Saturday, August 30, 2008

You eat, I eat too

Reanne entering into solid food phrase lately. Mummy given her fine plain porridge as starter. Also tasted carrot, potatoes and pumpkin too. Another great milestone for Reanne.

Dad's Birthday

It was a very special day that falls on a very special date on 28 Aug (28.8.8). It was my dad's 54th birthday!

Your first reaction might be (commonly and often), "Wow, your dad is so young!" If you know my age (which going to touch 35 years old) you will definitely get more amaze. Yes, my dad got married at a 'tender' age of 18 years old and become a father by 19. That's not all, my grand father and my great grand father also married a that age of 18. Double wow. Anyway I broke that record.

It all started from a mere family member of two (my parents 35 years ago) later to four (added myself and brother Silas), many many years later to six (added Pei and Rachel a.k.a daughter in-laws) and now nine (added Ivan, Reanne and Sarah a.k.a grand children). A bridge of three generation. 350% biological growth! Wow, that is amazing.

One thing I thank God for is that this family is under His saving grace. After I come to know the Lord, God also touched my brother and subsequently my parents.

I also thank God for my dad for His hand that have been watching and guiding him all this years. Upon finishing his Form Two, my dad came out to work as a apprentice carpenter specialize in rattan furniture making. Then met my mother in the same industries which later.....married and have children. Anyhow life was still very tough then with only small sum of incomes. Nevertheless God's grace abound. My parents manage to pull through by seeing Silas and I graduated from college and entered into the working world. And now as grandfather, I am sure as he looks back that many years ago journey was a remarkable one. He is now serving faithfully in the church as office staff and a cell leader. Indeed a God fearing servant, a dedicated father and caring grandfather.

Lord, grand Your grace and favor to my dad as he continues to serve You in ways he know best. Grand him good health and strength to journey through into Your will and purposes in his life. Propel him to greater high that he never imagine before.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

Tonight will be the Grand Finale of the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 which is being held in Putrajaya's PICC. Admission is free.

Four team i.e. Malaysia, China, Canada and Spain already have performed their fireworks couple of days ago.

Below is the layout suggested by the organizer where you should observe the display around PICC.

For more detail information, click here

Raise the flag

With last minutes kind of decision, I 'raised up' our country mini flag 'Jalur Gemilang' in my car desktop. This Sunday August 31st will mark our country 51st Independant Day or 'Merdeka Day' since 1957.

Compare to previous year, I sense that this year will be a different one. Changes is slowly coming and surely if not definitely to mark a new journey for the next half century. It is a significant year to all of us Malaysian. Never have the people of this land gather and united to seek a betterment of this nation. A pursue worth pressing for. At least for the next generation that is to come.

I encourage we all raise our flag in whatever shape and size to encourage this nation endeavor.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keep your extracted teeth

Stem cells 'created from teeth'

Japanese scientists say they have created human stem cells from tissue taken from the discarded wisdom teeth of a 10-year-old girl.

The researchers say their work suggests that wisdom teeth could be a suitable alternative to human embryos as a source for therapeutic stem cells.

Research involving stem cells is seen as having the potential to treat many life-threatening diseases. But some people do not believe it is morally right to use human embryos. The researchers, based at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), say it will be at least five years before their findings result in practical medical applications.

Stem cells have the ability to develop into other kinds of human cells, and experts believe they may eventually lead to treatments for some of the most intractable conditions, such as cancer and diabetes.

The AIST researchers said they had identified a form of stem cell in the wisdom teeth which had the capability to develop and be grown successfully into other forms of cell outside the body. The cells they harvested continued to grow in the laboratory for just over a month, they added.

They used teeth that had been extracted three years ago and had been preserved in a freezer. That means that it's easy for us to stock this source of stem cells. In the US, dentists are starting to offer to store stem cells taken from wisdom teeth and from baby teeth, another potential source, for therapeutic purposes in the future.

Another breakthrough in stem cell medical science instead of the current commercialize stem cell stored in 'bag'. It's much more convenient and should be cost efficient for everybody.

