Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day with YB

Early in the morning (not my normal rise and shine time) Silas, Daniel Seah (my fellow bloggers) and me went from our Kajang and Sg. Long house to Subang Jaya, SS13. From there we are to join the rest of our church members from Latter Rain Church. Ps. Dexter, Elijah and Sarah were also participating.

It's a very exciting day indeed for some of us as today we got a chance to work along with a politician in a community join afford cleaning activities (in malay we called it 'gotong-royong'). The VIP is Y.B (Yang Berhormat) Hannah Yeoh, Subang Jaya state assemblymen. A newly elected figure from DAP (Democratic Action Party). Hannah was accompanied by her political secretary Edward Ling and also her hubby Ram.

YB Hannah and Ram

Breakfast was provided by local residents of SS13 low cost apartment where we are going to do the 'gotong-royong'. I ate a pack of 'nasi lemak' and two slice of sandwich flush down with a cup of teh tarik. Gotta to fuel up my body for the works ahead. Basically there were two groups working along in this 'gotong-royong' i.e. LRC and the low cost apartment residents together with MPSJ.

gathering for breakfast
yum, yum

everybody grab your tools
Ps. Dexter, Elijah, Sarah, Edward Ling & Sally busy working

Juan, Philip & other sweating all over (top)
Daniel busy mobile blogging (bottom left)
Joshua and Silas working hard (bottom rigth)

interview session with YB Hannah & Ram (top)
YB Hannah with the resident children (bottom)


Gosh, its already close to 10 months I last seen most of my ex-colleagues. Last Friday nite was a 'reunion' within a round table. This time it's a dinner table instead of the office meeting room's table. Everybody is looking great and doing well. Previous round of reunion I didn't managed to join as I was busy with the arrival of Reanne then.

We have fantastic round of catching up while enjoying our steamboat at Stadium Negara Restaurant located along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng (opposite Megan Avenue II) . On and off busting with laughters. How can we forget the 'nostalgic moments' we have together. As usual the anchor story teller is none other than Mr. Mak himself.

Daniel , Mak and Shamini
U-Kidd, Desmond & wife
Shamini & Qing Ying
Busy, busy steaming food
Daniel, Mak, Shamini, Qing Ying, Grace, CCK, David & U-Kidd
(Faridah, Chin, Desmond & wife left early)

Windows no more Gates

Bill Gates retires

William Henry Gates III at 53 years of age Microsoft co-founder, who more than anyone else is credited with introducing computers into homes and offices worldwide, clocks off from his final day at the office Friday after 33 years.

Gates formed what would eventually become Microsoft with Paul Allen, a friend from school, in New Mexico back in 1975.

According Forbes after 13 years on top, Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. That honor now belongs to his friend and sometimes bridge partner Warren Buffett with fortune estimated $62 billion. Gates is now worth $58 billion and is ranked third richest in the world. Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helú now ranks as the world's second richest person with a net worth of $60 billion.

Gates' free time will now be devoted to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which he and his wife founded in 1994 to "help reduce inequities in the United States and around the world," according to the organization's Web site.

Enjoy your 'retirement' Mr. Gates. Feel free to drop by Malaysia.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Crazy Hands

You will know why it is called Crazy Hand. Have a good weekend. Enjoy

Sound of Music (Part 2)

The following explain greater on the influence of music. I definitely agreed with Joshua that music is from God. And God definitely loves music since He calls us to worship moreover with instruments.

The Healing Power Of Music - Its Effect On Body And Mind

Sound is energy. Sound moves in waves and is measured in frequencies and volume. Don Campbell, a music lecturer, believes that sound waves have an effect on the body’s cells and tissues. He theorizes that music affects the body’s processes when we absorb energy from sound, causing slight changes in our breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and other internal body rhythms. Sounds can have a charging and liberating effect. In certain cases, they load the brain and even the body with positive charges. Campbell cites a number of health areas influenced by music.

Music contributes to the recovery of premature babies

A Florida study of 52 newborn babies with a low birth weight demonstrated that playing music to them contributed to a rapid increase in their weight, and shortened their stay in the hospital by an average of five days (as compared to a group of similar babies which were not exposed to any musical stimulus).


Listening to music whose sounds are long and slow usually makes breathing deeper and slower, allowing the psyche a chance to relax.

Heart rate

The heart also responds to musical variables such as frequency, rhythm, and volume. The heart tends to increase or decrease its rate depending on the music`s rhythm. The slower the music, the slower the heartbeat. A slow heartbeat creates less tension and soothes the spirit.

Blood pressure

Music can alter blood pressure. By playing recordings of pleasing music every morning and evening, people with high blood pressure can train themselves to lower their blood pressure - and keep it low.

