Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pets does improve kids behaviour

After one week having Jessie in our midst does show some changes in our kids - Ivan and Reanne behaviour. Most noticeably is that our kids have demonstrate caring and empathy by showing concern over Jessie well being i.e whether she eats well, needs to play and needs to ease herself. write about the Five Ways Pets Are Great for Children, which include:-
Pets may prevent allergies
Pets may help prevent obesity
Pets may improve grades
Pets teach responsibility
Pets teach unconditional love

Another article by UK Pet Health Council - The benefits of pet ownership for children also echoed the benefit pets will give to kids. It said that research proving that pet ownership has considerable educational and therapeutic benefits for children. Studies demonstrate children who interact with animals have higher levels of self esteem, have greater empathy and better social skills. 

Hope to see more positive behaviour improvement from our kids. 

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