Thursday, July 31, 2008

'Stinky' feast

The unavoidable feast finally came. It lasted 2 days in a roll. Unbelievable how people would go to such extend and affort to enjoy it. And it starts with the distinctive smell from the beloved king of fruit - DURIAN.

My dad purposely ordered and brought it back all the way from Tanjung Malim. Through my uncle's friend there, my dad brought about 30 durians with a very reasonable price that you only can imagine in KL. It comes with a free gunny sag of mangosteen! We have shared the 'treasure' with my other aunties and dad's friend. The balance was 'slaughtered' by my family.

The fruit is just too 'irresistible'. All the kids went for it that's include Reanne and Sarah. Imagine durian was their first solid food or in this case fruit! Ivan no doubt is very familiar with it as he
have been introduced to it much earlier already. Totally liking it!!!

Day 1 - Charge!!!
The master durian cracker was none other than my dad

Just look at that 'meat'

Totally into it.

Day 2 - Take no prisoner!

Just can't have enough of it. Sarah was not being left behind too, as mummy sink in.

Robot that loves to be hugged

The University of the West of England's David McGoran takes his Heart Robot on a touchy feely tour, allowing it to come face to face with a spider-like robot built by Matt Denton of Micromagic Systems.

A robot that "enjoys" being cuddled and stroked has gone on display at London's Science Museum.

The Heart Robot could be among the first robots to signify a new era of "emotional machines" used for medical treatment and enjoyment, according to one of its inventors.

It has a beating heart which rises when the body is shaken, but slows down when treated calmly.

In addition, Heart's eyes flutter in response to touch.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wanna play slide

Took Ivan to the playground near our house after work. It already 7pm. Thought of spending more time playing with him. He needs it....the playing time. According to the children development studies, play helps kids to establish their 'higher brain' in emotion growth. Kinder help kids to achieve better balance. Helping me to destress too. Well, that the best activities Ivan loves to do anyway!

Seeing Ivan remind my childhood play too. Sort of making me 'feel' kid again.
Adult needs to play too!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chikungunya disease

I am for one don't know what is this Chikungunya viral fever breakout that currently reported at Kampung Rasau near Slim River. The name is very foreign to me and that is why I want to find out more since it is reported spreading via mosquito. These what I found out.

Chikungunya fever is a viral disease transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. Both chikungunya and dengue are spread by the same aedes mosquitoes.

Signs and Symptoms
The incubation period of chikungunya fever is usually 3-7 days. The symptoms are very similar to that of dengue, but unlike dengue, hemorrhagic or shock syndrome does not take place with chikungunya fever.

The infected person may experience the following symptoms:

  • fever
  • chills
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • muscle pain
  • rash
  • joint pain.

There are currently no medications or vaccines for the treatment of chikungunya fever. However lots of rest, a nutritious diet, plenty of fluids and mild pain medications may relieve symptoms of fever and body aches. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you are advised to see a doctor immediately.

Tips when travelling:
  • Use insect repellent on exposed skin surfaces when outdoors, especially during the day.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.
  • Where possible, stay in accommodations that have secure screens on windows or air-conditioning to keep the mosquitoes out.

However if you still develop a fever, see a doctor immediately to test your blood for any signs of the chikungunya virus. If your blood test shows positive signs of the virus, stay indoors to limit mosquito bites in order to avoid further spread of the infection.

At home, the prevention of chikungunya fever is similar to that of dengue fever. Clear any stagnant water in flower vases, flower pots, roof gutters and watering cans to prevent the breeding of its carrier, the Aedes mosquito.

Hear not the cry?

The Statistics Department will carry out a three-week survey to analyze the impact of the petrol price increase on the people.

Commissioned by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), the survey started yesterday and would cover all states, urban and rural areas and ethnicities.

Isn't this irony that only now after what........almost close to 2 months that these bunch of analyst from the government want to 'survey ' the impact of fuel hike. It clearly shown that the government agencies are not very sensitive, mindful so much so 'sleeping' to hear the cry of the people. Give me a break la! Still need to survey what?!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bah Kut Teh

I guess I don't need much of description of the all famous Malaysian food 'Bah Kut Teh'. In a matter of fact my family had it at the birth place of the infamous food at Klang after visiting my grand aunt and uncle.

You can imagine the attraction power of this food that bring us, four generation dinning in one table. Unfortunately like my grant aunt commented earlier this restaurant wasn't the best around. So we figured out later. She was right. Not the one with 'umph' that I used to know of. A bit disappointed actually. On the other hand, the restaurant ID was pretty good. It has been quite a while I didn't go back to Klang, my birth place also. The best is still located at Teluk Pulai but we are kind of late that day and the restaurant have already closed for the day.

Nevertheless we had our filled. Most important of all having visited my grand aunt. She is the 2nd sister of my grandmom from my mom side. My grandmom and the younger sister has already passed away. So she reminds me a lot of my grandmom....... I missed her. She is the one that babysit me, my brother and two other cousins while we are still kids. A bit attached lah.

Reanne and Sarah was the only two who hasn't visited Klang. That day was their first. A new adventure for them.