Music helps alleviate pain and improve mood

The brain creates natural relaxants, called endorphins, which can reduce pain and promote a feeling of natural well being. Researchers at the Addiction Research Center in Stanford, California have found that listening to music enables the body to create these substances, thus improving mood.

Immune function

Music and sound can boost immune function. Scientists explain that a particular type of music can create a positive and profound emotional experience, which leads to secretion of immune-boosting hormones. This helps contribute to a reduction in the factors responsible for illness.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Making A Difference

Our fellow blogger Joshua via his Take Note Take Heart's blog was featured in MalaysiaKini's WeBlog today. Bravo brother!

Keeping silence is not an option anymore. Make a difference today!

Children Ministry's Teacher BBQ

It was a beautiful Saturday evening when the sun just starts to change shift for the day. Setting was done at Miracle Villa balcony where teachers together with Ps. Dexter and Elijah gathered for sharing and brain storming session to improve and assess the current Children Ministry development.

At the beginning the meeting looks more like a culinary testing or talent hunt some sort as each individual teacher were unconsciously and randomly being surveyed how able they are handling cooking skills.

Nevertheless we have good times BBQing, eating, fellowshipping, sharing and brain storming. Thanks for Marylin for organising the event and Ps. Dexter and Elijah being the host and speaker.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sound of Music

Yesterday while mummy was busy in the kitchen preparing her things and Ivan immersed in his puzzle playing, I carried Reanne to the room as I wanted to take bath. As usual Reanne wanted interaction and carrying around. I figured maybe turn on the instrumental music to accompany her while I take my bath. Upon finishing my bath, Reanne was fast asleep on the bed. How nice :)

Music have always been very interesting medium to sooth babies. Far than that it was found to have much extended influences and effects to babies and toddlers development.

Classical Music Can Have Powerful Effects Even Before Birth

One recent study demonstrates that children exposed to classical music in the womb show a positive change in physical and mental development after birth. In this experiment, fetuses were exposed to 70 hours of classical music during the last weeks of pregnancy. When studied at six months, these babies were more advanced in terms of motor, linguistic and intellectual development than babies who received no musical stimulus during pregnancy.

Scientists explain that children are born with 100 billion nerve cells in their bodies. These cells, however, are connected only loosely. Each event a baby experiences - such as listening to his mother, seeing a picture, feeling a sheet against his skin, or attempting to touch a toy hanging above - triggers electrical signals (neural impulses) which establish or strengthen the intercellular connections in the brain.

The larger the number of connections in the brain, the richer its functioning. Neural pathways left unused usually die out. Therefore it stands to reason that an infant’s earliest experiences can mold the brain and determine much of the infant’s adult potential. Scientists believe that learning music is one of those “brain-building” experiences.

Music And Intellectual Abilities

Creativity - A study conducted in Hungary found that when children between the ages of three and four were given lessons in singing and playing musical instruments, they obtained higher grades in creativity than children of the same age who did not receive any musical training.

Memory – Three-month-old babies can use music as a means of remembering something they have learned. Babies in one study learned to kick a hanging toy in order to make it move. While they were learning, a particular piece of music was played to them. After seven days the babies remembered that a kick produces movement - but only when they heard the “learning” music being played. Scientists theorize that music gives significance to the learning situation and helps retrieve learned material from memory.

Spatial intelligence - Spatial intelligence is the ability to perceive various relationships in space and understand the visual world. In a California study of kindergarten children, one group of children was given piano lessons, while another group studied computers. At the beginning and end of the study, the children were given an assignment to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Children who had piano lessons had 34% better grades than those who studied computers. The scientists suggested that music forms the neural connections needed for this type of spatial thinking.

Mathematics - A 1996 study found that first graders who had been given special intensive musical instruction demonstrated considerably more progress in mathematics than classmates who had received a standard musical education. Scientists believe that the connection between music and mathematics is partly related to the fact that music helps children understand concepts such as number series, or relationships between numbers. For example, think of the concept of voice pitch where different voice pitches constitute a series such as `do`, `re`, `mi`, and a relationship between them where `do` is lower than `re`, `re` is lower than `mi` and so on.

Language - There is a close connection between music and linguistic development. Both skills require the ability to differentiate between auditory nuances. In order for an infant to be able to tell the difference between similar sounds such as "B" and "P, she must hone her auditory perception. Listening to complex classical music will contributes greatly to babies’ development of this skill. In fact, music is a type of "language”. It is used to convey messages - messages that induce emotions and ideas in the listener. Listening to music will develop the ability to decode auditory data and sharpen your child’s auditory memory - abilities which are fundamental to language comprehension.

Emotional intelligence - Music can bring on strong emotions. By listening to expressive classical music, babies hone their ability to detect moods and emotions in others, while developing awareness of their own inner processes through the nuances of feeling evoked by the music. Later on, children may use music to express emotions through singing or playing.

