Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

Many times, I pray aloud the word 'unexpected gifts' along with our church pastor as he lead the rest of congregation proclaiming the blessing of God during the giving of tithes and offering. At times I wonder how and what is 'unexpected gifts'. Frankly I have not have any for quite some times. I always believe if I wanted something I will work for it.

I guess God wanted to refresh and demonstrate to me His terminology of it.

My family and I am blessed and have the privileged to enjoy a vacation trip to a place that wasn't in our capacity list yet. Few weeks ago just before Chinese New Year period, Pei's boss and also church brother i.e. Philip Ng organized a company trip (3D/2N) at Pangkor Laut Resort and included spouse and children of employee for it. Many thanks to Philip Ng for his generousity to bless his staffs and family.

Really unexpected! The trip is just totally not being thought of or crossed over our mind if we ever decided to go for a vacation. The resort is one of the world well known international resort in Malaysia. It has won many international prestegious awards. So, you would understand now how I able to grasp the new meaning of 'unexpected gifts'.

Thank you Lord for this unexpected gift You have so much blessed my family and I in the beginning of 2009. You totally surprised me. When I less expected You choose to come and drop in Your reminder. I didn't expect it Lord. Hence, I would learn from this reminder......always come expecting great and wonderful things from You. My Jehovah Jireh!


joshua said...


he provides

suddenly i realize that 1 of philip's employees is pei


cck said...

Soo Pei has been working with Philip about 3 years already. The office at Balakong is conveniently close to Kajang. By the way, she is the only staff right now ;P

richrach said...

praise God for His abundant blessings!