Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hakka Tang Yuan

Today as chinese all around the world celebrate Dong Zhi festival, a must have dish or delicacy is the Tang Yuan. For our family the Tang Yuan is cook with soup that taste salty added with 'pai kuat'. This is Hakka style of cooking of the Tang Yuan. Other dialect such as Cantonese will cook it in sweet taste minus the 'pai kuat'. Anyway there are many varieties nowadays as the delicacy being modernise.

As traditional practise, after eating the Tang Yuan I am 'a year older'. I guess this is one the delicacy women wants to shy away......ha ha ha.


Tandanie said...

Ooo...the Hakka style! I dont like the taste...still prefer the sweet one

cck said...

Hmm....well different people have different preference. As long as the spirit of Dong Zhi is there