Monday, April 20, 2009

Worry about Reanne

Ever since last Thursday visitation to our regular pediatrician, we have been worrying a lot and concern about Reanne recent development.
Any parents heart will be at lost if their toddler is not 'growing' in their development. For Reanne case, her weight had dropped compared to last month. Her height not really improved, just marginally. This effects due to the fact that she has been refusing to drink milk bottle ever since Pei try to supplement her more with baby formula. Resuming breastfeeding only at night and early morning. The rest of the day she only shucks but 2-3 oz. The remaining has to be spoon fed. Last 2 days was worst, she doesn't want the bottle at all. We are left heart broken seeing her situation like that.
Our last afford was to introduce Reanne with a better fortified baby formula especially for toddler whose development are falling behind. But she just not taking enough of it to improve her situation. Headache and heartache. We just don't understand why she refused baby formula feed through bottle.
Now we are trying supplement her with Multi-vits (syrup) and yogurt to complement the nutricient her body needs. A part from that, she is just active playing around the house, talking, lately singing, showing interest in book reading.
Lord, please help Reanne to overcome this phase quickly so that her physical body and other aspects of her development growth will not be affected at any degree at all. What so ever factors that cause her to reject/refuse milk formula, Lord nullified its influence. Improve her intake of milk and other solid foods from day to day until she is fully regain to her body requirement. In Jesus' name. Amen.


richrach said...

Dear Lord,
We pray for Your kind intervention upon little Reanne. We pray for Your grace & mercy upon the little girl. We pray for good appetite, and cause her body systems to work well with the food she needs. We pray that she will not lack any nutrient that her body needs. We pray for a positive growth & development in Jesus name' i pray, AMEN!

cck said...

Amen. Thanks Rachel.

This few days seems to be doing ok. At least no rejecting formula milk totally. Well gotto do it one step at a time