Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reduction in loan repayment amount

As reported in TheStar Online today, banks will automatically reduce the loan repayment amounts of their customers and this will be completed by the first quarter of this year, the Association of Banks said.

The reduce repayments was now possible following Bank Negara’s announcement of the reduction of the Overnight Policy Rate on Tuesday. That move would bring about the reduction of the base lending rates (BLR). All commercial banks had agreed to cut loan repayment amounts across the board while maintaining the loan repayment period. Borrowers who wish to maintain their current loan repayment amounts need to get in touch with their banks immediately.

For further details, please read here the Association of Banks' statement

I personally think that was really a great move by ABM in considering the board public burden in such a challenging time. News of more retrenchment is making a lot of people uneasy and concern of their next income. Bravo.

Resuming Cambodia

Yup. Gotto to fly again this coming early March.

After a long absence to Cambodia, our project team is resuming back to Phnom Penh again for our regular project meeting. This has slow down quite a bit lately. But it will be picking up again depending on our Client decision on this coming meeting. Well, am keeping my fingers cross.

Properties development at Cambodia have since taking a bunch from the financial crisis that sweeping the world. Their tourism, garment industries and even car sales have also dropped.

Old Dog New Tricks

Today I spent nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes trying to reach Dataran Prima, Petaling Jaya from Kajang. I have only one word for it........CRAZY. In normal day especially Sunday, it takes merely about 40-45 mins. I saw several accidents and even car broke down on the road. And I was late 45 mins. What a day.

Enough with the complaint. I was there to attend a software training which gotto do with my present works in Contracts Management. Our company have purchased a software that will help link and integrate several departments to better perform as a single identity i.e. developer.

The last similar training I had was about 12 years ago when I first came out to work for a contractor company. So, I can relate to the training that taught by the software developer. In a way it too brings back some fond memories of my younger day......enthusiasm and excitement.

Who says old dog don't need new tricks.

Falling Forward

A wonderful personal note from the renown author John C. Maxwell.

Vincent Van Gogh failed as an art dealer, flunked his entrance exam to theology school, and was fired by the church after an ill-fated attempt at missionary work. In fact, during his life, he seldom experienced anything other than failure as an artist. Although a single painting by Van Gogh would fetch in excess of $100 million today, in his lifetime Van Gogh sold only one painting, four months prior to his death.

Before developing his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein encountered academic failure. One headmaster expelled Einstein from school and another teacher predicted that he would never amount to anything. Einstein even failed his entrance exam into college.

Prior to dazzling the world with his athletic skill, Michael Jordan was cut from his sophomore basketball team. Even though he captured six championships, during his professional career, Jordan missed over 12,000 shots, lost nearly 400 games, and failed to make more than 25 would-be game-winning baskets.

Failure didn't stop Vincent Van Gogh from painting, Albert Einstein from theorizing, or Michael Jordan from playing basketball, but it has paralyzed countless leaders and prevented them from reaching their potential.

At some point, all great achievers are tempted to believe they are failures. But in spite of that, they persevere. In the face of adversity, shortcomings, and rejection, they hold onto self-believe and refuse to see themselves as failures. Here are seven abilities of achievers that enable them to rebound from failure and keep moving forward.

Seven Principles for Failing Forward

Reject Rejection

Achievers who persevere do not base their self-worth on their performance. On the contrary, they have a healthy self-image that's not dictated by external events. When they fall short, rather than labeling themselves a failure, they learn from mistakes in their judgment or behavior.

Don't Point Fingers

When people fail, they're often tempted to blame others for their lack of success. By pointing fingers, they sink into a victim mentality and cede their fate to outsiders. When playing the blame game, people rob themselves of learning from their failures and alienate others by refusing to take responsibility for mistakes.

See Failure as Temporary

People who personalize failure see a problem as a hole they're permanently stuck in, whereas achievers see any predicament as temporary. One mindset wallows in failure, the other looks forward to success. By putting mistakes into perspective, achievers are able to see failure as a momentary event, not a symptom of a lifelong epidemic.