Three Sims

Is quite rare that you have three family members to celebrate birthday in the same month. In the case of the Sim's family, my father in-law, brother in-law and Soo Pei shared that. An occasion that whole family went out for a big dinner on 12 July.

It was a gathering of three generation sitting and eating in one same table. The youngest is our two kids, Ivan and Reanne. The centre of attraction and entertainment also.
my parents in-laws, brother in-law Chee Yong and girlfriend

my three sister in-laws Soo Mei, Soo Chia, Soo Hong and brother in-law Gary

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Precaution for Cell Phone Use

Please read with great concern and share it to others.

The Case for Precaution in the Use of Cell Phones
Advice from University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Based on Advice from an International Expert Panel

Electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones should be considered a potential human health risk. Sufficient time has not elapsed in order for us to have conclusive data on the biological effects of cell phones and other cordless phones—a technology that is now universal.

Studies in humans do not indicate that cell phones are safe, nor do they yet clearly show that they are dangerous. But, growing evidence indicates that we should reduce exposures, while research continues on this important question.

Manufacturers report that cell and wireless phones emit electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields are likely to penetrate the brain of children more deeply than adults. Modeling in the diagram below estimate that young children are more susceptible to electromagnetic fields due to smaller sized brains and softer brain tissue.

1. Electromagnetic fields from cell phones are estimated to penetrate the brain especially in children. (Figure 1.)

Figure 1. Estimation of the penetration of electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone based on age (Frequency GSM 900 Mhz) (On the right, a scale showing the Specific Absorption Rate at different depths, in W/kg) [1]

2. Living tissue is vulnerable to electromagnetic fields within the frequency bands used by cell phones (from 800 to 2200 MHz) even below the threshold of power imposed by most safety standards ( 1.6 W/Kg for 1g of tissue), notably an increase in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier and an increased synthesis of stress proteins.

The most recent studies, which include subjects with a history of cell phone usage for a duration of at least 10 years, show a possible association between certain benign tumors (acoustic neuromas) and some brain cancers on the side the device is used.

However, human epidemiological studies on cell phones conducted to date cannot be conclusive. Due to their recently increased use, we are not yet able to evaluate their long term impact on health. Even where an association between exposure and cancer is well established and the risk very high -- as with tobacco and lung cancer -- under similar study conditions (in other words with people who smoked for less than 10 years) it would be difficult, if not impossible, to identify an increased risk of cancer, as the risk appears mostly 15 to 35 years later.


Given the absence of definitive proof in humans of the carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic fields of cell phones, we cannot speak about the necessity of preventative measures (as for tobacco or asbestos). In anticipation of more definitive data covering prolonged periods of observation, the existing data press us to share important prudent and simple measures of precaution for cell phone users, as have been variously suggested by several national and international reports.

These measures are also likely to be important for people who are already suffering from cancer and who must avoid any external influence that may contribute to disease progression.

1. Do not allow children to use a cell phone except for emergencies. The developing organs of a fetus or child are the most likely to be sensitive to any possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

2. While communicating using your cell phone, try to keep the cell phone away from the body as much as possible. The amplitude of the electromagnetic field is one fourth the strength at a distance of two inches and fifty times lower at three feet.

Whenever possible, use the speaker-phone mode or a wireless Bluetooth headset, which has less than 1/100th of the electromagnetic emission of a normal cell phone. Use of a hands-free ear piece attachment may also reduce exposures.

3. Avoid using your cell phone in places, like a bus, where you can passively expose others to your phone’s electromagnetic fields.

4. Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times. Do not keep it near your body at night such as under the pillow or on a bedside table, particularly if pregnant. You can also put it on “flight” or “off-line” mode, which stops electromagnetic emissions.

5. If you must carry your cell phone on you, make sure that the keypad is positioned toward your body and the back is positioned toward the outside so that the transmitted electromagnetic fields move away from your rather than through you.

6. Only use your cell phone to establish contact or for conversations lasting a few minutes as the biological effects are directly related to the duration of exposure. For longer conversations, use a land line with a corded phone, not a cordless phone, which uses electromagnetic emitting technology similar to that of cell phones.

7. Switch sides regularly while communicating on your cell phone to spread out your exposure. Before putting your cell phone to the ear, wait until your correspondent has picked up. This limits the power of the electromagnetic field emitted near your ear and the duration of your exposure.

8. Avoid using your cell phone when the signal is weak or when moving at high speed, such as in a car or train, as this automatically increases power to a maximum as the phone repeatedly attempts to connect to a new relay antenna.

9. When possible, communicate via text messaging rather than making a call, limiting the duration of exposure and the proximity to the body.

10. Choose a device with the lowest SAR possible (SAR = Specific Absorption Rate, which is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field absorbed by the body). SAR ratings of contemporary phones by different manufacturers are available by searching for “sar ratings cell phones” on the internet.

For further detail please read at
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Monday, July 21, 2008

My new baby

Guys feel free to drop by my new blog site a This site is dedicated for everything thats about collective, educational and popular poster for public to view and download. It will covers mostly about movies, sports, maps, cars, educational posters etc.

