Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Is she a rottweiler or dachshund?

Finally we adopted a puppy into our family on 30th June. A friend of my parents whose adult dog just gave birth a month plus ago and we happen to be the last visitor to come and adopt the last puppy. We were told the puppy is a cross breed between golden retriever (male) and dachshund (female). At first it was purely a visit to see whether the puppy is suitable for us but somehow I guess it was love at the first sight especially for our kids, Ivan and Reanne who are super excited on the idea to have a puppy. At the same time, my parents' friend were eager to give the puppy away. So we end up adopting the cute puppy on the spot.

Poor puppy was covered with ticks when it was handed to us. We immediately brought it to our cousin who happen to operate a pet's grooming shop to see how to help the poor puppy. It was already well past 7pm in the evening. On the way, we brainstorm with the kids what name to be given to the cute puppy and we finally agreed on Jessie. Then it took almost 2 hours to painstakingly hand pick those parasites all over the puppy body. By the time we reach home, it was already 9pm. 

While settling down that night, we try to figure out Jessie's breed as her feature does look like a rottweiler and at the same a dachshund. 

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