Friday, April 25, 2008


Lately this few nites after Soo Pei have resumed her works, we start to get back the 'dejavu' we dread much about. Oh, it is back again! Nature sound of music breaching the silence nite. This time is by our 2 months old, Reanne.

We just have no idea what trigger her 'alarm system'. How we wish the 'Snooze Belly Button' shown here in the cartoon existed, just by the push of a button. Presto! Yes, we sound 'desperate'.

Reanne is still being breast feed. This dedication of mother's love is getting pretty challenging for Soo Pei. She got to wake up earlier a bit to pump the breast milk for storage before going to work. No wonder mother's love knows no boundary. How much more is God's love!

The rest of day, Reanne is just a cute and sweet little innocent angle.

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