Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ivan goes to kindergarten

This new year 2010 begins with a new adventure and journey for Ivan.

It is Ivan first time ever going the school attending kindergarten. Going to be 4 years old soon, he attended the kindy just few blocks away from our house. So it was a great convenient to mommy to fetch Ivan to and fro minus the town traffic jam and longer distance.

First day was a great struggle for Ivan. He cried not wanting to go to school when we prepare him in the morning. Then he cried after we left him at the school. Parents were asked to leave the school compound for the school session to start to avoid prolong longing by the children for the parents.

Well after 5 days, things have improve quite a lot. Most of all he begins to like going to school especially the foods and friends of course. Ivan would shared to me each time I came home from work what he ate that day during snack time. And he would said, "I didn't cry

A great start of the new year for Ivan.

Ivan accompanied by his class teacher

Ivan at outside kindy compound when mommy fetch him after class


Tandanie said...

Well done Ivan! Hope you enjoy REAL Kids...
Some of the curriculum was written by me!

cck said...

Wow! Don't play play huh.
Yeah we really hope Ivan will enjoy his new experience

richrach said...

Ivan big boy oredi... esp seeing him wearing his uniform. :)

Daddy & mummy must be so proud of him when he said, "I didn't cry"!

cck said...

Really unable to deny Ivan is BIG boy aredy. Yes we are proud of his progress....stepping ahead and moving forward

阿佳 said...

Go go Ivan!