Cash Please

Motorists here are fuming over the sudden move by petrol stations here as well as Kedah and Perlis to refuse payment by credit and fleet cards.

The decision was made following a meeting in Butterworth at 3.30pm yesterday to discuss a circular by the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia, which had sent out a notice to 3,200 members nationwide advising them to refuse all cards.

More than 400 stations in the northern region decided to enforce the move and started refusing the payment from midnight.

Don't you have the feeling that as if everything is running havoc lately. Not that it happened out of the sudden but mainly a chain reaction from a source if not few sources. Like Isaac Newton theory, in every action there is reaction. What we are seeing now is the results of reaction from the action. (I hope I haven't makes you bored already with science lesson).

Unlike Newton, Stephen Covey's (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) offer a paradigm shift to this external forces of action that seemingly and endlessly bounding us. Instead of reacting we should respond. Covey called it being proactive.

A good question is that has everybody responded positively to the action imposed directly or indirectly to us? Has the government been proactive to the global oil price hike? Or the business world that speculated the oil commodity?

In anticipating the oil price hike, I responded and applied a credit card that offer voucher redemption for petrol from the points gathered. Now it could be redundant.

For those who have the direct influential power over the majority, please learn to be proactive.

It's free indeed

After months of tug of war between Selangor state government with Syabas on the issue of 'free water', the promise finally materialised. I received my water bill today and the indeed it has been 'deducted' the first 20 m3 of water used.
But I don't quite understand the way they calculated the deduction. To my understanding the 20m3 deduction should worth RM11.40. However in the bill it only deducted RM8.89. The total water consumption was 29 m3. I think it was being pro-rated based on the breakdown of the charges. My net payable amount is RM12.35.

If you really noticed or followed the development of the 'free water' issue, the 'free water' is not really free at all. It was paid by KDEB (
state government wholly-owned company, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd) where Syabas actually charged the 20 m3 water to KDEB instead of the Selangor residents. Actually there is no such thing as free lunch.

Blessed Birthday to Seng Woo

The Man of the Day
Last Tuesday @ 17 June 2008 less then one week after we celebrated Ely birthday, little that we realise we are back again celebrating for our friend and brother Seng Woo. This round Juan managed to join us before he need to rush to another appointment.

We went to Sungai Chua to eat spicey soup noddle a.k.a 'lak tong mee' recommended by Ely. The restaurant is just beneath where Juan's apartment and also a walking distance from Ely's house. Unfortunately didn't manage to take photos of the main dish as we were hungry and busy eating. I mean I am busy eating because too hungry.

Seng Woo, we wish many returns on your birthday.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Are you Selangorian?

If you are born in Selangor, the state government has good news for all you Selangorian. In celebrating the new state government 100 days in power, the following are the goodies announced:

  1. 90 days of maternity leave for Selangor state government’s female workforce and 14 days for their husbands. Now working on the guidelines for its implementation.
  2. All citizens above the age of 60 would receive free medical treatment and insurance coverage worth RM3,500.
  3. Selangor-born students who obtained entry to universities would receive a one-off payment of RM1,000.
  4. All children born in Selangor would also receive RM100 in the form of an investment fund.
My gratitude to the Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for the initiative taken to show concern and further distributing benefits to the Rakyat especially in this challenging period. I am sure a lot will cheers upon hearing the news.

I am proud to say I am a Selangorian. Born in Klang, live in Kajang and work at Seri Kembangan!!! After being reminded (by fellow blogger Rachel), not to forget my both children are also Selangorian!!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Feed the Brain

Brain Facts & Stimulation Tips

Brain Facts
By two years of age, a toddler’s cerebral cortex contains well over a hundred trillion synapses. His brain will continue to grow rapidly, achieving 80% of adult’s brain size by age 3. In the first 5 years, your child forms about 50% of the main learning pathways in his brain- therefore, the more stimulation, the more brain cell connections are made for enhanced learning in the future.

By around 2 years old, your toddler may understand as many as 200 words, though regularly use only about 50 - 75 words. He will be able to acquire words at the rate of 10 or more a day, so watch your language.

Toddlers at this age often point to objects and/or ask some variation of "what’s that?" in their desire to learn the names of objects. They delight in simple songs, finger plays and games involving sounds and words. Learning to name an object gives the toddler enormous power to get what she wants. Toddlers often practice new words or phrases before falling off to sleep or while riding in the car, repeating words over and over again.

Use descriptive words
Use descriptive words as you talk to your child about what you are doing, tasting, seeing, hearing or touching. For example, carry your child to a window to watch birds at a feeder, on the ground, or in bushes. Use words to describe the sounds of the birds, the colors of their feathers, and the ways they peck and fly. Watch to see what things interest your child most about the birds, and talk more about them.

