Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going to Alor Setar (Part 2)

Continuing from our family trip to Alor Setar.....

Well as picture speaks a thousand words, I would limit (actually lazy) to elaborate lengthy travelogue in this sequal. After a stop at Ipoh, we went straight to Sungai Petani visiting Soo Pei's aunt thereafter stop at Pendang where we would stay for two nights. The final night were stay at Alor Setar afterwhich we attended a Soo Pei's relative wedding.

Our visit to Alor Setar wasn't so smooth as Reanne was already having fever then Ivan along the stay developed high fever. Anyhow thank God both kids recovered well after returning from the trip.

some stretch of Alor Setar river

family photo at Pendang's paddy field

Soo Chia with Ivan at the rear set

Father in-law bringing us strolling nearby Alor Setar river


richrach said...

So fun la! :D
Nice experience for the kids... esp the paddy field + boat riding!

cck said...

Not just for the kids...adults too like me :) Too long staying in the concrete jungle