Friday, May 22, 2009

Supergirl Reanne

As what Ivan kor kor said, supergirl Reanne.

She have lately been very adventurous. Climbing steps, chairs, baby cot etc. are the common one. Posting supergirl style is a new one while playing with the spring see saw. Cute.

Mom's Zongzi

Last Sunday my mom and my aunt made the rice dumpling or 'Zongzi' for the family. Not many being made though. Just enough for the sake of the Duan Wu festival which falls on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese calender that is on the 28th May 2009. Anyway the zongzi is already snap up...... inside the stomach.

I think it was Ivan first time eating it. He likes it. Last year due to the arrival of two babies (Reanne and Sarah), mom skip the trouble making the zongzi. Next year gotto prepare more, as the two little girls will wants to have a bite as well.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Part timer portal

Anybody interested looking for a part time job? If so, I think this is what you should check it out. is an online service dedicated to part-timers who wish to seek experience, soft skills at the same time earn extra income. Founded in 2008, it is an effective medium that will connect employers and part time job seekers.

They even offer referral fee to people for introducing employers to use their services.

Forgot my hanky

Is that true it is a no, no for guys (men) to carry hanky nowadays? The feed back that I got sound that way....seen as old fashioned la.

I think many prefer the convenient tissue paper. But I still prefer handkerchief (what a mouthful word). Unfortunately I forgot to bring mine today. Making me feeling a bit uneasy without it as though something is missing. I used it partly because I sneeze a lot particularly in the morning. Another reason is an old habit caltivated long during my childhood time. During my school day, I always carried a hanky. Unconciously might have become a 'comforter' normally described in children cases. Maybe, just maybe all of us somehow have or owned a 'comforter' in all sort of forms. Do you? I bet you have one or even two!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Malaysia confirms first case of A(H1N1) flu

This is high alert as today Malaysia confirmed its first case of the A(H1N1) flu in a 21-year-old student who returned from the United States on Wednesday morning. All passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH091 from Newark on Wednesday are urged to contact the Health Ministry by calling 03-88810200 or 03-88810300"

What does RON really mean

Many said that RON92 oil is the older oil, only suitable for older cars or for cars that uses carburetor only. There are also some that said that RON92 oil will make the engine dirty and also said that that RON92 oil is less powerful compared to RON97 and RON99. Before you make any false assumptions, let us see what the real meaning of RON is.

RON stands for Research Octane Number. Octane number or octane rating refers to the gasoline ability to withstand auto ignition (knocking) inside the engine. Higher octane number refers to higher ability of the oil to fight auto ignition. In other words, it means that RON95 is harder to ignite compared to RON92.

Different vehicles are designed to be use with different octane number of oil. Higher octane number oil is basically designed for high performance vehicles such as sport vehicle and racing vehicle. Why is that so? This is to avoid premature ignition of oil inside the engine because of auto ignition, which happens before the spark plug ignite the fuel. This phenomenon is known as knocking. Knocking is not wanted because it reduces the performance of vehicle.

The right usage of octane number based on design and adjustment of engine will maximize the performance and effectiveness of the vehicle. Modern vehicles are equipped with knock sensor which enables it to adjust its combustion timing automatically according to the oil octane number to avoid knocking or premature ignition of oil.

Not all vehicles require high octane number petrol. You can check your vehicle fuel requirement inside the guide book of your vehicle or you can simply check the minimum Octane Rating at the back of the fuel lid cover of your vehicle. Most cars can still use RON92.

Higher RON number does not means that it is more powerful. It means that it is harder to ignite. It is also cost you more.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Working at Cambodia temporary stop

It has been already 2 months I didn't travel to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for my project assignment. My management has temporary discontinue our involvement with the project until further notice.

I kind of missed Phnom Penh after have been going there for 4 times already in the my 5 months involvement. At first I was quite hesitated to go. But after a while it was all right. Spending 3-4 days away from home at foreign land was not that bad at all. At least able to see and experience new culture at new place. Did managed to visit some interesting places. Anyhow lets wait and see any further development from my management.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Putrajaya International Dragon Boat festival

PUTRAJAYA will be hosting what is touted to be the largest Dragon Boat event in Malaysia, with more than 1,500 participants from various countries.

The three-day sporting event will be held from June 5 to 7 at the Putrajaya Water Sports Complex. So far, 1,500 participants from 30 local teams and 20 foreign teams – from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Britain, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines – have registered.

Sound interesting for me to bring my family there as we did last trip for the international hot air ballon festival. The kids will love it. They never seen it am I.

