Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A card you mustn't not own

After the recent episode with Ivan being hospitalized, I realize the insurance medical card is a card family mustn't not own.

Two years ago upon the arrival of Ivan, I decided to purchase an insurance medical card to hedge up my family protection. Both Pei and I already have own life and health insurance policies. So it is wise to also protect our children.

What I can says is that the medical card does really help as we have gone through it already. The amount of hassle have been significantly reduced especially the medical bills. For Ivan case, we only have to fork out a mere 5% of the total medical bills (for registration fees, tax etc) when we check out from the hospital. 95% of it borne by the insurance company. You got to choose to enter a list of private hospital immediately when emergency do crop up just by producing the insurance medical card.
The hospital will do the rest for you.

While I was accompanying Ivan in the hospital ward, a mother whose son was being admitted for prolong fever shared a same room with us said that she should have purchase the medical card earlier but did not. She is actually looking already unfortunately her son falls sick before she can purchase it.

I recommend all family should start to look into this area if you have not. Start with what you can afford. Survey several insurance companies and discuss with the respective agents to tailor suite for your family needs. Begin with some protection rather than no protection.


d'Lion said...

I got medical insurance (cards) for my daughters. Marilyn has hers. I am dependent on my company's medical insurance.

My recent toe operation was covered my my company's insurance... Praise God. It is just so expensive :-(

richrach said...

Yes praise God!
Silas and I will be getting it... soon i hope!

d'Lion said...

Don't wait too long

cck said...

Yeah take haste on the survey.

This is one of the provision/ protection we can depend on during unexpected time.