. Anyhow for safety reason the bicycle will be kept in a corner until Ivan knows how to handle it. Again Ivan was very blessed with such gifts from all his uncles and aunties. Also not forgetting God for His provision.

Lance Amstrong in the making?

Look at the sweat