Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Workstation

Two days ago, I got a brand new laptop purchased by the company as my workstation. This HP 6530s is to replace the old IBM Thinkpad which I have been using since Dec 2008.

I have not been using PC since then. One of the reason my superior arranged the laptop for me due to the fact I am involving more to outstation project such as the Cambodia's development.

I have always personally wanted to own a laptop. Well God has a better plan. Thank you Lord.


d'Lion said...

Yahoooo new lappy top.

cck said...

HP lappy not that bad. Very light too. Trying to get use with it now

Anonymous said...

Hi Chun Kiat,

Sorry for posting this over here.

I just saw your post on Energy Saving on April 23, 2008

Does e2Saver really work as they claim?

Best regards,

cck said...

Chan, first of all thks for visiting my blog.

I have install e2saver since last yr April before the increase of power tarif by TNB. Now after 1 yr my bill is around RM140/mth. My house got 3 nos. air-cond (on mostly at nite for few hrs), 1 fan continously on at living, fridge, 3 nos. water heater, astro. My mom and 3 kids is at home all the time. I think it did safe some.