I am now posting about latest movie poster. This is part of my interest in arts, graphics and photography. Do spread the news around. I want to make this site a 'profitable' blog for income inspired by the 17 old gal.

Just 17

Why didn't I thought of that! Well, you are not alone after reading this young entrepreneur success story. The opportunities is still unlimited. Is only putting ideas into actions that count.

Ashley Qualls doesn't sound like a typical high school student. Maybe that's because the 17-year-old is the CEO of a million-dollar business.

Ashley is the head of, a website she started when she was just 14 — with eight dollars borrowed from her mother. Now, just three years later, the website grosses more than $1 million a year, providing Ashley and her working class family a sense of security they had never really known.

t all started with capitalism 101, the law of supply and demand. Ashley became interested in graphic design just as the online social networking craze began to catch fire.

When she saw her friends personalizing their MySpace pages, she began creating and giving away MySpace background designs through Whateverlife. The designs are cheery, colorful and whimsical, with lots of hearts, Ashley's favorites.

She also pulled quotes from popular songs and built backgrounds around those themes. "Teenage girls love quotes," Ashley says, scrolling through some of her site's 3,000 designs, more than a third of which she made herself.

Thanks to Ashley's work ethic and savvy cultivation of her peer group as a target market, Whateverlife began pulling in more teenage girls than a Justin Timberlake concert - about a million a day. With a big audience, the site attracted advertisers. Ashley's first check was for $2,700. The next was for $5,000, the third for $10,000.

Now you got new inspiration to continue blog in a big way don't you?! Lets turn our hobby into a business like this 17 old gal that proved to us all need to do is 'Just do it'.

For further details, please read at
People On The Web.

Friday, July 18, 2008

TV Time

Further to previous post on the importance of TV time for kids, here are some practical ways to make TV screen time more productive.

  • Limit the number of TV-watching hours:
    • Stock the room in which you have your TV with plenty of other non-screen entertainment (books, kids' magazines, toys, puzzles, board games, etc.) to encourage kids to do something other than watch the tube.
    • Keep TVs out of kids' bedrooms.
    • Turn off the TV during meals.
    • Don't allow your child to watch TV while doing homework.
    • Treat TV as a privilege that kids need to earn — not a right that they're entitled to. Tell them that TV viewing is allowed only after chores and homework are completed.
  • Try a weekday ban. Schoolwork, sports activities, and job responsibilities make it tough to find extra family time during the week. Record weekday shows or save TV time for weekends, and you'll have more family togetherness time to spend on meals, games, physical activity, and reading during the week.
  • Set a good example. Limit your own TV viewing.
  • Check the TV listings and program reviews. Look for programs your family can watch together (i.e., developmentally appropriate and nonviolent programs that reinforce your family's values). Choose shows that foster interest and learning in hobbies and education (reading, science, etc.).
  • Preview programs. Make sure you think they're appropriate before your kids watch them.
  • Use the ratings. Age-group rating tools have been developed for some TV programs and usually appear in newspaper TV listings and onscreen during the first 15 seconds of some TV programs.
  • Use screening tools. Many new standard TV sets have internal V-chips (V stands for violence) that let you block TV programs and movies you don't want your kids to see.
  • Come up with a family TV schedule. Come up with something the entire family agrees on. Then post the schedule in a visible household area (i.e., on the refrigerator) so that everyone knows which programs are OK to watch and when. And make sure to turn off the TV when the "scheduled" program is over instead of channel surfing for something else to watch.
  • Watch TV with your child. If you can't sit through the whole program, at least watch the first few minutes to assess the tone and appropriateness, then check in throughout the show.
  • Talk to kids about what they see on TV and share your own beliefs and values. If something you don't approve of appears on the screen, turn off the TV and use the opportunity to ask your child thought-provoking questions such as, "Do you think it was OK when those men got in that fight? What else could they have done? What would you have done?" Or, "What do you think about how those teenagers were acting at that party? Do you think what they were doing was wrong?" If certain people or characters are mistreated or discriminated against, talk about why it's important to treat everyone fairly despite their differences. You can use TV to explain confusing situations and express your feelings about difficult topics (sex, love, drugs, alcohol, smoking, work, behavior, family life). Teach your kids to question and learn from what they see on TV.
  • Find out about other TV policies. Talk to other parents, your doctor, and your child's teachers about their TV-watching policies and kid-friendly programs they'd recommend.
  • Offer fun alternatives to television. If your kids want to watch TV but you want them to turn it off, suggest alternatives like playing a board game, starting a game of hide and seek, playing outside, reading, etc. The possibilities for fun without the tube are endless — so turn off the TV and enjoy quality time with your kids.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Idiot Box

Background TV Distracts Kids From Play

Having the television on in the background while pre-schoolers play with their toys disrupts their efforts to sustain attention, even when they don't pay much attention to it, and may harm their development, researchers report in current issue the journal Child Development.

Pediatricians recommend no TV for children under age 2, yet studies show that three quarters of very young children in America live in homes where the TV is on most of the time, notes the research team led by Dr. Marie Evans Schmidt of the Center on Media and Child Health at Children's Hospital Boston.

