Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keep in touch......cyberway

You name it.

There is just no excuse you or me unable to get connected or stay in touch with people, friends, family etc.

I recently get hook up by Skype. Not that I just found out their existance. But it really came into my family life at the proper or right time. Well, back again to our kids recent Hand, Foot and Mouth infection expisode. Reanne and Ivan were grounded and so are we (besides going to work and mommy gotto stay closed to take care). We were in a way cut off from the outside world especially from love ones and close friends.

Our children unable to visit and see their grandba (Ah Kong) and grandma (Ah Ma). The grandparents missed them a lot indeed. So also their Ah Ye (3 of them). That when I seriously look into ways for them to get in touch. Then I found Skype is the most friendly and reliable among the few furthermore it is totally free via internet (only paying the internet not the call).

One thing leads to another and now the kids able to get in touch with their Ah Kong, Ah Ma and Ah Ye(s) via Skype video chatting. Last few days they were setting up Skype and buying the necessary webcam and mic for that purposes. Just superb. It is a totally new experience in getting in touch with people. So far and yet so close thanks to technology.

That makes it totally no excuse unable to get in touch.

P.s: My Skype ID is chunkiat2u


dorcas said...

I use Skype to communicate to our Singapore office. Helping the company save on Tel bill :):)

cck said...

Very useful tools for biz and family