Catching Up

Ah Mei and Gary wedding photos

Ivan having fun with grandpa Ah Kong

We drop by Ah Mei and Gary's place after visiting my in-laws last Sunday. It has been few weeks we didn't see each other especially for the kids to have some 'manja' time with their 'Ah Yi' (aunt). As usual, a lot of photo taking time as you can see above. The sisters taking the time to catch up here and there. I catch up with Gary on politics (who can avoid talking it anyway). We even discuss about blogging. It turns out Gary also wanted to blog but no time. The 'fever' is spreading fast.

Ivan got a surprise from his Ah Kong as my father in-law have hand made him two pairs of drum sticks. It was beautifully done. My father in-law is very good with hand works as well as many other things like electronics, computer, camera, videocam etc. Both of them engaged in drum 'jamming' session fun time after that.

We later adjourned for dinner at nearby restaurant and watch the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic.

Moon is in the air

Did you spotted any Mickey Mouse? Clue is 'tanglung'

We went to Sunday Pyramid two Sundays ago for a 'short' mega sales shopping. Can't help but to notice a big festive season is around the corner. We were greeted with colourful tanglung with all shape and size. Not to mentioned like hundred variety of mooncake being display for sales. Yes, pretty soon Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival gonna come. To be exact on 15 Sept (Sunday).

It's going to be Reanne first experience. Maybe this year Ivan actually gotta have a chance to hold a tanglung.....real traditional tanglung with candle. It will not be complete if one did not experience the old fashion way of playing real tanglung. Looks like Mickey Mouse will be Ivan's favourite. How fortunate kids nowadays. My time best you can find a rabbit, fish etc and most fanciful might be the 'Ultraman'.

Am looking forward for the festival to arrive.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not sleeping well?

Your phone may be keeping you awake - and not because it's ringing.

According to a research study earlier this year which got little attention on this side of the Atlantic, mobile phones send out radiation that hampers people's ability to sink into the deep stages of sleep. Scientists from Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden, and from Wayne State University in Michigan, gathered 35 men and 36 women between the ages of 18 and 45 and exposed about half of them to 884-megaherz wireless signals identical to those emitted by cell phones. The other half got no radiation. The result: The people who had been subjected to the radiation took longer to enter the deep stage of sleep that refreshes and restores, and spent less time there, than the other group.

What about Wi-Fi computer signals? Can they interfere with sleep? The scientific jury is still out, but consider this: Kevin Koym, who owns a consulting company and a software engineering firm in Austin, Tex., says of his struggles with insomnia: "I never had sleep problems until I started using Wi-Fi So now I am careful to shut off my computer at home in the evening."

Whatever the scientific verdict, taking a nightly break from your electronics can't hurt. So turn off the computer, power down the CrackBerry, and relax.

Now I am sure you should have good valid reason to off your gadgets i.e. cell phone, Wi-Fi etc. to the sake of good sleep. Consider also for your kids should they sleep with you in the same room. We got total 3 cell phones including Pei' imagine the high radiation! So, be wise off them.

Airasia Free Seats

AirAsia has launched its “one million free seats” promotion for flights from its seven hubs: Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Johor, Bangkok, Jakarta and Bali.

The free seats are available for booking between Aug 26 and 31 for travel between April 1 and July 31 next year. Passengers need only pay for fuel surcharges and airport tax.

The campaign includes flights to more than 105 routes in the Asean region and China as well as to Perth and Melbourne.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Tomorrow all eyes and ears will be on Permatang Pauh a town in Seberang Perai, Penang. Some 58,459 souls (try not calling them voters which sound so lifeless and/or without compassion) would be eligible to vote and decide who will the next elected member of parliament. More so, breaking or conforming the ever flip flop degrading political scenario of this nation Malaysia.

So much have happened in just the mere 10 days not to mentioned in the past 5 months. Humorous, wacky, dump found, joke of the century, out of this world kind of things. Things you should not read, hear, see and know for a nation that for crying out loud......51 years old. If Malaysia is a living person, people would criticize and judge him/her immature and foolish.