Even if young children aren't watching the TV, it may be distracting them from their play and depriving them of developing critical attention skills, a new study says.

When children aged 3 and younger played in a room with a television on that was tuned to adult programming, they played for about 5 percent less time than when there was no background TV. More importantly, when there was no background TV, the children's play was more focused with longer play episodes, the study found.

"Background TV is a disruptive and distracting influence. Our evidence is that TV keeps the children from sustaining their attention at a time when developmentally, they're beginning to organize their attention skills and sequencing behaviors," said study senior author Daniel Anderson, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

This finding speaks loud and clear to me to start minimize Ivan & Reanne exposure to TV time be it intentionally or not. For their development sake, got to make this adjustment promptly. It's easy to say than done as I am a TV addict myself and so are my parents :P.

Bringing them out to play at the nearby open park adjacent from our house should be a good start. Next convert my TV time to reading time with the children. As one of my friend said, if you can spend time watch TV why can't invest time in reading. Gotcha!!!

Note: Article abstracted from Yahoo New

Ten Ringgit Only

Secret Recipe is having a promotion on special set meal at only RM10.00 (but subject 10% service charge and 5% government tax) until 6 August 2008. There are 3 choices offered.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whose fault?

Can you imagine that while you are well prepared to sit for an exam and on the way to the exam destination, suddenly the unthinkable scenario happened. You just unable to reach and sit for it!

It is reported by Lim Kit Siang, Monday's roadblocks caused some law students to miss out on the first paper of the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) exams. An e-mail from a student named Ganesh, many students had missed the paper which was scheduled for 9am Monday at Universiti Malaya. Ganesh said he had left his house at 7am and only arrived at UM at 10.30am. By that time, it was too late to sit for that particular paper.

I believe this is not the only 'victim' of the ridiculous roadblocks done continuously for 3 days at the heart of Malaysia capital city! My question is, who is going to rectify the damaged done? Who is going to bear the responsibilities? In the case of Ganesh, this could easily derail his future. Who fault?

All this because to forestall a non-existent Pakatan Rakyat demonstration in Parliament spread in blogs or sms. I guess the government is feeling pretty insecure.

Nation re-building

It's already mark the second month after the devastated earthquake that hit Sichuan Province on May 12. The death toll stood at 69,197 as of Tuesday noon. Missing person at 18,263. The number of injured stood at 374,176, showing no change since July 2.

Malaysian government until today has given 1 million U.S. dollars to Myanmar and 1.5 million U.S. dollars to China and also gave other forms of humanitarian assistance.

This will be my official signing-off on the following up of earthquake updates.

Let the Lord's grace be upon this nation as they re-build themselves.


When to begin

The current UK advice is to stick to breastmilk (or formula if your baby isn't breastfed) for the first six months. But babies' needs are individual - some need food a little sooner, and others are fine on milk only for a little longer.

You can offer your baby a range of foods, as long as she can manage them. A lot of parents begin with purees, but this isn't essential. From around six months onwards, your baby can use her fingers and hands to bring food to her mouth, and this 'baby-led' weaning approach is a good way of helping her learn the connection between taste, appearance and texture.

First tastes can include:
a. Mashed vegetables such as parsnip, carrot, courgette, potato or yam
b. Mashed fruit such as pear, cooked apple, banana and mango
c. Rice, cornmeal, millet or baby rice mixed your baby's usual milk

If the food is hot, make sure you stir and test it before giving it to your baby. Don't add any foods to a bottle with milk, as it could cause your baby to choke. Don't force-feed her - if she doesn't seem to want the food, try again another day. Your baby should still be having breastfeeds or 600ml (one pint) of formula milk a day.

Weaning advice
a. Don't rush your baby - give her as much time as she needs to feed
b. Make sure you're both relaxed before you start to feed
c. Feed your baby on your lap or in a high chair
d. When introducing new foods, try to mix them in with familiar ones
e. Go at your baby's pace and don't be upset if she refuses the food - she'll get used to the idea
f. Weaning can be a messy business so make sure you're prepared to get your clothes, flooring and your baby very dirty indeed

The next few months
a. Try to increase the amount of food your give your baby - give her solids for two of her meals each day
b. Don't add any salt to your baby's food - if she's eating food prepared for the whole family, make sure her portion has been set aside before seasoning
c. Small amounts of sugar may be required to take away the sharpness from fruit such as gooseberry and rhubarb, but avoid adding sugar to food and drinks

Preparing your own food for your baby is cheaper than buying ready-made jars, because it can be made in bulk and frozen, and you know exactly what the ingredients are.

Other foods to try
Add other foods to the vegetable, fruit and cereal:
a. Pureed meat (including liver) and poultry
b. Pureed lentils (dhal) or split pulses
c. Milk products (full-fat yoghurt, fromage frais, custard), unless your family has a history of eczema or other allergies

Can babies eat everything?
If your baby is six months or older, there are no foods she can't have, unless you know she's at risk of allergy. Stick to breastmilk or formula milk as a drink until your baby is a year old (cow's milk is fine in cooking, or to mix with other foods).

It's probably wise to avoid honey until your baby is one because of the very small risk of botulism.
Don't add salt or sugar to your baby's food.