Set Realistic Expectations

Unrealistic goals doom people to failure. For instance, if a person hasn't exercised for five years, then making it to a gym twice a week may be a better goal than running in next month's marathon. Also, some people insensibly expect to be perfect. Everyone fails, so expect setbacks and emotionally prepare to deal with them.

Focus on Strengths

Don't invest time shoring up non-character flaws at the exclusion of investing in your strengths. People operating from a position of strength enjoy a far lower rate of failure than those laboring in areas of weakness. You're built to give your talents to the world; be diligent about finding expressions for them in your career.

Vary Approaches to Achievement

In the Psychology of Achievement, Brian Tracy writes about four millionaires who made their fortunes by age 35. On average, these achievers were involved in 17 businesses before they finding the one that took them to the top. They kept trying and changing until they found something that worked.

Bounce Back

Rehashing missteps and blunders for too long sabotages concentration and eats away at self-confidence. When dealing with failure, achievers have short memories. They quickly forget the negative emotions of setbacks and press forward resiliently. While taking pause to learn from failures, achievers realize that the past cannot be altered.


I believe it's nearly impossible for any person to believe he or she is a failure and move forward at the same time. For those who have been downsized, let go, or bankrupted, the temptation may be to internalize failure. My hope is that anyone who has suffered setbacks recently will be able to separate life's unfortunate events from their self-worth. Failure, like death and taxes, will happen. Your response to failure holds the key to your future.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Proton Exora uncovered

Wait no more. The much talk about Proton first 7-seater MPV has already been uncovered, thanks to Paul Tan.

The MPV do looks attractive for price below RM80,000 and with Campro 1.6 CPS engine. How will it perform with its 1.6 cc engine for its sheer size, only time will tell.

Right now, I am still very much contented with my Toyota Avanza 1.5 cc.

Talk more and gesture more

Don't just talk to your toddler — gesture, too. Pointing, waving bye-bye and other natural gestures seem to boost a budding vocabulary. Scientists found those tots who could convey more meaning with gestures at age 14 months went on to have a richer vocabulary as they prepared to start kindergarten. And intriguingly, whether a family is poor or middle class plays a role.

Anyone who's ever watched a tot perform the arms-raised "pick me up now" demand knows that youngsters figure out how to communicate well before they can talk. Gesturing also seems to be an important precursor to forming sentences, as children start combining one word plus a gesture for a second word.

University of Chicago researchers wondered if gesturing also played a role in a serious problem: Children from low-income families start school with smaller vocabularies than their better-off classmates. It's a gap that tends to persist as the students age. In fact, kindergarten vocabulary is a predicter of how well youngsters ultimately fare in school.

One big key to a child's vocabulary is how their parents talked to them from babyhood on. Previous research has shown that higher-income, better-educated parents tend to talk and read more to small children, and to use more varied vocabulary and complex syntax.

It's not just that richer parents gesture more, stressed Peggy McCardle of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, which funded the work.

"It's that there's a greater variety of types of gesture that would signal different types of meaning," McCardle said. "It sure looks like the kids are learning that and it's given them kind of a leg-up."

Whatever the parents income maybe, I believe don't ever let money become the stumbling block for our child well development. We just gotto find other creative ways to do talk more and gesture more.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Celebrating Reanne birthday

We were at what the local calls it 'small little Genting Highland' aka 'siew wan deang'. A place situated at Pusat Pelancongan Dan Menara Tinjau, Jalan Hulu Langat, Selangor. We were there celebrating Reanne 1st birthday....2nd time but on her actual day.

It was our first visit there except for Silas and Rachel, who have been there once. When we reached there, the Look Out Point restaurant was already quite full. Must be the over spilling from the day before i.e. Valentine's day. We got a nice table for 9 of us including 3 kids. The night scenery was really fantastic. The foods was acceptable if not for the great view from the top. Western foods with some familiar local delights are available too. We ate, we shoot photos after which we adjourn back home for the finale of singing, blowing of candle and feasting of cake.

