Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just amazing

That says it all, I believe.

Just amazing how God so swiftly works His wonders and grace. In less then one month after Soo Pei resigned and quit her current job to become stay-at-home mom, doors were opened for her to be able to do freelance works at home. She already managed to complete two projects. One of the project already able to compensate her last working salary. Praise God. Again I said it is just amazing. This is what she always wanted to do.........first able to put on the full time mother role and then simultaneously able to make an income. Anyway not easy though. But worth doing it.

It was really not an easy decision to make earlier quiting her job. For one our family finance will be affected. Multiple commitments is on our, car, kids etc. But the prompting of her heart is enough to convince her to go for it. I must confess her faith is much bigger than mine. I am always too calculative in my move. Think this and that. Hmmmm....

After seeing His wonderful provision, we are looking forward to see more opening from God. At the same time not forgetting to give back to His kingdom as well.


richrach said...

truly amazing... God is a faithful God!

cck said...

All praise and glory to Him!