Bought baby foods
Pre-prepared jars or packet foods are convenient, especially if you're visiting friends or travelling and need to take something for your baby. If you do give her ready-made food, try to mix it with fresh foods.
a. Choose 'sugar-free' foods or those that don't contain added sugars or sweeteners (check the label)
b. Check the seals on cans and jars haven't been broken and they haven't exceeded their sell-by date
c. Check they're suitable for your baby's age
d. Buy gluten-free and egg-free food for babies under six months
e. Check drink labels carefully, even baby drinks labelled 'low sugar' or 'no added sugar' often contain some sugar and may harm your baby's teeth

a. Breast milk
b. Infant formula can be used for babies up to one year and beyond
c. Once your baby's teeth have come through, try to cut out a bedtime bottle to avoid tooth decay
d. Water is the best alternative drink to milk - avoid bottled water as it can have higher mineral and salt contents
e. Citrus fruit juices can be used after six months - they're a good source of vitamin C but are acidic and have a high sugar content, so try to dilute with water
f. Squashes, fizzy drinks, flavoured milk and juice drinks are unsuitable for babies because of their sugar and additives
g. Tea and coffee aren't suitable drinks for babies or young children because they reduce iron absorption and cause tooth decay if they've got sugar in
Note: Article abstracted from BBC Parenting

Being girls

High Five

Hurray, our little baby girl have turn five months old already today!

Some of the milestone she have gone through is able to hold her head steady when held upright. She loves kicking her legs especially her left leg. Swinging both of her arms. Graping on things. She even know how to pinch people. She also like to bounce while being hold on her arms. Pushing people or things away if she don't like it. Likes to bite her own lips. Getting to be more vocal. She will cries or makes noice if left unattended. Able to recognise people and places and react if being hold by strangers or at a unfamiliar places.

However, she still not keen on bottle feeding. She will only consume very little until mummy comes home to breastfeed her directly. Hopes she will overcome it from this month onwards for better and constant bottle feeding.

On the other hand, mummy already planning to start Reanne on weaning for solid foods.

We pray that everythings is in its order and according to God's plans.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Worship outside the box

Immediately I was impressed, inspired and aspired of the powerful worship engaged here. A combination of full harmonizing of solo singing, music skill, dancing and choir singing.

Balancing act

Guess what more on price increase to hurt yours and my pocket. Hmmmmm. As informed by Malaysia Association of Tyre Retreaders and Dealers Societies said the balancing service charge for these passenger cars was now fixed at:

1. 1,801cc and above
RM35 for the two front wheels and RM60 for all four tyres, compared to RM50 previously.

2. 1,800cc and below
RM25 (old price RM20) for the front wheels and RM45 (RM40) for all four.
Sooner or later we as a consumer have no other choice but to do things on our own via D.I.Y (do it yourself) obtion to minimise our exposure on these never ending price increase.

Call of duty

I was on duty last Friday evening to do video recording for church seminar on Apostolic Leadership by Pastor Joseph Bowes. Pastor Joseph is from Australia and an old acquaintance of Pastor Dexter.

I reached PJ quite early about 7pm. So went for dinner on my own at the nearest restaurant. Didn't want to eat the regular staff so went to an indian restaurant, Kanna Curry House which is just a stone throw away from church. Quite a while I didn't dine there. Ordered a chapathi, one curry chicken dish as accompaniment and masala tea. Total RM9.30. Looks simple but the price tells you otherwise. Nevertheless I enjoyed my food........alone.
I setup the video camera together with Olivia the sound engineer of the day for getting ready to shooting. It has been two month plus the last I touch the video camera. While I record, I also listening to the topic being shared by Pastor Joseph. My duty on that day was blessed and worth while one. I also managed to have a chat with Pastor Joseph at the end of the session. Turns out both of us has a common background, construction as he formerly a Mechanical and Electrical engineer before being full time pastor.
As we serve, God will definitely bless us when we take up the the call of duty.

Losing Battle

Everything seems to be okay until last Sunday nite. After which it is very apparent that I am losing my battle. I was defeated by bunch of virus attacking my body that causes flu and fever. Body ached like nobody business. I got myself a strong virus......what a bummer.

So taken MC yesterday.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brace yourself!

As announced by a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department yesterday in Dewan Rakyat, half of Malaysian households have a monthly income of less than RM3,000.

Based on 2007 household income and facilities census by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, of the 5.8 million households in the country:-

a. 8.6% have an income below RM1,000
b. 29.4% had between RM1,000 and RM2,000
c. 19.8% earned between RM2,001 and RM3,000.
d. 12.9% of the households earned between RM3,001 and RM4,000
e. 8.6% between RM4,001 and RM5,000.
f. 15.8% of the households have an income of between RM5,001 and RM10,000
g. 4.9% have an income of RM10,000 and above

To be exact, 57.8% of Malaysia households is and going to be facing more uphill financial difficulties in the on-going price hike on fuel, foods, etc.