Much hope and expectation is on tomorrow as those kingmakers make their mark for the rest of 26 Millions souls of Malaysian.

God please help us. This nation needs You oh mighty God. Lord, let Your righteousness, justice, sovereignty reign over this nation. Restore the fear of God to the heart of our leaders especially those who will lead us in near future.

Hair Treatments During Pregnancy

Women should be cautious about exposure to any chemicals during pregnancy, even to hair dyes and treatments.

Here are guidelines for pregnant women about the use of these products, courtesy of the American Pregnancy Association:

  • Try to avoid treatments that straighten, bleach, perm or color hair until the second trimester.
  • Make sure that any treatment is applied in a well-ventilated area.
  • Don't leave hair chemicals in longer than necessary.
  • Make sure your hair and scalp are thoroughly rinsed with water after the treatment.
  • Always wear gloves when applying these chemicals yourself, and always follow manufacturer directions carefully.
  • Try testing on a small patch of hair first, to monitor for any allergic reaction.
So, I guess good news to the husband as no extra expenses needed for wifes hair investment.

Monitor the Mercury in Your Food

Mercury is found in many types of fish and shellfish. Because significant amounts of mercury can harm unborn babies and young children, women who are or may become pregnant, those who are nursing, and young children should avoid some kinds of seafood.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers these guidelines:

  • Avoid eating fish that contain high levels of mercury, including swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tilefish.
  • It's OK to eat up to 12 ounces per week of low-mercury fish and shellfish -- including shrimp, salmon, canned light tuna, pollock and catfish.
  • Albacore tuna and tuna steak have more mercury than canned light tuna, so don't eat more than 6 ounces of albacore or tuna steak per week.
  • Before you eat any fish caught locally, be aware of any advisories about the safety of local fish.

Unwelcome Kiss

Merely just few weeks after our family car celebrated its 1st birthday, it got its first 'kiss' at the rear bumper yesterday.

The whole incident happen rather unexpectedly. We were on our way after church to the kids paediatrician for their schedule immunization. You see, our car got 'kiss' while queuing in the traffic light. The weather was not really great as rain was pouring quite heavily. We were totally shock (except Ivan who was fast asleep) when the 'kiss' happened. I ordered the 'culprit' to pull over for settlement talk. I was very upset indeed. I mean how can it happen while in traffic.

We stop and came out to have 'settlement talk'. The 'culprit' was an middle age women driving a BMW (I think it the old 3 series). I frown at her as I asked her what actually happened. She didn't step her break well or something like that and partly blame on the rain. I keep on checking my car bumper as she apologizes. I didn't bother to listen anyway as I want to properly examine any damages might occur. Thank God nothing serious. The bumper still intact . Just some minor scratch with no dent. Finally I 'let' her go. Pei said why let her go so easily. At least get her contact no. should anything serious discover later. She quickly informed me the vehicle plat no. for me to jot down.

As I re-examine the car later, confirmed only minor scratch. What a relief.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Just yesterday on 21 Aug, it was reported Government is not planning to announce the new fuel prices before polling day for the Permatang Pauh by-election. Pak Lah said the Government would stick to its decision to announce the new prices on Aug 31, to be enforced on Sept 1. Pak Lah further said it was too early for him to estimate how much the prices would be reduced.

Today, to all of our surprise Pak Lah announced reduce fuel price in a statement after Friday's Cabinet meeting. The price of RON97 petrol will be reduced by 15 sen to RM2.55 a litre from RM2.70, while RON92 would be 22 sen less at RM2.40, from RM2.62. The retail price of diesel would drop by eight sen to RM2.50 a litre.

I was not excited at all. What is this, an actual on-going prime minister keep on saying statement that contradict and flip flop from one day to another. He did that last June on the fuel hike announcement. What credibility and accountability if a leader can't say what he mean and mean what he said.

I flashes back the last two months on the damages done is just not worth it. The construction industry that I am in suffered terribly due to immense material price increase due to fuel hike. Not to mentioned the majority salary earner suffering.