Building vocabulary and language learning at this age is based on the repetition of sounds and words. Repetition is important in the development of language and movement, as it is repeated experiences that reinforce the pathways of the brain. Keep reading your child’s favorite stories to him, but vary it in terms of using different voices for different characters, giving a different end each time, or even asking your child to tell you how the stories end.

Linking words to toys or objects
Ask your child to name his toys. While he is playing with a certain toy, ask him, “where is the car?” This helps with building his basic vocabulary and he will learn to connect words to the objects he is handling or looking at.

Abstracted from Anmum - Your Child’s Brain Development & Learning Process

Empty Tank

Thieves going for fuel instead of cars

THIEVES are stealing petrol instead of vehicles following the fuel prices hike. China Press reported that owners of several cars and motorcycles at a flat in Petaling Jaya had a rude shock when they woke up to find their petrol tanks empty.

My, my this is getting ridiculous if not serious. The impart is getting worst that one would imagine. A 78 cents incremental petrol cost now pushing bigger pull down to our nation social-economy.

What would be next? I guess we have to install special locking device for our vehicle fuel tank to prevent theft. Hey, that reminder me of Mel Gibson movie - Mad Max. There was a scene where a bandit try to steel Mel Gibson car's fuel, the car self-destruct! Kaaboom!!!! (For those who are less unenthusiastic above movie, I can't help you to describe the whole movie story about)

A matter of fact, I think we could end up like what the Mad Max movie trying to tell about. Okay, okay I try to give the sypnosis in my best ability for your sake.

The story is set in Australia in the near future, depicting a poorly-funded police unit, which struggles to protect the Outback's few remaining townspeople from violent motorcycle gangs. The film depicts the future Australia as a bleak, dystopian and impoverished society that is facing a breakdown of civil order, the causes of which are not detailed in this film but which Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior explains as being caused by widespread oil shortages and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome explains resulted in a nuclear war following the shortages.

There you have it. Best try to view the movie then you will appreciate what I try to tell. As of now, one preventive method is try not to leave full tank in your car. That's my 2 cents worth ideal.

Black Coffe and Tea

Milk price may be controlled

The Government is considering whether to include powdered milk for children on the list of price controlled items but would not be subsidized. The Government does not subsidize infant formula as they want to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies. The milk that may come under the controlled item category is for children aged two years and above.

I for one would applaud the move provided they do it not just talk about it. Sometimes this kind of message pose indirect political message underneath. That I would not like to speculates.

For the sake of the nation children wellbeing, it is worthwhile policy so that all children will have the chance to obtain the best nutrition available. The poor is the group that is being affected hardest. The are report saying the affected parents whose combined income of RM1,500 and with an average of three children were feeding diluted condensed milk, rock sugar water, black coffee and plain tea to their infants and toddlers. Being a parent myself, I’m shocked reading it. Imagine black coffee or plain tea, a highly caffeine stuff as food for your kids. This was because the price of infant formula had risen by 80% over the past two years. What is happening to this world?

Ivan’s regular formula Anmum Essential 1+ 1.8kg is costing RM53.50 the last I bought it at a Chinese herbal shop. It is few bucks cheaper than buying it at hypermarket. I don’t know what will be the price now. The Chinese herbal ‘taukeh’ said it gonna be like RM55.00 and above! Reanne is still being fully breast fed. That’s really help in minimizing the infant formula cost escalation. Mummy did a great job being persistent in this challenging task to continue feeding Reanne. More mothers will resort to breast feeding in this tough time. It will be a commitment worth taken I assure you.

The way I look at it, there is really no short cut in providing the essential nutrition to our children. Any short falls will have a great impart towards their future development. If we can’t afford the best, at least we find the most optimal or basic one in relation to our children needs. But not black coffee and tea!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

This year I celebrated my 2nd Father's Day since Ivan was born followed with Reanne.

What makes this year extra special beside having Reanne celebrating with me, this round I received a gift from Ivan (with thanks to Auntie Sally who guided Ivan to find me in front of all the church's fathers). The gift was the rock which Ivan and me painted during the Sunday School (refer my previous post). We painted a rat. The other rock was painted by other children.

This year we saw a few new fathers stepping in front receiving the honour and blessing from the church such as Seng Woo, Joshua and my brother Silas. I'm sure they are excited about the joy and their new experience.

We were blessed by the church for acknowledging the father's role and praying for us to be in the likeness of our Heavenly Father. Click here to read more of the Father's Day tribute from none other than our 'spiritual father' Ps. Dexter shared by Elijah (posted by Rachel).


I gotta pen down this blessing my family received last Sunday. Thanks again to Samuel & Christina for a 'load full' of goodies they have extended to us mainly for Ivan. In fact this is the second round already. We really appreciate of their giving.

