Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kuantan Trip

After almost two months of confinement for Soo Pei and just few more days to resume her office works, we decide for a 'short' breakaway. At least only among ourselves (CK+SP=I&R). We went to a small village at Balok Beach near Kuantan, Pahang (with beach of course).

Our journey there from house take quite a while. I under estimated the long hour drive needed. Anyhow, we manage to stop by Bentong for lunch as detour and rush back our journey.

We reach our destination though a bit lost finding our way to the resort. Thats remind me to bring map along for next trip. Can't afford a GPS device which is a talk of the town nowadays. Gotta do the old fashion way....which is the best way. Straight we went to the beach. After getting our feet wets, both Ivan and I went to the pool. Only manage for a short dip.

Dinner we keep it simple. We dine with the local at their 'joint'. We choose the one with most crowd, it won't be wrong as the general rule thump goes.

The next morning activities was none other than the pool of course. Ivan loves it! He has his trill there. Later we did a photo sessions at the beach before we depart our journey back home. It was an enjoyable one especially seeing the sea and the windy breeze. We have travel a total 600 over km. It was the first outstation trip for Reanne. Not bad for a less than two months old baby!


d'Lion said...

Wonderful to be able to take a holiday, even if it is a short one with the family.

richrach said...

cool shots! n nice slideshow!
not bad eh? u're getting there... getting there... :)