Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Idol 2008

Starting from 11 February till 31 July 2008, MIX fm will be on the lookout for the cutest baby of all. Every week, two baby photos with the highest votes will be deemed the weekly winners and will be in the running for the grand prize of RM 3,000 cash in August 2008!

Step 1 – Submit One (1) of your best baby photo
(Please upload only *.jpg,*.gif or *.jpeg files and the size must be below 51kb (51200 bytes), 200 X 150 pixels)

Step 2 – Keep voting

Step 3 – Be a weekly winner

Step 4 – All weekly winners battle it out in a voting frenzy to clinch the title of MIX fm’s Baby Idol and to win RM 3,000 in cash. It’s in your hands!

Select the cutest baby picture and vote for it to be in the running for the grand prize of RM 3,000 in MIX fm’s Baby Idol. To spice things up, you may vote for a baby picture to be in or out. The two baby photos with the highest votes every week will be the weekly winners and automatically be in the running for MIX fm’s Baby Idol.

If you decide to vote a baby photo out, the one with the most votes out every month will be removed from the gallery, whereas the baby photo with the most votes in will be displayed on the main page of our website.

Start voting now for a chance to win MIX fm’s Baby Ido


richrach said...

let's join BABY IDOL!!! kakakaka!
put our faces in! :p

cck said...

we better have baby face like than. anyway go ahead and try. we did it for Ivan.