Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas tree...oh christmas tree

If you have not realize by now Christmas Day is just less than a month to go. Right around the corner. Those eager ones must have already set up their family Christmas tress in the living room. Just waiting and counting for the big day to come. And at the same time, gifts will start accumulating around it.

Unfortunately........we have to skip the tree this year, in our house at least. Why? Because of the little kids lo. Imagine this.......two crawling toddles (and can even stand by holding), curious and adventurous. I don't know what would happen to our old faithful Christmas tree then. Definitely would be terrorized by them. Ivan on the other hand have already grown out of it a bit last year. So for safety reason, the Christmas tree will be keep safe and sound from the toddles for now. Maybe next year would be a better time to have it around. Hhhhaaaaaiiiiii......miss the tree.


joshua said...

yes loh...the kids might pull the tree down - another fun exercise!

cck said...

We had our first experience when Ivan about 1 yr old. He just like to be around the tree.