Monday, August 17, 2009

Harmony Life Organic Cafe & Mart

If you want to get yourselves a wholesome foods, I can recommend this organic mart cum cafe located at Sri Petaling for your fancy. Harmony Life Organic Cafe & Mart goes by their 8 No’s Concept in their dishes: No MSG, No Artificial Colouring, No Preservatives, No White Sugar, No White Salt, No Meat, No Egg and No Garlic.

My family together with my parent in-laws were there last Saturday having our dinner. This is my 2nd visit to the cafe but 1st for my family members. My family likes the food that being served there. We order several dishes which comes together with brown rice. Their miso soup and seaweed soup were fantastic. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos (busy eating and serving Ivan).

There were also a corner for reading and books recommendation available for visitor to browse. Overall the food is good and so is the environment. Have a try if you have not venture into organic vegetarian food before.

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Melok said...

Oh yeah! I've been to this shop too, attracted by the books they display on the shelf

cck said...

I personally like their lazy couch after a good set of meal. The ambient is very relaxing.