Monday, August 24, 2009

All myself

Being alone at home by myself is an unusual feeling. Well, that's what I felt yesterday when I try to close my eyes to sleep. It takes me awhile to doze off. Lonely....I guess.

The kids and mummy is putting a night at my in-law's place. My parents is away for their church camp. And I got to be home to hold the fort.

The bedroom is awful empty and quiet. Usually bedtime is always if not often 'noisy' with Ivan and Reanne trying to settle down to sleep. The kids will often play with each other, read books, running around, shouting, toss and turn before finally doze off.

I got to bear with the 'unusual quiet' bedtime for one more night. Another word.....I missed my family.


joshua said...

hehe...a good time for reflection! ;)

cck said...

Sort of I guess