Monday, August 25, 2008


Tomorrow all eyes and ears will be on Permatang Pauh a town in Seberang Perai, Penang. Some 58,459 souls (try not calling them voters which sound so lifeless and/or without compassion) would be eligible to vote and decide who will the next elected member of parliament. More so, breaking or conforming the ever flip flop degrading political scenario of this nation Malaysia.

So much have happened in just the mere 10 days not to mentioned in the past 5 months. Humorous, wacky, dump found, joke of the century, out of this world kind of things. Things you should not read, hear, see and know for a nation that for crying out loud......51 years old. If Malaysia is a living person, people would criticize and judge him/her immature and foolish.

Much hope and expectation is on tomorrow as those kingmakers make their mark for the rest of 26 Millions souls of Malaysian.

God please help us. This nation needs You oh mighty God. Lord, let Your righteousness, justice, sovereignty reign over this nation. Restore the fear of God to the heart of our leaders especially those who will lead us in near future.

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cck said...

Great to know that the 'favourite' leader has won with such impresive margin compared to previous result. It's just a start. Much more works need to be done. More battle need to be faught. The firely darks are sure coming. March on!