Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Senior or Professional?

Guy: Excuse me, is this your first time here?
Me: Yes.
Guy: You want senior or professional?
Me: Hmm....senior (after browsing the menu brochure presented)

Awhile later.....

Me: How do you differentiate senior and professional?
Girl: Professional are the one who have works more than 4-5 years.
Me: (Silent)

At the end....

I paid RM25 in total for a hair cut complete with hair wash. If you are to select to be cut by a professional it will cost RM45. This is my first visit to this hair salon near my housing area. Normaly I got the conventional hair salon where the owner is the barber. And they don't ask you whether you want senior or professional. But the senior title sound misleading for a hair stylist less than 4 years experience. More suitable title should be junior or amarteur.


Mary-Janice said...

Hmm... 1st time heard that got 'senior'
most of the saloon will put 'student' or ' professional'

d'Lion said...

My hair saloon guy is the owner... so is he the senior or professional? RM15 for a hair cut, no wash. :-)

Melok said...

junior - students or normally help u with hair wash.
Senior - can do hair cut liao
professional / director - should be expert in "the particular" shop

I haven't tried Professional hair cut service before but they normally charge sixty and above.

cck said...

I thought this was my very 1st experience. Looks like some of you are same like me. This saloon got several branches already. The one I went all the staffs look very young. So who is the real 'pro'?

Melok said...

nowadays too many saloon liao, not enough experience hair stylist. That's why got so many young senior stylist.