Saturday, March 27, 2010

Astranout Ivan and Reanne venture at Planetarium

This year we plans to bring the kids out more to new places to feed their 'thirst' for new experience and exposure. Their mind is now fill with curiosity. Mainly also is to inculcate the desire to explore, getting them out from the four walls.

Following after our trip to Berjaya Bukit Tinggi Hills Resort during CNY, our recent visit was to KL Planetarium which located at Tasik Perdana.

We have an interesting day there. Both the kids enjoy the trip especially the Planetarium show about the space exploration history shown in the special dome hall. And their learn a new word - Astronaut.

Check out there website here for more info.


Tandanie said...

Good idea! Will bring Maximus there too...he is so depriving from new things to explore!

cck said...

Parents role nowadays are really challenging. Gotto feed our kids well is not enough but also gotto make sure they are well physically, emotionally and psychologically. Interesting isn't it.