Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I got a funny yet cute discovery yesterday with our little Reanne.

I don't quite know whether Reanne is fussy about her food or what. But she don't really a big eater. We often have difficulty to feed her with porridge since starting with solid food when she turn 6 months old. Most of the time she only skim through only of half the porridge portion allowed for her.

Yesterday evening I lend a hand to feed Reanne while Pei have her dinner. As usual the little girl make a fuss not taking the food. That time she was sitting inside the baby walker and holding a red colour seal bath toy. Something strike my mind in that instance as I look at the toy. Hey, why not change the colour of the spoon to red also. I was using a white colour spoon at that time.

Amazingly (I can't help myself but to laugh), Reanne responded and resume eating her porridge! EUREKA!!! We just found out the 'secret' to unlock Reanne stubborn feeding problem. It's just too cute. By the way she almost finished the porridge this round. What a discovery. I haven't read of this kind of interesting child development yet.

After that we have an experiment. We bring out all the colourfull toys for her to choose. Quite consistent she prefer red colour objects. Now we found out her favourite colour.


d'Lion said...

Yaay... daddy learned something new :-P

cck said...

Oh yes I have fun though. Thats the wonder when we can spend time with our children.