Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eating right guideline for Ivan

This is what it looks like for Ivan eating right guidelines as recommended by USDA (United States Department Agriculture) MyPyramid Food Guidance Systemn for preschool children. This guideline was based on Ivan's profile i.e. age, height and weight.
Here it said limit Ivan food intake up to 1200 calorie per day that include grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and meat & beans.
A lot more info is being offer to help and promote healthy dietary and eating habits.
Check it out here: MyPyramid.gov

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cervical cancer vaccinations for all girls

As announced today, the Health Ministry will provide annual HPV vaccination against cervical or cervix cancer to all 300,000 13-year-old girls in Malaysia beginning next year.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the HPV could help to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer by at least 70%.

Cervical cancer was the second most common cancer among women in Malaysia after breast cancer, Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said in July. Each day, an average of four women are diagnosed with it.

Make your own kite

Use kitchen supplies and create your own kite!


  • 13-gallon (49-liter) plastic trash bag (white bags are best for decorating)
  • Two wooden dowels or straight sticks, one 24 inches (60.96 cm) long, the other 20 inches (50 cm) long.
  • Scissors
  • String or fishing line
  • Ruler Clear packing tape
  • Ribbon and permanent markers for additional decoration


1. Cut open the trash bag to form a flat plastic sheet.

2. Measure six inches (15.24 cm) down on the long stick and make a mark. Lay the short stick at the mark and form a "t" or cross shape. Tie the sticks together and use some tape if necessary.

3. Put the sticks down on the trash bag and use your ruler to draw a line around the frame from the top stick to the side and then down to the bottom point. Use your ruler to continue the outline on the other side of the t-shape. It should look like a diamond. Cut your diamond two inches (5 cm) wider than your diamond pattern.

4. Lay the sticks on the plastic diamond shape and fold the edges over the stick frame and tape it down. Turn the kite over and decorate it using your markers.

5. Cut a piece of string 20 inches (50-cm) long. Poke holes in the top and bottom of the kite and tie the string in a knot in the top and bottom holes (if necessary, use some tape to keep it secure). Then tie on the rest of your string to the middle of the string.

6. Tape the ribbon to the bottom of the kite to create a tail for your kite.

7. On a windy day, take your kite outside and start running, holding tightly onto the kite string. Keep your kite away from power lines and trees.

Abstracted from Nat Geo Kids

My duck, frog and seal

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another successful take off

Today we managed to successfully make the newly bought kite take off after failing to make it through yesterday. It was a great feeling. The kids needed to say they were ecstatic.

I bought 2 handmade kites from a Chinese uncle at our Kajang town area. I believe he is the only person in Kajang is making it or maybe the only person left doing it. The materials used are still very traditional - bamboo stick and paper. Even the Ben Ten cartoon was hand drawn and painted. Very rare indeed.

Personally, I don't know when was the last time I fly a kite. The last I remember when I was Standard One back at Perak small town just before I moved out to KL city. Boy it must have been very very very long time ago. Well, glad able to recollect some good old childhood fond memories.

Watch this

On behalf of Ivan and Reanne, many thanks to Siow Yee (Alana) for the watch gifts. The kids love it so much.
Ivan always ask around to know what is the time. Good time to teach about time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family short trip to Port Dickson

It was an impromptu decision actually. Next thing you know we were all packing to Port Dickson beach.

Soo Pei said it will be great for the kids since quite some time they didn't 'touch and see' the sea water.

Ivan ridding on the wave

Ivan was enjoying his best time on the water during our family short trip to Port Dickson beach.

At first was reluctant to try out riding on the dino float but at the end liking it so much. Reanne on the other hand wasn't so adventurous even tough we tried to pursuade her. She have not been exposed to the beach that often yet (this might her 3rd time).

Here in the video, Yie Yie and Ivan enjoying each other accompaniment on the water.

Doing the gig

Here they are ladies and gentlement, presenting Ivan and Reanne - Little People Band!

Drummer No. 1: Ivan Chong - 3 years and 8 months old
Drummer No. 2: Reanne Chong - 1 year and 7 months old
Music catogeries: Free style

Looks like Reanne is picking up drum just as big little brother Ivan. I was hoping she would fell for the piano first. Well we just have to observe from now. Maybe just maybe she would change her mind. My family is just getting full with drummers.

First flight

This is one of the moment that I missed out from my family.

To be exact, it was Ivan and Reanne first ever kite flying experience. On the other hand, I am glad they enjoyed the experience together with mummy and their Ah Kong, Ah Mah (grandpa and grandma).

The first flight happened just a few minutes away from my in-laws house, near a vacant plot of land. Flat and covered with turf is just ideal for the event.

Soo Pei was there to capture the precious moment with her handphone camera. All of them have a fantastic time that day. I know that because Ivan keep sharing it with me :)
Looking forward for a second flight.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Learning to write

Toddlers all develop at different rates, but here are some tips on how to encourage his writing. To gently coax your kid in writing:

Let him watch you write often. "He'll see the value of the printed word," Adair says.

Help him develop the fine motor skills to hold a pencil. Play dough, puzzles, and lacing boards all build up finger strength and dexterity.

Provide paper and crayons, markers, or a pencil. When you're waiting outside his brother's karate class, hand him some paper and a marker so he can get a feel for the fundamental tools.

Help him practice basic shapes, such as squares and circles. Then do the letters in his name: Put your hand over his and make them together, with a pencil or with your fingers in sand. Later, make connect-the-dots outlines of those letters and encourage him to trace over them. He'll be writing his moniker in no time (and yours, too!).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Senior or Professional?

Guy: Excuse me, is this your first time here?
Me: Yes.
Guy: You want senior or professional?
Me: Hmm....senior (after browsing the menu brochure presented)

Awhile later.....

Me: How do you differentiate senior and professional?
Girl: Professional are the one who have works more than 4-5 years.
Me: (Silent)

At the end....

I paid RM25 in total for a hair cut complete with hair wash. If you are to select to be cut by a professional it will cost RM45. This is my first visit to this hair salon near my housing area. Normaly I got the conventional hair salon where the owner is the barber. And they don't ask you whether you want senior or professional. But the senior title sound misleading for a hair stylist less than 4 years experience. More suitable title should be junior or amarteur.

I want mian mian

Surprisingly enough this is what we heard Ivan said when we want to order our food for dinner in a restaurant. He pointed straight to the printed photo menu of a dried noddle.

Our boy is growing fast. Now wanting to make his own choice. So both of us oblige his requised after he decline our recommendation of a rice dish. And we ordered 3 set for each of us except for Reanne. Ivan did almost finished the food of his choice. Pretty amazing compared to his regular eating habit at home where he would eat in a longer period.

I have to admit this 3 and half year old boy is beginning to form his character and personality slowly but surely. Got to give more room for him to make his own choice and decision now. Next is how to convince him the otherwise. Tough job.