Monday, August 24, 2009

More Malaysians turn to international schools

As reported in MalaysiaInsider, more middle-class Malaysians are enrolling their children in international schools despite long waiting lists, as parents grow increasingly frustrated with the local education system.

Another reason because since 2006 the rules were relaxed and international schools were allowed to enrol up to 40 per cent Malaysians – middle-class Malaysians have started placing their children in such schools, which have increased in number. At least 20 more international schools are scheduled to open soon, according to school operators.
As parents myself, I can't help to think and feel the recent changes on national education system have sent many wrong signal to many parents in this nation. Education is the forefront foundation to build, nurture and cultivate new generation of well equip nation builders. But how come this was not laid down properly as related in the changes made in just a short spend of 6 years. The ministry must be aware of the seriousness of this nation building 'pillar' in order not to jeopardise our children future if not their (minister) children.

Not many can afford to send their children to a better, systematic and well equip international school. Given a choice many parents would like to do so. But monetary factor is a big challange. So in the end of days, parents (like me) will have to do it ourselves to dig deep, think far and do all that we can in order that our children will be well nurture.

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