Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our first apple cake

Mummy's first try of making an apple cake turn out to be a great success. Ivan and Reanna did lend a hand to help out.

The baking process was the most challenging part as the kids are anxious to eat it. When finally the oven timer was up and with barely a few minutes of cooling down, it already at the kids mouth. They were fighting for the biggest portion.

All of us like it so much. TQ mummy for the delicious cake!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Maintain Your Android Phone

By now it is very obvious, it is either you are a iOS, Android OS or Window Phone OS. For me, I am for now a Android OS user for my phone. 

Being a smartphone user (mine is actually a budget entry smartphone), we tend to most of the time got carry away with all the hypes about the apps and features of the phones. Like my friend said, it makes us keep attaching and playing with it. Many a time we forgot the needs to maintain it (I am also at fault).

Here might be some useful tips on some steps to maintain Android phone performance.

1.  Clear the Cache

Have an app that's always crashing? Rather than force-closing or uninstalling it, try clearing its cache. This simple step will help resolve most of the issues that troublesome apps may be experiencing--and it won't create new problems, as forcing the app to shut down might. To clear an application's cache, open the Settings menu on your phone and click Applications. Then select Manage Applications and tap the app that's been having problems. Don't worry--all of your data and settings will remain intact; you're just getting rid of temporary files that may be causing difficulties.

2.  Uninstall Apps

3.  Clean Out Your Memory Card
Cleaning out your SD Card may not boost your phone's performance, but it makes sense to remove any old or unused files that are just taking up space on the card.

For more detail, go PC World.com

Friday, June 15, 2012

All you can eat Durian Fest

This Jom Durian V which will see seven tonnes of durian brought to Subang Parade for a durian party to raise funds for the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia. For a minimum donation of RM20 per person, you will get to enjoy durian to your heart’s content for one hour.

They are having 4 session for to choose from:
1st session = 1.30pm - 2.30pm
2nd session = 2.45pm - 3.45pm
3rd session = 4.00pm - 5.00pm
4th session = 5.15pm - 6.15pm 

Tickets for Session 1 and 2 have been sold out. Those who wish to participate in the event should quickly head to Subang Parade to purchase tickets for Session 3 (4pm-5pm) or Session 4 (5.15pm-6.15pm) before they run out.

For details, call Subang Parade at 03-5032 9778 or head to the shopping mall’s guest services counter on the Lower Ground Floor to buy the tickets. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got burn by hot iron!

Ouch........three of my right hand fingers got burn when accidentally touch the hot iron surface! This is totally unacceptable dumb dumb accident happen when you know it shouldn't. Such dumbness seldom happen when I do my regular ironing of my working clothes. Oh well, accident is an accident. Sincerely hope this will not repeat itself. Fortunately I am a left handed. Still can do my writing! 

  • Just in case it did happen to any unfortunate people out there, this is what you can do:-
    A hot iron can burn your skin if you touch it. The severity of the burn depends on where the iron comes in contact with you and how long it touches your skin. A momentary touch on the edge of your hand may cause a minor burn that leaves a red mark and pain that quickly fades. But the flat side of the iron falling against the more delicate skin on the inside of your arm can cause a more severe burn. Treatments for iron burns are taken in stages.

Immediate Treatment

  • Immediately treating an iron burn can reduce the severity of the burn and improve your chances of escaping without infection or a scar. If you have a minor burn and your skin is unbroken, put the burned area in a cool-water bath or lay a cool, wet towel on your skin to relieve the pain. Do not apply ice to your skin, as that can cause more tissue damage. Do not apply butter to a burn.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morib and Bagan Lalang Beach

Back in Feb, we made a short trip to Morib beach. First and foremost because the kids haven't been there before. And secondly both Pei and me have not been there some pretty long time. We heard that there was an improve beach facilities too. So there we went to check it out.

Indeed the place was beautified for people to picnic there with food and souvenir stores. Unfortunately the beach is still not favorable for swimming. Muddy and silky sand.

Of course we didn't go there empty handed nor empty stomach. We stop by Dengkil to buy the famous local hand made 'Ka Heong Pau'.  You should give it a try if you do come around this area.

Feeling not quite satisfied we then continued our journey to Bagan Lalang beach. The beach here is much better for lay back time and dipping too. As usual Ivan and Reanne kept themselves busy playing the sand.

Overall it's a nice short breakaway for a family of four like us.