Government should have at least studied the impact of fuel hike on this large portion of income earner that faces the most challenges ahead. There is little resources for them to counter and ride above this wave of increment. Inflation looming above 6%. The next will be the anticipated Central Bank interest hike that will push up the Base Lending Rate (BLR) for housing and hire purchase of vehicles. Brace yourself Malaysian!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Section 17 Wantan Mee

Yahoo, our no. 100th post

Sunday after church service, Silas and Rachel brought my family to Section 17, Petaling Jaya for lunch. At first wanted to eat the meat noddle but there was big crowd. So we eat at wantan mee restaurant just few shops away from our original destination.

Overall the wantan mee is not bad. The noddle was home made based on the taste and texture. I ate the soup type with dumpling......yum, yum. Ivan shared with mummy eating the dried wantam mee. Silas and Rachel also eat the dried type (I think so). Much improvement is seem in Ivan capability to eat on his own with less mess that is.

While eating, I noted the notice the owner placed informing of the price adjustment they have to made due to increase in raw material effective 1 July. Getting a bit sick of the price hike issue already. It is just every where of every single things. What a bummer. Well, still have to eat rite?!

Are you joking?

Today the Government has yet to decide whether to tax the RM625 rebate a year given to owners of vehicles with engine capacity of up to 2,500cc. Internal Revenue Board (IRB) chief executive officer Datuk Hasmah Abdullah said the board would discuss the matter with the Treasury.

The IRB must be joking for taxing something given as a virtue of compensation. In the mind of the people the government is paying to ease the pain of the fuel hike. Now they say wanted to tax us for the pain we are going through! Where is the logic.

This kind of issue should have been iron out within the respective ministry departments before they announced the rebate. Are they saying these 'joker' did not advice the PM? What are they doing up there!?

I call this 'slap with a kiss' than 'slap again'.

Morning Blues

Do you notice something not quite the same in the morning lately. The absence of it makes me feel blues and more like missing it.

My morning drive to works always if not most of the time accompanied with my favourite FM channel LiteFM. The popular deejay personalities was none other than Simon and Caroline. Something about them that makes the morning chemistry a 'feel' good factor.

Unfortunately things have changed. Caroline was no longer with LiteFM. That's what I know thus far as the site no longer display her profile. Simon and Caroline was substituted by PK and Sara
. Simon on the other hand team up with another deejay.

Hai..................................Caroline where art thou?

Remember S.T.R

One of my acquaintance from my works was recently suffered mild stroke at a mere mid thirties. Very alarming and surprising news. The person is a Project Manager with pretty built-up and fitness from the outlook. I am shocked to know of it. Stroke have strike people unknowing even though if the person is young. This shows it is no excuses to play ignorance or naive about the danger of sicknesses nowadays.

A friend of mine extended a very useful indicators for stroke.

Just remember the '3' steps, STR . Read and Learn!

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

S * Ask the individual to SMILE.

T * Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently)

(i.e. It is sunny out today)

R * Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call 999/911 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

New Sign of a Stroke -------- Stick out Your Tongue

NOTE: Another 'sign' of a stroke is this: Ask the person to 'stick' out his tongue.. If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other , that is also an indication of a stroke.

Do let everybody knows and be aware of it. Prevention is better than cure.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Steamy Birthday

I have to say that this few weeks is particularly busy celebrating..................birthday. June was Ely and Seng Woo birthday. This month July we got two new ones......Juan and Soo Pei (mummy).

This round we combine the celebration together and have it at Seng Woo & Sarah's house. Very kind of them to once again being the host of the event. Ely on the other hand, offered to prepare the porridge steamboat with the porridge cooked by her. I must say she did a great job. Taste fantastic. The ingredient were purchased separately. All was done by her alone. No doubt she is very good in food preparation and cooking.

We ate and ate and ate until all of our stomach were bulge! So full......burp!!! Even Ivan and Ern Chee enjoying the steamboats. Reanne for now only can watch :p

The 'fruity birthday cake' was specially made by Sarah & Seng Woo.

Just in case you don't know

Just in case you did not notice or heard effective 1 July 2008, TNB have enforced a new electricity tariff structure. They said the new tariff is necessary due to the escalating fuel costs, particularly gas and coal prices (so they said).

Domestic/household consumers with consumption of up to 200kWh (or RM43.60) will not be subjected to increase. Anything more than that will be charged are follows.

Well, now you know it. Do something about it to minimize your exposure starting to look at your household electrical appliances. Try opt for energy saving and power efficiency devices to lower down your electricity cost. IMPORTANT IS, DO SOMETHING AND ACT NOW!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Old Faithful

This family possession of ours has been with us for quite some time now. Roughly one and half decades already. Serving us faithfully without complaints (not that I know of). From starting of 4 people to now 9 people. (We have been multiplying biologically)

Unfortunately, like all things that have life expectancy it slowly giving signs of ageing. On and off would have 'flu' and 'cough' that need us to send for cares. When I think of it, we really would face daily difficulty without it especially now with 2 small babies and a toddler. Unaware it has become a significant family member of ours.

This old faithful is our washing machine (Boss brand).

Today we will be going to survey and most properly buy a new one to substitute the 'senior' and upgrade the capacity to 10kg from previous 5kg. With that we can opt for alternate day of washing compared to daily basis. This option will better help us to be more efficient in term of power and water consumption.

