Friday, May 22, 2009

Mom's Zongzi

Last Sunday my mom and my aunt made the rice dumpling or 'Zongzi' for the family. Not many being made though. Just enough for the sake of the Duan Wu festival which falls on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese calender that is on the 28th May 2009. Anyway the zongzi is already snap up...... inside the stomach.

I think it was Ivan first time eating it. He likes it. Last year due to the arrival of two babies (Reanne and Sarah), mom skip the trouble making the zongzi. Next year gotto prepare more, as the two little girls will wants to have a bite as well.


joshua said...

Who will mom pass down her skill of making zongzi to? ;-)

cck said...

Ideally to all her daugther in-laws la. So all her sons can continue enjoy it!

Allan & Anne Palace said...

Wa, now day guy also can make it.
haha not only girl can do it. hehe
We can enjoy to eat ,but when you enjoy to do it (zhong zi) sure you will feel that more enjoy that person eat your zhong zi say that is delicious. haha :)

cck said...

Allan, I do agreed. Guy also can do it. Some are very good at it also. So I guess you going to pick it up from your mom la. Your future wife will be sure blessed!