Monday, March 16, 2009

2008 Tax Submission

Inland Revenue Board (IRB) informed that this year there will be no issuance of Form 2008 for BE, B, P and E from their office to individual. Instead the e-Form 2008 is available from 1st March 2009 onwards for taxpayer to start filling in their submission via e-Filling.

The deadlines for form submission are as follows:-
Form BE 30 April 2009
Form B 30 June 2009

After checking IRB website, the e-Form was indeed readied. Well gotto prepare, compile and submit my form by the end March 2009 if all attachments is available. I received my EA form last week from my employer.


d'Lion said...

Same same, but my EA not yet out :-(

cck said...

Did your HR inform that IRB has revise the PCB monthly deduction from our salary? It is much higher already. They want to collect money advance from us for whatever reason behind it. Not only they didn't relief the rakyat but suck them as well. So much for the 90 Bil stimulus.

d'Lion said...

Me HR? No lorr. I don't see the RM90Bil stimulus benefiting me in a big way.

cck said...

Not even in a small little tiny way.