Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Playful Hands

This two days we noticed Reanne started to play with her hands. Previously only with her right hand. Pretty delightful moment to watch her exploring her own body members. She also can managed to grab hold of toys placed near to her face. In another one week time Reanne will be 4 months old and more new development waiting for her to explore!

From what I gathered, the followings are the few common developement to be noticed:-

  1. Learning to roll over due to the increase strength and ability to manoeuvre herself.
  2. Increase curiousity to learn. Baby will love to be supported in sitting position to take in everything around her.
  3. Increase of her vocal and eye vision.
  4. Baby will not only smile when smiled upon, even laugh out loud when you do something she enjoys.
  5. Baby now learned to expect a response when she does something.
  6. Putting her memory to use when playing toys where she will repeat previous acts that she like.

I abstracted the above development milestone from the new book I purchased from Book Fest 2008, titled 'Your Baby & Toddler from birth to 3 years' by Johnson's under DK publishing.


joshua said...

woo hoo...time flies...

more discoveries to come!

richrach said...

Thanks for sharing...

Seeing our little ones grow slowly but surely in every way is a really great experience.

Personally for me, I'm every bit excited over every little development that baby Sarah shows -it's an amazing feeling! It's God's amazing gift!:)