Monday, January 31, 2011

Big high 5

Our boy is now officially 5 years already. I guess he is very proud of it too(as the shown in the photo above).

The boy is growing fast. Bear in mind I didn't mean not just his physical being. One clear significant is his appetite for knowledge and new skills. Curiosity is his driving force. He will asked to know more, and asked many many times.

This year we made it extra meaningful for Ivan by giving him a fun time celebrating his birthday with his classmates at the kindergarten school. Bonus to that we let him choose what type of cake he wants. He wanted his cake with rocket on it. Many thanks to Lyra Patisserie for making it possible.

We even had a 2nd cake to celebrate at home. Another creation by Lyra Patisserie. Yummy!

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d'Lion said...

Blessed birthday Ivan.