Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ivan back to school

As 2011 starts, so was the new school term. And Ivan when back to kindergarten for his 2nd year class. This round he is a "senior".

Both of us brought Ivan to school together with Reanne on the 1st day of re-opening. It wasn't as smooth as we wanted it to be. Not wanting to wake up was one of it. Another was Ivan being uneasy while in the school to a point shedding some tears when parents were asked to leave. Thankfully Ivan was back to his norm again on the 2nd day itself.

The kindergarten school had relocated itself to a new premise for this new term. They constructed a totally new building designed specifically for kindergarten purposes complete with a mini pool. It was finished just in time for the new term to start. So much bigger. And most of all so much nearer to our house. Less then 100m away! Now mommy just need to walk Ivan to school instead of driving him there.


Tandanie said...

The school-blues started again! After CNY... I wonder will he cries? Hopefully not!

cck said...

I really hope not. But again this is the good and the bad of holiday. Same goes to adult....we wish not drag ourselves to work after CNY!