Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Car booster seat

We have recently upgraded Ivan's baby car seat to a booster seat. Ivan's weight and age have already exceeded the baby car seat's safety guideline. Now both the kids have their place inside the car - Ivan is using his new booster seat whereas Reanne will take over Ivan's baby car seat. Just some of the necessary safety features needed for a family safe drive especially long distance.

Study finds that by using a booster seat instead of just a seat belt significantly reduces the risk of injury in children aged 4 to 8 years old who are involved in a car crash, according to an updated assessment of booster seat effectiveness released today. Moreover, the results indicate that in this age group, booster seats without a back are just as protective as those with a back.

Car seat belts are built for average-size adults, not children. When a child outgrows a harness-type car seat, it's recommended that he or she graduate to a booster seat, usually around age 4 and weight 40 pounds.

Booster seats work by raising the child up so that the vehicle's lap-shoulder belt is properly positioned across his chest and hips -- to distribute crash forces across the sturdiest parts of a child's body.

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