Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morib and Bagan Lalang Beach

Back in Feb, we made a short trip to Morib beach. First and foremost because the kids haven't been there before. And secondly both Pei and me have not been there some pretty long time. We heard that there was an improve beach facilities too. So there we went to check it out.

Indeed the place was beautified for people to picnic there with food and souvenir stores. Unfortunately the beach is still not favorable for swimming. Muddy and silky sand.

Of course we didn't go there empty handed nor empty stomach. We stop by Dengkil to buy the famous local hand made 'Ka Heong Pau'.  You should give it a try if you do come around this area.

Feeling not quite satisfied we then continued our journey to Bagan Lalang beach. The beach here is much better for lay back time and dipping too. As usual Ivan and Reanne kept themselves busy playing the sand.

Overall it's a nice short breakaway for a family of four like us.

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