Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the hunt for ASW2020

long queue outside the Maybank

It was not a fruitful afford while trying to get hold some of the new additional Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 funds which was open for public yesterday.

I started to queue along with the crowd about 9.30am at my housing Maybank branch. The bank opened about 9.15 am. Each person was given a number to wait for our turn. I managed to get number 101. By the time 11.30am, it only managed to processed 15th costumer due to the busy online transaction. I can't wait any longer so I off to IRB office for my next to do list - submitting my income tax e-filing.

When I came back later about 1.30pm, the officer said the funds is already finished. The next day radio news mentioned that non-bumi quotas was snap up within 4 hours. My friend who managed to purchase the fund, started to queue at 7am. This I learn my lesson well. Early bird catches the worms. I lost my worms.


d'Lion said...

Catch a bigger worm next time bro.

cck said...

Just hope the worms will multiply fast. Hehehe...