Ivan is really excited of the toys. There were also a lot of useful reading books especially the Chinese. It will be useful soon as we plan to send Ivan to Chinese school for his primary stage. Don't want him to be like me being half 'banana'. Speak but read no Chinese.

Not to forget, we want to wish Samuel, Christina and Jordan to have a safe journey to Gold Coast, Australia this Friday nite. We wish you well in your new beginning and adventure at down under as you take this bold step migrating. May the hand of God be upon your whole family and bless you in all that you are going to do.

Till we meet again. God bless.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let not your guard down

The Star - Tuesday June 17, 2008

High food, fuel prices may spur crime


KUALA LUMPUR: The Government is concerned that high fuel and food prices, as well as a downturn in the economy, could cause a surge in crime, including human trafficking.

Disregard what the government is expressing, undeniable that the crime will be on the raise. Just now my manager shared that his sister almost become a victim of a possible a car theft yesterday about 7pm evening. The suspect came without the women knowing partly because she was on the line with my manager while opening the house gate. I presume the suspect saw the women left her guard down and go for her.

Dear friends, while we are unhappy and still try to comprehend the cost increment we ought not to let our guard down during this trying time. A lot of desperate people out there will try to get fast buck to meet their own 'needs'.

So be extra cautious, take note, be aware of our surrounding while we are out there. Or better still limit our exposure out there.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The guitar boy

Could it be this is the next 'slow hand' Eric Clapton guitarist? Or the ' Beetle lefty guitarist' McCartney? Do note that Ivan strums his guitar with his left hand. Quite unusual as he normally used his right hand to draw. Could it be Ivan is a 'half' lefty?

Anyway, enjoy his mini concert. Encho!!!

Little finger, little toe, little Reanne, grow and grow

Little Reanne going to be four months old.

Ever So Beautiful

Like mummy like daugther (except the hair)

Words just inadequate to describe the beauty that bestow before my eyes.
Simply, ever so beautiful.

Someone is getting 'wiser' this month

Blessed Birthday to you, Ely!
Our dear friend Ely just celebrated her birthday last Wednesday. Thanks to Seng Woo and Sarah for being the host and the organizer for this special day. There were only eight of us including Ern Chee, Ivan and Reanne. Brother Juan unable to join as he is tight up with duties at church.

It has been a while that we get together for fellowship. Pizza was our main menu that evening followed with fruits and desserts. We ate to our full. We wish to continue our catching up but our children are already getting sleepy and moreover the adults also need to work tomorrow. So we finished last by presenting Ely with her birthday cake. We sang and pray for the 'wiser' birthday girl.

Anyway, Ely you are a big girl already loh. So don't play play liao. Hahahahaha....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Beef Up

Today, mummy resume her works after 3 and half day MC due to gastric pain. However until now we still not sure whether it is caused by food poisoning or gastric attack. Mostly likely is gastric since the pain is from the stomach.

She is still under medication as doctor gave her a more potent type. Should the pain persist, we were advice to check with the specialist to do scope to inspect her stomach. Definitely hope she don't need to do the discomfort scope and her stomach is fine.

Ivan on the other hand was down with fewer since Wednesday evening. Doctor says it is likely due to dehydration as Ivan drank very little water lately. There were no flu, cough or soar throat.

Really can't afford to have either mummy or me being down with sickness when our children still so little. Gotta beef up our family health programme to keep everyone fit and healthy. That goes to spiritual health also.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Water

Wuhoo............all households in Selangor will receive 20 cubic metres of water free from this month worth RM11.40.

Domestic users with individual meters in Selangor will get new bills with rebates for the water starting on Monday. Households which have been billed before Monday will receive rebate for the first 15 days of this month, in July.

As of now, the total rebate received by my family per month:-

Fuel rebate for car


(average from RM625)

Water Bill rebate




Kudos to Selangor state government and Chief Minister Tan Sri Khalid

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Green Foods

Here are some super foods that fight carcinogens and are great for your whole system. And yes, they're all green in color.

Load up on these good-for-you greens and you might not need that pricey spa—or even a special juicer.

1. Baby Broccoli. The federal diet recommendation for adults is at least three cups of dark leafy greens a week. Think broccoli, kale, mesclun (a mix of baby greens) and spinach. Try broccoli sprouts, which pack a bigger vitamin wallop than the adult version. There's no need to down your greens as juice, unless you like them that way, and the full vegetable provides more fiber.

2. Tea Up. A green-tea drinking habit may be one reason that the Chinese have lower cancer rates. Drink it fresh-brewed: bottled or instant tea has little of the key catechins that work as powerful anti-oxidants. To get the full benefits, though, you might need to take green-tea pills or expect to spend all your waking moments brewing and sipping. In a study reported last summer in a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, it took concentrated-green-tea pills equal to 8-16 cups a day to boost production of enzymes that make carcinogens less toxic.