My guess is those things that when up aren't likely to come down in any near future. So, are you excited?

Lau Sai

'Lau Sai' is a word commonly used when a person ate wrong stuff and/or suffered diarrhea if worst case purging. I think it is a Hokkien word. Hmm....sorry, I am not Hokkien but Hakka.

And yes, I am that one person which 'lau sai' two days straight from Tuesday to Wednesday. Things started on Monday when I begin to feel bit sensation inside my stomach. The next day, it progress to spasm and diarrhea. It was darn painful as if the stomach shrink. So took medical leave and see the good panel doctor. I mentioned to him my pain is like my wife labour contraction which I think quite close to it. He then said I got indigestion after checking my stomach. Got a lot of wind too. Gave me several medications and home I when. Unfortunately as evening comes, diarrhea turn to purging. Oh man, my bottom burn! (No, no, I don't need any anus examination by any specialist).

Day two decided to take another medical leave and off I return the good panel doctor. (No choice because the clinic is my company's panel clinic) I said to him now I got purging. He said I got food poisoning possible virus attack too and prescribe me 'lau sai' medication. By the way, the doc is a Malay and he actually said 'lau sai' to me. Things seem improve after taking the newly given medication.

The next day resume work. I still don't quite know what when wrong with my stomach. And I miss my coffee that two days. If you must know, I actually typing this post with one cup full coffee next to me :P

Monday, August 18, 2008

Guess what?

I just stumbled upon this recent reputable RPK photo. Guess what, looks like he is holding a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Is he a Canonite? Your guess is as good as mine.

Seeing Red

Just one can of the popular stimulant energy drink Red Bull can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, even in young people, Australian medical researchers said.

The caffeine-loaded beverage, popular with university students and adrenaline sport fans to give them "wings," caused the blood to become sticky, a pre-cursor to cardiovascular problems such as stroke.

"One hour after they drank Red Bull, (their blood systems) were no longer normal. They were abnormal like we would expect in a patient with cardiovascular disease," Scott Willoughby, lead researcher from the Cardiovascular Research Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, told the Australian newspaper.

Red Bull could be deadly when combined with stress or high blood pressure, impairing proper blood vessel function and possibly lifting the risk of blood clotting. If you have any predisposition to cardiovascular disease, I'd think twice about drinking it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Musical Evangelism

Just now we attended my parents's church Assembly of God chinese session musical evangelism event with special guest Dr. Yap Chen Sing from Earth Productions ( The meeting was conducted in Mandarin.

The whole event was conducted by the group itself including worship, song presentation, testimonies and sermon lead by Dr. Yap. This group uses their musical talents and skills to promote, spread and evangelise the Good News to others. They even have produced several albums already through their own production house. Great to know and see such people with the love of God moving in this pillar of music to win back people to Christ.

Earth Production's album

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Gold is getting close

The entire nation watched with bated breath yesterday as shuttler Lee Chong Wei rose above intense pressure to book himself into the men's singles final with a 21-18, 13-21, 21-13 victory over South Korea's Lee Hyun Il. The victory have guaranteed Malaysia's first medal in this 29th Beijing Olympic and the fourth Olympics medal throughout Malaysia participation. Silver is definite. Go for the Gold!!!

This is what Chong Wei said “Let them do what they want to do because I am in the final and I will fight. The gold medal means my life and I won’t chicken out. Malaysia can be assured of that.”

In the past, badminton has delivered one bronze and silver through Rashid Sidek and Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock.

Chong Wei, makes us proud and have fun!!! All the best.

Six and counting

Our dear Reanne has turned 6 months old yesterday! What an amazing period watching her grow just as we did for Ivan.

For her it was quite different from Ivan. She is sweet, calm, cool and accommodating (to parents and grand ma). She is turning more and more to a lady as day goes by. We can't wait to dress her up with many, many beautiful clothes. Recently Reanne's uncle 'Chiu Chiu' gave her a set of beautiful baby clothes complete with head bends, hat, mittens and socks. Ivan too got a beg as present. Thanks Chee Yong!

