Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dad's Birthday

It was a very special day that falls on a very special date on 28 Aug (28.8.8). It was my dad's 54th birthday!

Your first reaction might be (commonly and often), "Wow, your dad is so young!" If you know my age (which going to touch 35 years old) you will definitely get more amaze. Yes, my dad got married at a 'tender' age of 18 years old and become a father by 19. That's not all, my grand father and my great grand father also married a that age of 18. Double wow. Anyway I broke that record.

It all started from a mere family member of two (my parents 35 years ago) later to four (added myself and brother Silas), many many years later to six (added Pei and Rachel a.k.a daughter in-laws) and now nine (added Ivan, Reanne and Sarah a.k.a grand children). A bridge of three generation. 350% biological growth! Wow, that is amazing.

One thing I thank God for is that this family is under His saving grace. After I come to know the Lord, God also touched my brother and subsequently my parents.

I also thank God for my dad for His hand that have been watching and guiding him all this years. Upon finishing his Form Two, my dad came out to work as a apprentice carpenter specialize in rattan furniture making. Then met my mother in the same industries which later.....married and have children. Anyhow life was still very tough then with only small sum of incomes. Nevertheless God's grace abound. My parents manage to pull through by seeing Silas and I graduated from college and entered into the working world. And now as grandfather, I am sure as he looks back that many years ago journey was a remarkable one. He is now serving faithfully in the church as office staff and a cell leader. Indeed a God fearing servant, a dedicated father and caring grandfather.

Lord, grand Your grace and favor to my dad as he continues to serve You in ways he know best. Grand him good health and strength to journey through into Your will and purposes in his life. Propel him to greater high that he never imagine before.


richrach said...


"God bless Yeh-yeh!" shouts Sarah! :)

Nice pix! :) can pass to me some? heard fr silas he accidentally deleted the photos taken...*sigh*...

cck said...

aiyah, what happened! Anyway sure I can pass what I have