Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hillsong United

I just got to know that they are here to perform at Glad Tidings AOG, PJ on 28th May 2008!

Concert pass only RM50.00

Please be informed that concert passes will be available at the following centres:

1. KL - Ps. Michael (03-91303687) & Ps. Lisa 03-42513697
2. PJ - Gwen, 03-79582777 (GTPJ)
3. Ipoh - 03-3134511 Contact person: Ai Lean or Samuel (Church of Praise)
4. Klang - Ps. Gideon, 03-33415407 GT Klang
5. Malacca - Jason Leong, 0165297862
(City Community Church)

For further information you may call 012 3879938 or check out this blog at Hillsong United live in Malaysia

1 comment:

cck said...

Too bad not possible to go as just know it last minutes.