Nowadays, energy and resources efficiency is one of the most critical factor to consider for better long term economy.

For the extra miles

It's already 1 month after the fuel hike. The subject matters is still very hard to swallow. The pinch is getting on our pocket increasingly each day especially this month July where a lot other area also seeing price increase. It's everywhere whether you like it or not.

To brace ourselves onward, here are some tips I found at
U.S. Department of Energy (fuel economy) to help you reduce the amount of fuel and improve the mileage efficiency in your vehicle. To start with it has to do with our efficiency of driving.

1. Drive Sensibly
Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas. I t can lower your gasmileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. Sensible driving is also safer for you and others, so you may save more than gas money.

2. Observe the Speed Limit
While each vehicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed (or range of speeds), gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph (96km/hr). You can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.30 per gallon for gas. Observing the speed limit is also safer.

3. Remove Excess Weight
Avoid keeping unnecessary items in your vehicle, especially heavy ones. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your MPG by up to 2%. The reduction is based on the percentage of extra weight relative to the vehicle's weight and affects smaller vehicles more than larger ones.

4. Avoid Excessive Idling
Idling gets 0 miles per gallon. Cars with larger engines typically waste more gas at idle than do cars with smaller engines.

5. Use Cruise Control
Using cruise control on the highway helps you maintain a constant speed and, in most cases, will save gas.

6. Use Overdrive Gears
When you use overdrive gearing, your car's engine speed goes down. This saves gas and reduces engine wear.

With crude oil price ever increasing and breaching new report high, we have to bit this bullet and start looking ways to improve our purchasing power. The next step will be looking into alternative fuel. How I wish our cars one day run by only H2O. Closes now is hydrogen. That is another story to come.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cleanse Thyself

I am not talking spiritual aspect nor ritual issue as well. Consider it as annual 'physical spring cleaning'. I am talking about our body cleansing.

I have been gaining a lot of inside lately from my father in-law (FIL) as he explored on the aspect of healthy eating and living. He practices chi-qong also. From his new found knowledge and inside, he eagerly shared to us all about the benefits.

There are three area of cleansing beneficial for our healthy living as shared by my FIL:-
1. Bowel cleansing
2. Parasite cleansing
3. Liver cleansing

I just started the 1st regimen - bowel cleansing. Spare the hassle that might crossed you mind. It's pretty simple actually. All you need is
Psyllium Husk. What is that?

Psyllium seed husks come from the seed stalk of the common plantain. They are soluble in water, expanding and becoming mucilaginous when wet. Psyllium is indigestible in human beings and is often used as a source of dietary fiber: dissolved in water, they expand and scrape the walls of the intestine. It main benefit, however is in preventing constipation and promoting colon health. The natural fiber in Psyllium increases the weight of our bowels, and acts as a safe laxative. It is easy obtainable at organic shops even in hypermarket like Tesco.

Why is Psyllium Husk effective for bowel problems?

The husk swells when it comes in contact with water. It can absorb anything that is 8-16 times its weight. Its bulky fiber qualities makes it an effective laxative. Psyllium Husk forms a gelatin-like mass in the colon, which keeps the bowels nice and soft. This mass also helps absorbs toxins located in our bowels.

The bulky substance formed by Psyllium Husks stimulates peristalsis, which aids constipation.

Psyllium Husk can be taken alone, or with Bentonite Clay or Activated Charcoal as part of a colon cleansing regimen. You usually mix one tablespoon of it with water.

Guidelines when consuming Psyllium Husk (PH)
1. Make sure you consume it with liquid. Do not eat it alone as it can cause digestive problems. You can mix PH with practically anything: fruit/veggie juice, stew, soups, ice cream shakes, water, milk, etc.

2. Make sure you consume plenty of liquid before and afterwards. Best 1 hour before meal or 2 hours after meal. PH can cause dehydration since it makes the moisture content of our bowels higher. It would be good to keep an extra glass of water when consuming PH for the first time, because it can be hard to swallow.

3. PH is not recommended for those who are pregnant. Oxypowder would be the best choice for a colon cleanser.

4. Consume PH in between meals, never immediately after or before one. It can dilute enzymes and therefore interfer with digestion.

You will notice the result quite immediately. For my case after about 6 hours I consumed the PH with 1 hour gap before the meal, I got my 1st bowel movement. Even before that, you will experience some 'little tingling' movement inside your intestine. Actually that's the HP doing its job cleansing the intestine. Before you know it, the unwanted waste is out. You will feel as though your intestine inner layer have been peal off and renew. Do observe the 'waste' as you will know the 'condition' of your body. If it sink-indicate a lot of heavy and old staff. If it float, your intestine is quite healthy.

Start your spring cleaning now.

Are you happy?

Guess what. Denmark is the happiest country in the world, according to the latest World Values Survey published by the United States National Science Foundation.

The annual study surveyed people in 97 countrie and asked people two simple questions about their happiness and their level of satisfaction with life. The research indicates prosperity is linked with happiness. It does contribute but it is not the most important factor. Personal freedom is even more important, and it's freedom in all kinds of ways. Political freedom, like with democracy and freedom of choice. So as gender equality is also an indicator of happiness, as is rising social tolerance

It is a thing to ponder upon for our nation.

