Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is planning costly?

It was already the second day of 2009. Something very important is missing in my fresh start of the new year. I still haven't got a diary planner. Few years back, it was an abundance. You don't need to really ask for it. Your bankers, insurance agents, suppliers, contractors would be sending it to you. Well, things have changed.

Like last year, I bought my own diary. In fact from the same place; Jusco. Costing me RM19 (with discount - after new year ma). I have gotten used to Jusco's diary format. So my first act of planning for this year have just cost me a tiny whinny of monetary value. But it would be more costly if I don't. There were a popular saying that mention, 'If you don't plan, you plan to fail'. Well, consider the first act was an investment for a greater course.

January itself already a busy month itself. Chinese New Year festival which is just 3 weeks to go and will be the main theme of the month. I got my 3rd Cambodia work trip already in the queue. The rest of the priority is yet to be laid down accordingly for example Family, Children, Finance and etc.

So, is planning costly? Think carefully.

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