She able sit pretty well without support, likes to grab things, playing more with her fingers, sucking fingers, started eating porridge, can roll a little bit etc.

The following photos show the changes Reanne when through with more baby fats adding to her cute face. Is that daddy's eyes and mummy nose? Or mummy's mouth with daddy's chin?
Reanne when only 2 days old

Reanne now 6 months old with beautiful big eyes.
The hat was a present from 'Chiu Chiu'

Parenthood Expo

Fair Info
Venue :
Hall 1 & 2
Date :
22th - 24th August 2008
Time :
10:30am - 9:00pm
Admission :
Entrance is FREE
Major Exhibit :
- Fitness & Slimming Beauty Services
- Maternity & Children's Clothing and Accessories
- Medical Biotechnology & Management of Infertility Services
- Natural Nutrition Food for Weaning Babies & Organic Toddler Formula Products
- Diaper, Furniture and Toy Retailers
- Infant & Toddlers Safety Products
- Breastfeeding & Mommy's Groups
- Early Education Products
- Financial & Insurance Institutions
Click here for more info

Times Books Clearance

Check out Times warehouse books clearance at 1st Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre @ Plaza Damas from 15 August till 1 September, 2008.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Commendable Service

I sent my car for service near my house area newly opened Toyota Showroom cum Service centre last Saturday. It was just less than 5 min away. I arrived second from another guy at about 5 min before 8 am. Appointment was made one week ago to avoid disappointment knowing this is the only service centre in my town area.

Sure enough it was very popular. This because the nearest other service centre is at Balakong or Cheras which both about 15-20km away. My previous visit all done at Balakong. So I am pretty happy when this new centre was opened.

What surprise me is that the centre even provide nasi lemak and hot drinks
for breakfast. Earlier I thought of having my breakfast across the street after dropping my car at the centre. I said to myself , this is real good service as helps me safe breakfast hassle.

My nasi lemak and hot nescafe with view inside the workshop

It took close to two hours before I can take my car while I waited there. Possible because my car was service for the 20,000 km 'big' checking. Finally I drove alway happily with my car cleaned and shinning body.

Few days later, the officer that attended to me called to check whether everything is fine with my car after the service. I was quite surprise the extend of their good service went. It was indeed a commendable service I been through so far. Keep it up Toyota!

Enjoying school

I lost count how many times Ivan have attended Sunday school. May be 4th or 5th times already. We tried to bring him as often possible. He looks much better in adapting and mingling with his peers.

Two Sunday ago they were having craft works. Making paper fish, coloured, cut out and later hanged on stick as rod. All of them enjoyed it including Ivan. I think Ivan likes craft works a lot.

Candra, Andrea and Paul Eljiah busy doing their stuff

Ivan getting his hands on his craft

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Once upon a time....

Reading is a fun activity for you and your toddler, and it helps your child build important language skills.

Here are suggestions for reading to your toddler, courtesy of the Nemours Foundation:

  • Read at a scheduled time each day, such as before bedtime.
  • If your child asks you to read a certain book, read it -- even if it's the same one you read every night.
  • Read slowly, so it's easy to listen and understand.
  • Use lots of expression in your voice when you read.
  • Encourage interaction while you read, including clapping, singing, and using puppets to act out what you're reading.
  • Substitute your child's name for the name of one of the book's characters.
  • Look at the pictures, ask your child to name certain objects, and ask lots of questions.
I feel a bit guilty of not reading to Ivan for some time already. At home already got a lot of books, some we bought and most inherited from others. Lazy daddy....... shy to say own self also didn't read up much. Yeap, lets pick up the books and shows the way of good example. No, no, no excuse.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outdoors good for kids' eyes

Parents now have another reason to shoo their kids outdoors to play, along with making sure they get enough fresh air and exercise. In a study, Australian researchers found evidence that children who spent the most time outdoors were the least likely to suffer from myopia, also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness.

