Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Belated Father's Day

I received this belated Father's Day gift from the Children Ministry Sunday School last Sunday as I was not around when the Church celebrated it. In fact my whole family didn't attend due to the children Hand, Foot and Mouth disease episode last 2 weeks or so.

It is a tradition for our Church to celebrate the Mother's and Father's day where children will present gift to their respective parents.

The cute gift was a key chain made from giant safety pins beautified with colorful beads forming 'I love DAD' wording. Not forgetting the wonderful chocolate bars. Thanks guys.


richrach said...

nice keychain... can feel the love already just by looking at it. :)

cck said...

Thanks to Vivi and Marilyn creative works

阿佳 said...

Wow! The safety pin keychain is really creative and cool gift!