Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wet luggage

I read of this open letter at The Star Online describing a group of traveler experienced wet luggage episode after boarding AirAsia flight at LCCT Sepang when heading to Guilin China. Click here to read the full story.

I personally have been boarding AirAsia flight at LCCT Sepang so I guess I know what actually happened. My last travel got me experience some drizzle when coming down from the plane going to the arrival hall. But the pilot was considerate enough to park the plane closer to the cover walkway.

In my opinion, though the terminal was designed and mainly mean for low cost carrier some form of basic facilities should be built in for the passenger safety, security and protection which should goes with their luggage. Malaysia Airport Berhad (MAB) who operator and run the terminal ought to consider this factor since low cost carrier is such in demand in this region. It definitely a win-win situation both for the operator and the carrier. In return both parties will boost the passengers volume and thus increase income. Hey the world is big enough for all to gain......not only one.


d'Lion said...

I agree with you.

LCCT where is your customer service going to? Wet luggage & wet passengers

cck said...

AirAsia at least have prepare umbrella for their passenger