"Our evidence suggests that the key factor is being outdoors, and that it does not matter if that time is spent in having a picnic or in playing sport," Dr. Kathryn A. Rose told Reuters Health. "Both will protect a child's eyes from growing excessively, which is the major cause of myopia."

Myopia has become increasingly common in recent decades, with more than 80 percent of people in some highly-educated groups being nearsighted, Rose of the University of Sydney and her colleagues point out in the journal Ophthalmology. Work that requires a person to focus on something close up -- for example reading -- has been proposed to cause nearsightedness, they add.

I definitely prefer not to have my kids to develop specky eyes like me and mummy. Well, more reason to leave my couch potato behind.


Ivan exploring our garden playground tunnel slide. I managed to capture few shots from this angle.

I am growing

As I came home just now after work, Reanne greeted me with burstling of joy and smiles. A sign she is recovering well from her running nose and cough. I am real glad to see her beaming face. Somehow I find her different today. She is just full of joy. Praise God for her quite recovery!

Fish tale

I forgot to announce a new family member that have recently incorporated in our lives. Few weeks ago Hannah gave a 'fighting' fish (I don't know its real name but commonly known as fighting fish) to Ivan as his pet. Ivan was pretty excited about it.

My dad found a 'home' for it as mini aquarium is a bit big for that tiny fella. My dad temporary act as the guardian for the fish wellbeing as Ivan is too young to take care of it. I am on the other hand not used to taking care of pets.

Welcome aboard to the Chong's family!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I can do it

You gotta be very proud when your children comes out to you and said I can do it. I am especially when he is still only two and half year old!!!

At first I find it rather not easy to let go but then after several round seeing Ivan doing it, I am starting to realize actually he can. He would say, "Ivan do it". Now he can managed putting on his shoes, dress up with T-shirt and pants, pull up his own socks, taking photos using my camera phone (with good angle), feed himself with fork and spoon (but still a bit messy) and more.

Yesterday, he washed a children size cup after finishing his drink at my parents in-laws place assist by my sister in-law. Last Saturday night after buying a children size chair at Ikea, while I was fixing up the chair Ivan handed me an Allen key from the tool box which fit exactly to the given screws. I am amazed. And Ivan said he want to do it. He is just full of confident!

This little kid is just too eager to grow up. Anyway I am glad he puts on the initiative to explore. And as parents we need to allow the space for our kids to explore giving them the opportunity to build up their confident, enthusiasm and creativity. You will be surprise what our children can do in return.

A year old

Our family car just turn one year old two Saturdays ago on 2 August 2008. It has already run 24,600 km mileage ever since we drove it out from the Toyota showroom.

I must say this family car has served us well thus far. Meeting most of my expectation mostly in terms of fuel mileage which about RM0.21-0.22 per km (after fuel hike). Performance is there enough to bring us around. Many occasion we pack ourselves into this car with the whole family (6 adults, 1 kid, 2 babies) traveling around town for shopping, eating etc. It fulfilled its purpose originally planned. I am glad we had this car.

Looking back, I must thank God for He is the One allowed me to have the finance capacity to owned it. That time, God opened door for me to obtain salary increment as a result of better job offer. It was good opportunity then to change my old Proton Iswara which is already ten year old for a better suited family car.

Thank you Lord once again for Your provision and blessing.

Dough + Nut

Yes Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is coming to Malaysia!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc plans to develop about 20 retail stores in Malaysia, further expanding its operations overseas.
The Winston-Salem-based doughnut maker said last Friday the shops will open over the next five years.

The firm is working with affiliate Berjaya Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

But we gotta wait a bit longer as to when exactly it will come is not known yet. We are so spoil with choices nowadays.


The whole of last week was full of disruption makes blogging much tougher to do.

