Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Energy Saving

Last Saturday when to a Home & Properties Fair at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur purposes to hunt for a very interesting device. It came to my attention few weeks ago while reading Haven, a renown lifestyle & home magazine. I mean it really 'caught' me eye balls.

It was a two full pages of ads. Big words. Bold statements. It says "plug it in and immediately SAVE up to 40% of your electricity bill". I'm sure you would say what....sure or not.

Anyhow, I went and visited their booth. Ask few straight to the point questions.....are you sure it works. Confidently the man said "YES" with money back guarantee. (They offered 60 days money back guarantee should the device doesn't save your electricity bill). Cut the story short I went for it with RM359.00 lesser from my pocket.

Why the with this costly 'investment' you say. If your electricity bill is not more than RM100.00 a month and ignorantly unaware of the rising cost ballooned by recent incremental fossil fuel cost. Then I don't blame you. Haven't you heard the possibility of eletricity tariff will increase? Wake up!!!!

Based on my own estimation, if the device a.k.a E2 Saver did what it claim can I could divert RM25.00 a month with total RM300 a year to my saving account (say realistically 25% cost saved). Not bad for an investment given the 2nd year I got my return back.

I shall gives my full verdict when my next electricity bill arrived. Meanwhile......check it out yourselves at By the way, the retail price is RM459.00.


Anonymous said...

Currently i seen this E2Saver, and i would like to know too, whether it work. As you are using it, could you let me know about it ? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does not work. In fact, increases your electricity consumption when switched on all the time. Does not work if there is very low load on the phase. Very disappointing!!!!

Anonymous said...

greetings sir, just wondering if you are still using the device and whether it works, and how well it works. thanks.