Pregnant Man

As someone used to say "I kid you not", this article caught my eyes. It's like M. Night Shyamalan 's film The Sixth Sense, I have been fooled. How could a man be pregnant and moreover gave birth to a baby? Logically no way.

Can it be possible just like the film 'Junior' portraying Arnold Schwarzenegger being a scientist of a fertility research project, agrees to carry a pregnancy in his own body and later gave birth with the help of Danny DeVito???

Well in this case, an American man who was born female but subsequently underwent gender reassignment has given birth to a girl. Thomas Beatie, 34, is legally male but kept his female reproductive organs after having breast surgery to remove glands and flatten his chest.

There you have it. Feels like being fool isn't it.

2 things just not right. 'She' changed herself to 'him' and later 'pregnant' himself to 'give birth' like a 'woman'. So twisted. Man have perverted God's original plans and purposes.

The Show must go on

Do take note that the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes) which organized the One Million souls rally against the recent fuel price hike has been changed to Stadium Kelana Jaya instead of Padang Timur. Pakatan Rakyat said the gathering would be held at the stadium from 10am till midnight.

6 July 2008 will be the most happening Sunday thus far! The people, traffics, cops, FRU trucks, reporters, bloggers, supporters, cars etc, etc. A history in the making for freedom of speech!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Taking the Subway

Nope, we are not a the London Tube nor NY Subway. We are sinking our bite at SUBWAY restaurant at Mines Shopping Centre, Seri Kembangan for mummy birthday celebration.

Like the Airasia's low fare, no frills concept approach I brought mummy to SUBWAY for a simple, quick and easy meal. We don't have the luxury time to sit down enjoying food neither each other company. The children are at home with my mom alone. Her hands are full with 3 children (Ivan, Reanne and Sarah) around. We just buy some 'luxury' time out for mummy special occasion. Got to go back early to take shift from my mom.

As both of us eat and talk, I just realized mummy actually have been wanting to try SUBWAY sandwich. Well, thank God the 'simple' meal that turn out to be a wish come true for mummy on her birthday. Our candle light dinner was a half foot (6 inch) long sandwich. It was our first time anyway.

On the street

Do anticipate this Sunday morning (6 July) will not be like any other normal Sunday at Jalan Timur (Amcorp Mall area), PJ. Why? Because there will be or targeted 1 million souls on the street for mammoth anti-fuel price hike rally.

I guess better carefully plans my route to church to avoid the crowds. Special forces and cops will definitely be sent out to 'control' the situation. Just imagine the road blocks, road diversion etc, etc then you will get a better picture of the scene will be.

I am not really an outspoken person nor street protester but my view and thoughts is as like mind to the majority that affected by the fuel hike. I reckon that the people have no other platform and channel to convey their frustration, dislike or disagreement but to opt for this type of rally. Moreover, rally is not a common things in this country. Often then not it always link to negatives aspect of it like violence, vandalism and street fights. On the other hands, it can be as normal like a gathering for a cause, a good cause with no treats or what so ever.

I salute this brave souls with their brave hearts for carrying this cause to convey a message. A message that they hope responsible, righteous and proactive influential figures will take close to their hearts.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hey, it's you

I realized by now, friendships that we have established, fostered and cherished will not easily be diminished with time. Be it many, many season ago and those which just started.

In this case, a friend and classmate of mine which we didn't see or contact for 16 years. We bum into each other at a paediatrician clinic when my friend together with his wife and daughter were visiting. I noticed him the moment we see each other when I came out from the clinic. Thank God I still can remember his name to call him or else will be a little awkward trying to explain where we have met and who I am. Anyway the way I see it, my friend hardly change a bit. Maybe that's why I can recognized him immediately. We are classmate during our Six Form student time.

We chat for while at the meantime exchanging phone number and cards. It's really feel great to able to reconnect some the past via our friends.

So, as we continue to make friends do bear in mind it will return back to you one day. I definitely sure!

To Our Dearest

To my dearest wife
On this special day
Ivan, Reanne and I wish you
A Very Blessed Birthday

Our prayer for you that the Lord
continue to bless you,
protect you and edify you
for all your dedication
and unfailing love given
to the children and me
We loves you!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Towing Charges

Be mindful from now on when you think you want to call for a towing service if or when your vehicle is down somewhere on the road. The location whether is in city limits or highway makes a lot of different from now. I mean A LOT of different is $$$$$$.

As announced towing charges are up by between 25% and 50%
, depending on location, with immediate effect.

Federation of Automobile Workshop Owners Association of Malaysia president Cho Chee Seng, citing rising costs, said the recommended fees within city limits (or for the first 20km) were RM100 for daytime towing and RM150 for night towing.

For towing on the highway, charges would be RM150 for the first 20km during the day, and RM200 at night.

For every additional kilometre, the charge would be RM1 (day) and RM2 (night).

Previously, tow truck drivers charged RM80 for daytime towing and RM110 for night towing within city limits, and RM100 and RM150, respectively, for towing on the highway.