Hackers attack Microsoft PowerPoint users

Microsoft Corp said yesterday that hackers are seeking to attack users of its PowerPoint presentation software for Windows PCs and released patches to protect them against the threat. A version of PowerPoint for Apple Inc’s Mac computers is also vulnerable, though it has yet to find any evidence that hackers are actively seeking to exploit it. Microsoft defined the threat as “critical” — the most severe on the scale by which it ranks vulnerabilities to its software.

Hackers are seeking to exploit the vulnerability in PowerPoint by persuading the intended victim to open a tainted PowerPoint file — that they either download from a Website or receive in an email, according to Symantec Corp, the world’s top maker of security software. At that point, the attacker would then have complete control over everything the user’s account has permission to do on the system.

Snatch thieves offender to sweep streets?

To teach snatch thieves a lesson, police have proposed that the punishment which awaits them be in the form of social work, like sweeping the streets. The police proposal for snatch offenders carry out social work by sweeping the streets, on the same streets where they used to prey for victims eight to 12 hours daily. They claim that the present punishment was ineffective and did not deter snatch thieves from re-offending.

Frankly speaking, I personally think it is too lenient already for such an offender knowing that they not only cause material loses but life as well. Two months’ pregnant Jamilah Selamat, 32, died two days after falling from her motorcycle in a snatch theft in Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat, Johor last week. A day later, four months’ pregnant Saripah Mohd Noor, 33, died after falling from her motorcycle during a snatch theft at Kampung Padang Raja, in Ketereh, Kelantan.

First of all more drastic prevention is needed before talking about punishment on offenders. Police need to deter such crime to occur first. Snatch thieves are everywhere preying victims on the streets. One can only wonders why they can do so freely and easily. Imagine this, the rats roaming freely when there were not cats around. Where are the 'cats'? Do we have enough 'cats' anyway? Please ponder on this Mr. Police man.

For now, all of us are to be alert when on the streets.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introducing Melok's Place

Ladies and gentlemens, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and introduce my sister in-law; Soo Mei's newly lauched blog Melok's Place.
A big welcome to Soo Mei and Gary to the blogsphere. Do drop by to see and read about her hobbies on beautiful handmade crafts like bracelet, earring and more.

RON97 petrol price revised

The price of RON97 premium petrol will be increased to RM2 per litre from current RM1.80 effective Sept 1 onwards.

The 20 sen increase (11%) per litre takes effect when RON95 becomes available nationwide. RON95 petrol and Euro 2M grade diesel are expected to hit the market by Sept 1. RON95 is a higher grade and will replace RON92 but will be sold at the same price as the lower-grade petrol.

An octane rating is often referred to as an 'anti-knock index'. If fuel has a high octane number, it will have a higher resistance to engine knocking.

If I am not wrong my Toyota Avanza can use RON95 (ordinary unleaded) as specified in the manual book. I suggest we all go back and read our car manual book to find more so that we will be using the appropriate fuel for our car. I better double check mine too.

Hot, hot, hot till September

The Meteorological Department said the current hot and generally dry spell was expected to persist until September. April and May were the hottest months according. The maximum temperature is expected to range from 30.7 degree to 34.1 degree C.

I for one have difficulty to sleep during the night. It's so hot and warm. The bed is not cosy at all to lay down. The kids also sweat a lot. We only on the air-cond for couple of hours to cool down the room. Ivan and me particularly sensitive to cold air. cannot, cold also cannot :(

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When they are quiet

This is how it looks like when the house is somewhat quieter.
The power of TV is undeniable. So much so it needs to be used wisely and supervise. But then again, when all things fail........ on the TV (ouch!)

My pinky

Reanne most recent photo taken just few days ago. All dress up ready to go 'walk walk'. She looks pretty in her pinky stripe. Mommy and daddy definitely needs to upgrade her wardrobe to keep up with her cute look. Girl girl ma, must look pretty la.

Perodua to phase out Kancil

Perodua announced that they are preparing to phase out its first and oldest model, Kancil next month after 16 years on the road. The Kancil which was launched on Aug 1994 will be replaced with Viva 660cc basic around this coming July 2009.

Bye, bye Kancil, we shall remember you!

Johor deadliest road

I must say the government from the Work Ministries are taking a very proactive measure by first making known to public the most accident prone road and further rectifying it. But it has come with a cost, recording more than 1,000 accidents and 36 deaths every year since 2006.

I personally have used that road throughout 2006/2007 while travelling from KL to Pasir Gudang for my previous company outstation projects. I don't quite remember to road condition since not being there more than 1 year. Anyhow urgent improvement is needed to minimise such numbers to be continued on the statistic.