3. Lime Light. Vitamin C, plentiful in limes (and of course oranges and other fruits), is a potent antioxidant. And nearly 40 years after Nobel laureate Linus Pauling famously and controversially suggested that vitamin C supplements could treat cancer, a team of Johns Hopkins scientists have shown that, at least in mice, vitamin C—and potentially other antioxidants—can indeed inhibit the growth of some tumors.

4. Pour on the Pesto. Garlic may block the formation of potent carcinogens in the liver, according to research this year at Penn State. Another plus is natural antifungal and antibiotic properties. So, if you've a yen for pasta or bread, have some with garlic-rich pesto sauce. And should you want to cut calories, or dairy, try grated parmesan soy cheese in homemade pesto.

When the time is bad and challenging, do step up to build our body with healthy foods. The above are not affected by recent fuel increment, so gallop more to your system. Go green!

Breast-Feeding May Boost IQ

Children who were breast-fed exclusively for the first three months of life or longer scored nearly six points higher on IQ tests at the age of 6 than children who weren't breast-fed exclusively, a new study has found.

The finding buttresses previous research that has suggested that children and adults who were breast-fed as infants scored better on IQ tests and other measures of cognitive development, such as thinking, learning and memory, the study authors said.

"Long and exclusive breast-feeding makes kids smarter," said lead researcher Dr. Michael S. Kramer, of McGill University and the Montreal Children's Hospital, in Canada.

When the children were 6.5 years old they were given a standard IQ test. Those children who were exclusively breast-fed scored, on average, 7.5 points higher in verbal intelligence, 2.9 points higher in nonverbal intelligence, and 5.9 points higher in overall intelligence.

In addition, their teachers said the breast-fed children had significantly better academic performance in both reading and writing, compared with children who weren't breast-fed exclusively.

Kramer thinks women should breast-feed exclusively for at least three, and if they can, six months, and try to continue breast-feeding for at least a year.

SOURCES: Michael S. Kramer, M.D., McGill University, and Montreal Children's Hospital, Montreal; Ruth Lawrence, M.D., professor, pediatrics, University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, N.Y., and member, executive committee, section on breast-feeding, American Academy of Pediatrics; May 2008 Archives of General Psychiatry

Both of our children are breast-fed. Ivan was breast-fed until 1 year old and presently Reanne whose going to be 4 months old this few days is still in progress. All credits must goes to mummy for her dedication and unfailing loves to see our children gets the best.

So all mothers out there get your boobs busy!

Mind Your Own Business

Pak Lah’s government said that Civil servants can take up part-time weekend jobs or businesses to supplement their income in view of the rising cost of living following food and fuel price increases.

In other words, take care yourselves lah! I believe what Robert Kiyosaki said was true in his Rich Dad Poor Dad; don’t ever think that the government going to take care of you until retirement. I also like particularly what Robert A. Schuller said in his book, ‘If is going to be, it is up to me’. We gonna do it ourselves.

The other days when I was at Companies Commission of Malaysia at The Mall, there were lots of people registering their company be it proprietary or incorporated especially a lot of young entrepreneurs. High time, we stand on our firm two feet!

If we really read what the news means, they just try to sweep all the responsibilities and problems back to rakyat. But on the other side of the coin is we have been too naïve and ignorance.

Its time to mind our own business.

Rest and Recover

This morning, the stubborn gastric pain still persist as complained by mummy while she is getting ready to go to work. To avoid taking chances, she gonna be MC again today making it her 2 and half consecutive day since Monday. Hope her Boss not upset because of this incident.

I pray and hope mummy be healed and recovered fully from this 'MC' episode . Last week she was MC due to persistent coughing. Really need to build up her body after this recovery.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lets go to school

Last Sunday marks another milestone accomplishment for Ivan as he attended his first Sunday School class with the rest of his koh-koh and jieh-jieh. In his class he was the youngest at 2 years 4 months. It was also my first day as Sunday School teacher since volunteer for the service about 2 months ago. What makes it even a more meaningful day is that I was the teacher for Ivan's class.

Ivan initially quite reluctant to join. He cried at the beginning of the class and clinging to me like Koala. Marilyn steps to assist me with starting the class moving the other regular children. In the class was Shanon, Candra, David, Andrea as well as Ivan. A small group for this tiny fellows. I managed to share my assigned story/lesson 'The Birth of Isaac' as Ivan settled down. Thank God as the class went pretty smoothly especially with Marilyn helps. And Ivan also did well by sitting through the end.

We were then adjourn to paint animal rocks for Father's Day project as gifts to all the church daddy next week. I guess it an early Father's Day present for me to experience this unique moment in Ivan life.

