Monday, May 31, 2010

Smoking banned in private sector

Such a good news to hear today when the Health Ministry has decided to enforce the smoking ban at work places and offices in the private sector that are installed with central air-conditioning systems.

The inclusion of smoking ban on private sectors offices and work places would raise the total number of places designated as no smoking areas to 21.

Earlier 19 areas, including hospitals/clinics, public lifts and toilets, air-conditioned restaurants, public transport, government premises, educational institutions, petrol stations, Internet cafes and shopping complexes, were designated as no smoking areas.

Those who lit up in non-smoking zones risked being fined up to RM10,000 or two years' imprisonment.

I am of one very glad the Health Ministry has further its enforcement. Bravo!

Meet Ivan's teacher on Parent's Day

So fast Ivan is finishing the first term of his very first year at kindergarten.

And there we were attending his kindy Parent's Day where we meet his class teacher to get to know Ivan's progress during the entire five months. Overall his is doing fine. Class teacher commented that Ivan actively participate in the daily activities. We were very encouraged to hear the feedback because that was what we most concerned about.

The kindy produced a report book recording Ivan's progress in several aspects not only in academic area but also intrapersonal and also interpersonal skill and more.

The report book also provided us an overall idea on where Ivan's need improvement. This coming months we need to plan ways and methods to help Ivan to improve further. Knowing and not doing anything about it will not help our son overall development. Not that we want to push him for performance but rather for self improvement.

Well both of us did enjoy this new experience as part and parcel of being a parents. will be Reanne (didn't you see her face how she enjoyed every moment while at the kindy?)