Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Apply online for Year One Student

Parents in Selangor who want to register their children for Year One must do so online from this year. They have to register their children between March 1 and April 30 and log onto apps.emoe.gov.my/esppsel/pptahun1/ to do so.

A Selangor Education Department official said applications for Year One entry could be done from any computer with Internet access. Parents who do not have Internet access can go to the school they want to enrol their children in and ask the teachers there to help them key in the information. This is the first time the department was registering Year One pupils online.

The online system will enable the registration process to be more efficient. Previously parents had to queue at the school they wanted to register their children in. Once the children were registered, he said the district education office could place them in schools. This could be checked online too by both parents and schools. This would reduce costs incurred for paper, envelopes and stamps. Parents will also be able to appeal online.

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