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My valentine

This year valentine was extra special. Not only we celebrated the world valentine day, we also celebrated Reanne 1st birthday with my in-laws. It happens to be a day after my sister in-law, Soo Mei's birthday. Triple celebration all together!!!

We want to thank both Gary and Soo Mei for offering their house to host the event. As the ladies were busy playing with Reanne and Ivan, the men was busy on our way cooking. Gary, Brian and I were preparing and cooking the spaghetti pasta. The ladies later prepared the salad. Our meal was simple and most important taste very nice! Every body have their full. Then on to the main agenda, singing birthday song and blowing of candle for Reanne 1st birthday. Did I forget to mention that prior to the singing of birthday song, there were no power for couple of hours while we cook and eat. Very special valentine indeed.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reanne 1st Birthday !

Praise the Lord, today Reanne will be going to celebrate her 1st birthday! A remarkable milestone for her indeed.

Just as we did for Ivan, me and my family want to give all our thanksgiving to God our Father in Heaven. He has granted Pei and me two wonderful children. God has greatly blessed our lives and made our heart desires come to pass. Thank You O Lord.

Our prayer is asking You, Father to grant us Your passion, Your unfailing love and Your grace to enable us to become the best parents, teacher, mentor and shepherd we can be for our children. So far it has been challenging one. Nevertheless we lift both of them to Your mighty hand. In Christ's name. Amen.
see I am one year old already!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trip to paradise (Part 3)

A glimpse of Pangkor Laut beach i.e. Emerald Bay under the clear blue sky. Enjoy (for your info, I did)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Trip to paradise (Part 2)

Continue on our 2nd day at the paradise Pangkor Laut Resort has been very refreshing and relaxing as well. The island have some how made us (maybe just me) forget about time. I am for one a time conscious freak (many times drive Pei crazy). From the moment we woke until the evening was a very an enjoyable time with the my family and Philip's family. It's so hard trying to describe and explain the sense, feeling, emotion when being there to you all. You just gotto be here experience it. You will sure not regretting it even a single bit.

I just love the beautiful beach there even though I am don't know how to swim. The sound of the wave is very soothing to hear while relaxing on the sun chair. The kids where busy playing with the sand and of course the water as well. Ivan prefer more to building sand castle (I think). We even have our lunch just a few steps away from the beach. Once again the food are fantastic.

In the evening all long hours at the beach, we dine at another restaurant. This time is a chinese cuisine type at this special restaurant that is build on top of an existing boulder of rocks and trees. So unique.

with the family photo session

around the resort

can't get enough of the beach

You call that reduction?

I am absolutely disappointed on the recent electricity tariffs reduction made by Tenaga National.

As reported in TheStar Online, The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) has expressed “great disappointment” over the 5% reduction in electricity tariffs announced by the Government on Wednesday.

President Tan Sri William Cheng said the reduction was “too little compared with the hefty increase of 26% on July 1, 2008.” He added “This dismal reduction of 5% will not help alleviate the difficulties faced by manufacturers and industries during this period of economic crisis. “Many of them have reduced production and some have stopped, and we were hoping for some reprive in the form of lower gas and electricity tariffs.” ACCCIM believed that the independent power producers would be able to reduce the cost of electricity since the oil price was about US$40 per barrel, which should bring down the price of natural gas, and coal price was between US$70 and US$80 per tonne.

Contrary to what Tenaga said, the reduction of electricity tariff from March 1 is meant to benefit the industrial sector “The 5% reduction is a big boost to that sector as it will help it save quite an amount with the slowdown in the economy.”

