Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'Add Rice' No More

The Government recently announced in the news, will introduce a holistic package to deal with the global shortage of food including calling for a reduction in rice consumption. This is to follow what the Thai Government’s recent call for their people to reduce rice consumption to address the global spiraling of prices and acute shortage of staple food. In Bangladesh, their government already is asking its people to switch to potatoes as alternative.

Did you know that adult Malaysian consumes a per capita average of 77kg of rice per annum? To be exact, we eat about 200g a day! If you eat twice a day, it would be 100g per meal. Bear in mind, most noodles are also made from rice.

I know my family already has been reducing rice consumption quite a while ago. Not because of shortage issues but for health issues. That would be another topic to cover.

So, Malaysian get ready to say no to ‘add rice’ especially when going for banana leaf rice or chicken rice. That also mean Nasi lemak Antarabangsa definitely gonna be affected since internationally rice is of shortage! Need to change to Nasi Lemak Tempatan…….

What else can we eat la?

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