For those daddy who are reading this blog, Marilyn mentioned we need more father figure teacher to guide and set an example for the young children. So calling all fathers to come forth to take up this unique opportunity to make a different to the next generation!

Give me oil to my CAR

After almost a week since the new petrol price being imposed by Pak Lah’s government, I finally pump the pricy RM2.70 per litre petrol into my 1.5L Avanza.

Some of you might already guess I probably have pump immediately after the announcement being made on 4 June. You are definitely right. I did and almost at the final hour of the closure. I managed to get full tank at about 11.40pm after queuing an hour.

Pretty silly or kiasu isn’t it. Come on, who isn’t. We are talking 40.6% increase!!! My normal 31.25 litre which previously cost me RM60, now accelerated to RM84.40! RM24 bucks increment! Its also translate that what I use to enjoyed RM0.15-RM0.16 per km consumption now rocketed to RM0.21-RM0.22 per km. If that doesn’t makes you jump, I guess you are pretty loaded.

Today I pump in extra full tank of 37.41 litre at RM101.00. I used my newly applied Maybank Visa Petronas credit card that allows holder to accumulate points for petrol voucher redemption. The card is lifetime free membership. Hope it helps in long run beside the beanut RM625 rebate.

What makes matter worst is Pak Lah’s government gonna review the price monthly. What a bummer!

Lord, we ask for a just and wise government to manage this nation with no hanky panky money business. Let it be before this present leaders make it unreverseable.

Emergency Call

Yesterday, at about 1pm I got an emergency call from mummy. She sms me first but I didn’t notice as I was on my way to lunch with colleagues.

At the other end of the line her voice distinctively sounds as if she is in great pain. Mummy said her stomach was just too painful until gotto laid down. Knowing her if she can say it is painful that means it is really, really, really painful. Her stomach mush has been contracting.

I rushed back and get my car and immediately drove to her office which is about an hour drive with traffic. By the time I reach there she already vomited once. Drove her to the nearest clinic and doctor described as food poisoning that makes the gastric pain. Both of us took half day leave, MC for her but EL for me.

It makes no sense because I also ate the same food she eats. She really has no idea how it happens.

Unfortunately, that is not over yet. The gastric pain repeated several times as mummy rest at home. Finally we decided to visit our regular Dr. Lawrence to have a second opinion. He gave another set of medication for her gastric pain. She seems okay after that.

Then, at mid nite mummy complained her lips, throat, hands and feet are swelling. Both of us hardly sleep well that nite.

This morning my father brought her to see Dr. Lawrence again to see what might trigger the allergies. The doctor gave a new medication to replace what might have causes the effects. Another extra day of MC for mummy. During this time of my post, mummy has recovered a lot already. Thank God.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank you

Our many thanks to Daniel Ling and Emily for their love gifts to Reanne. They have tried to pass us the gift several times, unfortunately we are not around. God bless both of them.

We are also blessed by Samuel and Christina to let Ivan & Reanne to inherit some of Jordan's belongings. Ivan was particularly excited of the sling bag as he carried it a time long today after reached home.

Ivan even insist of having his 'new' bag with him when going to bed to sleep.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Left or Right

As Reanne keep progressing in her growth development, I can't help to keep thinking whether she is a lefty or otherwise. You might say it is quite unusual for a daddy to have this thought. Can you blame me if I told you I am a lefty.

Ivan on the other hand is a right handed person. He writes with his right hand that is for sure.

So, it's kind of lonely being the only one in the family that is left handed. For those who are not one, you don't quite understand the effects. One thing is clear, most things are made for right handed. Hence, lefty gotta compromise and have to learn to use it with our left hand. Sometimes, it is awkward.

Well, only time will tell whether Reanne is a lefty or the wast majority is.

My Playful Hands

This two days we noticed Reanne started to play with her hands. Previously only with her right hand. Pretty delightful moment to watch her exploring her own body members. She also can managed to grab hold of toys placed near to her face. In another one week time Reanne will be 4 months old and more new development waiting for her to explore!

From what I gathered, the followings are the few common developement to be noticed:-

  1. Learning to roll over due to the increase strength and ability to manoeuvre herself.
  2. Increase curiousity to learn. Baby will love to be supported in sitting position to take in everything around her.
  3. Increase of her vocal and eye vision.
  4. Baby will not only smile when smiled upon, even laugh out loud when you do something she enjoys.
  5. Baby now learned to expect a response when she does something.
  6. Putting her memory to use when playing toys where she will repeat previous acts that she like.

I abstracted the above development milestone from the new book I purchased from Book Fest 2008, titled 'Your Baby & Toddler from birth to 3 years' by Johnson's under DK publishing.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Painful Cut

Almost forgot to pen down an adventure both Ivan and I gone through last Sunday.