I think that so called reduction don't even contribute at any cents!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Airasia - Pick a seat

Airasia have just launched 'Pick a seat' service on top of the on-going Express Boarding which allows you to assign your seats and choose from Hot or Standard Seats. Now, you can board first and enjoy extra legroom with Hot Seats or keep your travel party together with Standard Seats. Malaysia's rate for Hot Seats are sold at RM25.oo and Standard Seats at RM5.oo. Well, can't blame Tony for this bright ideal to making extra bucks. Gotto respect that CEO for his savvy biz mind!
Red area indicate Hot Seats with extra legroom

Popular Book Store Spring Celebration

From 28 January – 15 February 2009, Popular is having its Spring Celebration sales giving great bargains on books, stationery, multimedia products and music CD’s.

FREE* RM5 Promotion Voucher will be given away to those with minimum purchase of RM100 for members & RM120 for non members from 28 January to 15 January 2009 or while stocks last. In addition, FREE* Be POPULAR Exclusive Note Book for every new application or renewal of POPULAR Adult Card 1-year, while stocks last.

CNY Lion Dance

This year Chinese New Year celebration we did fewer traveling and visitation. One reason being we have traveled a lot just before Chinese New Year period. We went to Penang island during Christmas and later Pangkor Laut Resort just one week before CNY. Much of the CNY break we were doing our errands.

On CNY 2nd day as tradition requires it, we visited our in-laws. All the siblings were there. One thing special for this year was that lion dance was being arranged by my sister in-law. Added to that this year we have Reanne around celebrating her 2nd CNY. Reanne was born last year on the 9th day of CNY. So, indirectly that was her 1st CNY celebration.

Then on CNY 6th day, we when for Matthew's and Peggy's daughter, Priscilla full moon celebration at Melaka. There we too were greeted with lion dance. Something interesting for the kids. Unfortunately Ivan was not really fond of the lions. He don't like to go near it nor touch it even though we tried to show and explain to him that there were actually people inside it. On the other hand, Reanne was not scare of it.

Two lion greeted Sim's and Chong's family

Two lions (specially from DAP) greeted Matthew's family on Preicilla's full moon

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trip to paradise (Part 1)

For 3 days, my family and I was unexpectedly blessed to have the opportunity spending vacation at one of the world renown resort right at our Malaysia door step - Pangkor Laut Resort. A privately owned island belonged to YTL group situated just a across Pangkor Island, Perak.

Speed boat ride from Lumut jeti to Pangkor Laut Resort

The Hill Villas unit that we are nice

Enjoying our late lunch with western cuisine and lepaking at the pool area

Breezing around the beach after our long lunch. We took a shutter van to reach there.

Our 1st day already has been impressed by the resort quality facilities, service and FOOD. Not forgetting the beach is also very beautiful.....clean water with soft and pure white sand. Worth our 3 hours drive and 30 mins boat ride :)

Unexpected Gifts

Many times, I pray aloud the word 'unexpected gifts' along with our church pastor as he lead the rest of congregation proclaiming the blessing of God during the giving of tithes and offering. At times I wonder how and what is 'unexpected gifts'. Frankly I have not have any for quite some times. I always believe if I wanted something I will work for it.

I guess God wanted to refresh and demonstrate to me His terminology of it.

My family and I am blessed and have the privileged to enjoy a vacation trip to a place that wasn't in our capacity list yet. Few weeks ago just before Chinese New Year period, Pei's boss and also church brother i.e. Philip Ng organized a company trip (3D/2N) at Pangkor Laut Resort and included spouse and children of employee for it. Many thanks to Philip Ng for his generousity to bless his staffs and family.

Really unexpected! The trip is just totally not being thought of or crossed over our mind if we ever decided to go for a vacation. The resort is one of the world well known international resort in Malaysia. It has won many international prestegious awards. So, you would understand now how I able to grasp the new meaning of 'unexpected gifts'.

Thank you Lord for this unexpected gift You have so much blessed my family and I in the beginning of 2009. You totally surprised me. When I less expected You choose to come and drop in Your reminder. I didn't expect it Lord. Hence, I would learn from this reminder......always come expecting great and wonderful things from You. My Jehovah Jireh!