First of all, our two little kids was not well. It started with Ivan who was down with asthma, cough, flu, fever at one go. Ivan didn't sleep well at night for few days as he cough badly and wheezed. It is not a very nice feeling to see him go through that as I know very well how it is like. I too suffered asthma during my childhood days. When we consulted our doctor, Ivan was put into nebulizer to relief his constrained air passage in order to breath better and this not his first time being treated with it. The asthma should not be there as I told God and myself. Both Soo Pei and I is determine to get him heal from it by God's grace and healing power. I managed to ask Ps. Dexter to pray for Ivan yesterday after Sunday service. Ivan is much better now apart from losing a bit of his baby fat. >Sigh<

Reanne on the other hands was down with fever, running nose and cough. We presumed she got those virus from Ivan. Just last Sunday she had her 3rd pneumococcal jab. This is first time Reanne got sick. The phlegm in her throat causes irritation and sensation to cough. She cried to complaint her discomfort. When we bring Reanne to the nearby clinic, we were being 'lecture' by the 'experience' doctor how should prevent and take care our children wellbeing. Well, we take it with open mind as we told the 'good' doctor. After thought we better postpone her next immunization jab supposedly to have it this week.

On work wise I was outstation for one day trip to Penang to sought thing out there. When up there by driving with two of my senior managers. Thank God they arrange driver to drive us. If not I gotto to drive since I am the most 'junior' around. Got a bit tired up the next day as it has been a while I do day trip traveling. Last round was by flight. Company is looking into cost saving as tough times looming in. Soo Pei too was tired out by taking care of the two little ones especially during the night time. As parents, it is part of the 'job' to juggle day to day challenges that greet us.

There you go, our disrupted week as summarized above. Looks forward to this week for fresh start :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Really Price Cut?!

The price of petrol prices is expected to go down on Sept 1 following a Government decision to float pump prices according to world gasoline prices.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said in a statement Friday that the Government had fixed the subsidy to 30 sen per litre and will not increase the price to more than the present RM2.70 per litre this year.

The new price for petrol will be decided on the first of every month from now on. It will be based on prices of gasoline and not crude oil.

However, the new move does not cover the prices and subsidy for diesel, which is about 80 sen per litre. World gasoline price was at US$129.19 per litre Friday. If the Government were to readjust the petrol prices immediately, pump prices will go down by 6 sen.

I got a mixed feeling about this..... skeptical, unbelieved, glad, hopeful. Whatever the reason the government came out this ideal, it actually sound logical, acceptable and workable. I was informed Singapore does it, adjusting the petrol prices according to global market price. Why on earth they didn't figure it out earlier? Sigh.......

Friday, August 1, 2008

More Price Cut?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today confirmed that the fuel price will be revised downwards soon, but the date and the quantum will be announced later.

If possible, I want to reduce the fuel price right now. Be patient, the government will announce it later. The government is studying several matters before making the announcement,” he said, when asked when the price would come down.

He said the government’s plan to reduce the fuel price was discussed at the Cabinet meeting last Wednesday and several ministers had spoken on the matter.

I am trying to read the underlaying message PM gave (notice the bold statement), 'but', 'studying', 'if possible' and 'plan to'. Can't it be said that Government - will reduce according to market rates. Simple, short and clear. Most of all sincere.

Wild Money

The person that converted the paper money into all these wild animal sure creative and talented. My friend David Chen shared it to me and it amazed me.

Price Cut?

Very rare and unexpected news to me when most are doing price hike. Anyhow, I don't think I am going to change my present Sony Ericsson although 2 years old already. Save for other priority stuff. I was a former Nokian before.

Nokia, the world’s top maker of cell phones, cut the prices of many of its phones by up to 10 per cent in late July, with the steepest cuts in music and media phones, according to market data and industry sources.

Handset makers are facing an increasingly heated battle for market share as demand for pricey phones has started to slow in the United States and Europe, where economies are under pressure from the global credit crunch.

The price cuts from the Finnish manufacturer, which controls 40 per cent of the cellphone market, will put further pressure on its smaller rivals like Sony Ericsson, which has focused on music and camera phones.


As I turn my office table calender, I found this verse speak assurance and comfort. It is as if God is persuading my heart to trust - 'Hey, you can count on Me'.

Thank you, Lord