Saturday, November 28, 2009

Splashing at home

The kids had a splashing time last weekend holiday at home with a inflatable pool. This was our first time using the inflatable pool. It was a gift from Uncle Philip and Aunt Hannah to the kids.

The weather was superb and ideal for a wet activities that day. Both Ivan and Reanne didn't take long or I should said within seconds they got themselves totally wet. For Reanne this is the first time seeing her totally brushing aside her fear of dipping into water. She was so immerse in the pool. Few occassion we had tried to get Reanne into the beach and waterfall stream, but she just don't want to try it out. Ivan without saying was having a total splash. Nice to see them enjoying themselves so freely.

The pool water was later being used to wash my car. Not a total waste.


Tandanie said...

It looks like fun!!! Can Maximus join in too? hehehe...

cck said...

Join in. But parents supervision is compulsory :P