It is an usual things all of us do. Some do it monthly. and when required or feel like doing it. Not for Ivan. He is dreadful when mentioned about it even since baby. That afternoon we when for a hair cut.

Everything seems okay until the lady barber takes out her trimmer machine. Ivan puts out his hand to refuse. He twist and turn to avoid. I have no choice but to secure/clam him between my arms and let the barber do her job. Ivan cried and screamed. Pretty embarrassing situation to be in when other customers are watching. The lady barber asked me twice why didn't get mummy to be here. I don't think it makes any different (anyway mummy is tight up with Reanne at home alone).

Ivan struggler so as the barber and don't forget me too. It takes two adult to cut a little kid's hair. What a painful cut! Eventually the whole ordeal ended but Ivan still sobbing quietly until we reached home. Of all that, I think Ivan hair now looks much better compared to when it was still long. I really hope he can overcome his fear of having hair cut soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As usual Ivan was so immense into his drumming session most often then not will be accompanied with singing. Don't ask me what he sing about because I don't know what it means. But I enjoyed his showmanship.

If you look carefully this is truly a drummer in the making. His drumstick is actually a combination of his toy hammer and a plastic rod. Can I qualify him as the youngest drummer at 2 years and 4 months old?

Looks like him, sounds like him

I was just browsing one of my favourite blog site and suddenly I stumble upon a discovery.

I spotted a photo in which a person looks like my younger brother. If you know him, his photo is quite hard to be found or I should say....captured.

Here I found this photo of a crystal clear picture of him attending Louis Pang's workshop for
Charge-Up Conference 2008 . Wow, Louis I really respect you la.

Cheers bro, you're in Blog!!!

Another record breaking

Praise God, Reanne broke another record as she drank 4 oz of milk in one single feed from bottle yesterday! She is getting better and better in handling with bottle feeding especially with the new teat (The First Year). This is really encouraging for both of us.

Unfortunately on the other hand, mummy seems to be getting unwell quite frequent lately with cough. She is on MC today as she cough persistently almost the entire nite. Her throat was very itchy and cause the coughing sensation. Need to build up her immune system as well as her body wellness to keep up the demanding role that she play day to day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Book Fest 2008

Finally I managed to attend the Book Fest 2008 last Saturday after works at KLCC. I drove all the way to town from office. Skip my lunch. No time anyway. Initial thought of taking the LRT from one of the station nearby. But what if I bought a lot of books and I need to walk and stand? So drive lo. Traffic was pretty smooth. I guess because it is still school holidays. Mummy and children didn't join.

I arrived about 2pm plus, registered myself and straight went to the entry (actually I just follow the crowd). I end up at the English section for children. There I went searching for useful reading book for Ivan. Next found two baby developments book to add up to our baby reference library for more guidance. Found few health related materials for father in-law. Added in my basket one of John. C Maxwell leadership book. Bought a medium size calculate which is dirt cheap about RM6 with 12 digit display. Finally at the end (which I though it was), grab several children educational video. By the time I walk out it's already more than 6pm and with handful of books and etc. Thank God I drove.

I say it is a eventful treasure hunting for me. Later I found out that I actually missed the whole Chinese section which is a the other side of the exhibition halls. Anyway, I can't read Chinese :(

Getting the Booster

Yesterday, Reanne when for her 2nd Pneumococcal jap a.k.a Prevnar. She takes it real good as she cried only a little but quickly resume her normal cool look after Dr. Khoo pacified her. Reanne even greeted the doctor with a smile when he calls her before applying the jab. On the other hand Ivan look anxious almost immediately when he step in Dr. Khoo's room. Still got the phobia.

Reanne does has the characteristic of the mother whom possess immerse inner strength. I witnessed it again and again at mummy life especially when she delivered both Ivan and Reanne at the labour room. She hardly complaint of the labour pain. Even the midwife commented her 'strength'.

Well, Reanne 3rd dos will be scheduled on Aug 2008.

Full Moon

Congratulations to both Joshua and Mary-Janice for their first born son Janson who is just turning one month old on 1 June 2008!

Pretty soon, Ivan will have a new additional (boy) friend to play with.

Buckle Up

Yes, lets get buckle up for those who are rear passengers.

The ruling came into force
1st June 2008 making it mandatory for rear seat passengers to wear seat belts. However, no summons for the offence will be issued until the end of August. The ruling is only effective for cars registered after January 1995. Owners of cars without rear seat belts have three years to get them installed.

However, there are exceptions for Perodua Kenari and Kancil, which were rolled out between 1998 and 2004, because they do not have anchorage points and so cannot have rear seat belts retrofitted.

I am now trying to figure out how to buckle Reanne. Hmmm...... I guess she is too minor to be fined.