Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another successful take off

Today we managed to successfully make the newly bought kite take off after failing to make it through yesterday. It was a great feeling. The kids needed to say they were ecstatic.

I bought 2 handmade kites from a Chinese uncle at our Kajang town area. I believe he is the only person in Kajang is making it or maybe the only person left doing it. The materials used are still very traditional - bamboo stick and paper. Even the Ben Ten cartoon was hand drawn and painted. Very rare indeed.

Personally, I don't know when was the last time I fly a kite. The last I remember when I was Standard One back at Perak small town just before I moved out to KL city. Boy it must have been very very very long time ago. Well, glad able to recollect some good old childhood fond memories.


Tandanie said...

Wow! Ivan looks like a pro... It's fun!

cck said...

That was after many attempts being the Daddy. Thank God the kite did fly and makes the kids happy. Daddy sweats so that son looks pro ;P