Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day with YB

Early in the morning (not my normal rise and shine time) Silas, Daniel Seah (my fellow bloggers) and me went from our Kajang and Sg. Long house to Subang Jaya, SS13. From there we are to join the rest of our church members from Latter Rain Church. Ps. Dexter, Elijah and Sarah were also participating.

It's a very exciting day indeed for some of us as today we got a chance to work along with a politician in a community join afford cleaning activities (in malay we called it 'gotong-royong'). The VIP is Y.B (Yang Berhormat) Hannah Yeoh, Subang Jaya state assemblymen. A newly elected figure from DAP (Democratic Action Party). Hannah was accompanied by her political secretary Edward Ling and also her hubby Ram.

YB Hannah and Ram

Breakfast was provided by local residents of SS13 low cost apartment where we are going to do the 'gotong-royong'. I ate a pack of 'nasi lemak' and two slice of sandwich flush down with a cup of teh tarik. Gotta to fuel up my body for the works ahead. Basically there were two groups working along in this 'gotong-royong' i.e. LRC and the low cost apartment residents together with MPSJ.

gathering for breakfast
yum, yum

everybody grab your tools
Ps. Dexter, Elijah, Sarah, Edward Ling & Sally busy working

Juan, Philip & other sweating all over (top)
Daniel busy mobile blogging (bottom left)
Joshua and Silas working hard (bottom rigth)

interview session with YB Hannah & Ram (top)
YB Hannah with the resident children (bottom)


dorcas said...

What a fruitful day!

Good Job, brethen.

richrach said...

nice pix to tell a story...
so bro, u busy busy taking pix and no work ar???

d'Lion said...

He was working with video cam, still cam and 'eye' cam

cck said...

I got pix of others working. Too bad no pix shows I'm 'working'.

richrach said...

hehe... CK, can i gain copyright from u for pix no. 4? i wanna blog about it too... pls pls pls...

cck said...

sure go ahead. Take what you need